You just knew that when you grew up you were going to have a happy life with a beautiful family, a beautiful house, and an awesome career that would satisfy your needs and wants!


Well, how’s that working out for you?  


Adulting is hard, right?  You have to



And…the list goes on.

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Once you do everything you “need” to do, there is hardly any time left for you to do the things that you once enjoyed.  


It’s hard to take time for the people you love because you have so many stupid “adult” things you need to do.  


Like, chores!  


Ugh, stupid, stupid, stupid, chores that never end and you have to do them Every. Single. Freaking. Day. 


(Don’t tell anyone but sometimes I think it wouldn’t be too bad to live like a hoarder.)  


Thinking of everything that needs to get done, let alone doing everything, makes you so tired!


Which is why I am here to help!


If you are tired of the mundane tasks that adulting requires you to do, and you feel like something needs to give because you just can’t do it all, then you need these work-life balance tips ASAP!


Stop playing yourself by thinking oh it will be better tomorrow because you are going to get all of these things checked off on your list today.  


Guess what?  Even if you do get them checked off, you will have to do the same tasks again the day after tomorrow or sometime this week. 


I want to show you a better way because what you are doing is not how work-life balance works.


You know what, instead of me explaining how it works. Just read these work-life balance tips from me and real people who are rocking this work-life balance thing! 


This way you can start loving the life you worked so hard to create. 


Set Boundaries



You believe that work needs to come home with you so you can stay ahead of others.  Which is wrong! 


Before you go bashing my head in with all of your objections, let me explain why you are wrong.  


In the office, you have 8 hours or more to work, right? Right!


How many of those 8 hours are you truly focusing on getting your work done?  


Or are you distracted a lot?


I bet you get distracted a lot!  


Did you know that working a full 8 hours is unproductive? 


In fact, studies show that the best way to be productive is to work 52 minutes, without any distractions, (that includes social media and checking emails), while solely focusing on the task at hand.  


After that 52 minutes of working, you then take a 17-minute break (Source).


I am telling you this so that you can be more productive at work and not have to bring work home with you!


This work-life balance tip of setting boundaries means you need dedicated time to work as well as dedicated time to your family, friends, and hobbies.  


The hours you set for work are for work only.  


The hours you set for family are for family only.  


The hours you set for hobbies are for your hobbies only, and so forth. 


The time you have for each one of those should not overlap at all.  


By setting work-life boundaries, you can make time for the things that matter most to you.  


This leads you to feel fulfilled and loved, which is something we all want. 


Stressed businesswoman laying on her laptop



When you look at social media, you see perfectly curated photos of couples smiling, dinner tables laid perfectly, beautiful women on exotic vacations, handsome men by expensive cars, and houses to die for.  


Subconsciously, you look at these and think you aren’t successful because you don’t have these things or live that lifestyle.


You internalize the idea that materialistic things, like fancy cars, expensive dinners, mansions, vacations, equate to happiness.


Well guess what?  


That life you see them living may not even really be theirs. 


They could be renting those houses, cars, just for a photo op to put on IG.


They could be very unhappy! 


Those people you see show you the best moments of their lives instead of what every moment of their life is like.


Think about it.  If you could show only the highlights of your life, wouldn’t you look extremely happy too!


When you feel a sense of shame or jealousy, while scrolling because your life can’t compare to theirs, then it is time to unplug.


It’s time to unplug and take a break from social media!


Take a long break. Not just 25 minutes or a day or so from social media.  


Use this time to reflect on your life and everything you have.  


Focus on the positive that surrounds you.  


Practice gratitude for all that is, will be, and has been in your life.


I am telling you to do this, and you will feel 1,000,000% better! 


But, that’s only if you actually do it and not just think about doing it!


Use a Planner – Keyona, Professional Momma


One of the tips I use to achieve work-life balance is by using a planner to keep everything organized. 


I have it sectioned where work obligations are one color and home obligations are another color. 


When big things are happening at work, I adjust my schedule and stay an hour or so later each day that week. 


It allows me to make sure work stays at work and my daughter gets to enjoy an extra hour on the playground. 


For me, that’s a win-win and when we get home my undivided attention is hers. 


Once she goes to sleep for the night if there are additional things I want to work on then I do it at that time.


By doing this, I’m much happier now, more productive, and less stressed.


Practice Self Care


Yes, I know self-care seems to be all the rage lately, so much so that is getting on your nerves, right? 


Well, I get why it is annoying but one question…Have you ever tried it?


Have you ever made an effort, nope let me correct that, have you carved time out of your busy schedule to do something that you enjoy?  


Or have you only thought about self-care?


Well, let me tell you that putting self-care off is doing nothing but hurting you.  


You are making self-care to be this huge deal that will take up so much of your time when all you need is 5 minutes.  


It could be something as simple as closing your eyes and focusing inward on how great you are, how all of your achievements are amazing, and that you are not a failure.


Don’t make self-care more difficult than it is.  


Take the time to practice it.  


And if you need some self-care ideas, take a look here at this self-care list for the mind, body, and spirit.  


I promise you, you will find one that is perfect for you!



woman writing to do list

Make a list – Bryan, Bucks and Cents


I achieve work-life balance by prioritizing and writing lists.  


Writing a list, helps me visually see everything that needs to get done. 


One by one, I cross those tasks off as I complete them.


Create Systems


Have you ever read the book, How To Fail At Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams?  


If not, I double-dog dare you to read it.  


(By the way, I am daring you because if I say you should read it, there’s a great chance you won’t.  Double dog daring you means you have to read it now!)


Well, in this book, Scott talks about how setting goals are good but it’s the systems that you create that allow you to achieve your goals.  


A system is an action you repeat to get the results you want (Source).


Make sense? 


Probably not so who better to explain than Scott Adams himself.  Scott take it away:


“A goal is a specific objective that you either achieve or don’t sometime in the future. A system is something you do on a regular basis that achieves your odds of happiness in the long run. If you do something every day, it’s a system. If you’re waiting to achieve it someday in the future, it’s a goal.”


Systems are the foundation of deep and great work so that you are not making the same mistakes over and over. 


By setting up a system, your mind, and body will learn to do things on autopilot.   


Therefore, your body can focus on other tasks at hand, meaning you can do things without dread because you won’t have to think about doing it. You will do it because it is part of your system!


Creating systems help to create freedom.


Work Part Time – Jessica, Well Intentioned Mama


A work-life balance tip that’s worked for me is having a part-time/per diem jobs.


Set Goals

I know, I know, since I just posted above that you need to create systems and kind of downplayed goals, you are thinking well, I thought goals weren’t important.  


So, to clarify this, I listed set goals as a work-life balance tip. 


Setting goals are important.


By setting goals, you are telling yourself in which direction you want to go.  


For example, maybe you want to carve out 15 minutes of your day, each day, to do something you love.  (Hmm…Hmm self care anyone?) 


Doing this leaves you feeling less stressed and overwhelmed because you are doing something just for you. This makes you feel important and appreciated.  


Your goal, your direction, is to make YOU a priority.


How you do that is by creating a system that allows you to reach your goal.


So, as you see, goals are important. 


They are needed to tell you, show you, what direction you are heading.


creative businesswoman holding folders


Make Sure to Smile – Melanie, The Momager Blog


My work-life balance tip is don’t forget to do the things that make you smile on your journey. 


To take on this crazy adventure, you’re going to need to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and not feel like you don’t even know who you’ve become.


Delegate Tasks


Why is it that you think you can do it all?  


You believe that asking for help is a sign of weakness when it is not!  


If your schedule is jam-packed with things that need to get done, that hardly ever get done, because you don’t have all the time in the world, then you need to take some of those off of your plate by asking others to do them. 


Need to pick up the kids, why not ask a neighbor or your spouse to help you?  


Need to complete your work project?  Why not ask a coworker to help you since he or she is done with their work.


Need to cook dinner?  Why not pay Chipotle to do it for you?


The bottom line is STOP TRYING TO DO IT ALL!


Use your friends, neighbors, spouse, and family to help you out!  


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Prioritize – Ana, My Homemaking Life


I have to make sure my family is financially stable. But, if I am working too much to give them what I perceive they “need”, I am taking away from the time they do need with me. 


Keeping your priorities at the forefront of your mind is the first step in a true work-life balance.


There Is No Perfect Work Life Balance


There are so many different work-life balance definitions out there. This makes it hard to even figure out what work-life balance is let alone figure out how you can apply it to your life.  


Want to know why there are so many definitions? 


That’s because there is no perfect work-life balance. 


What one person does in their work-life balance routine may not work for you.  You have different priorities, work obligations, and pretty much different lifestyles, so you cannot copy and paste their routine.


Instead, you have to create a system based on your wants and needs for your life. 


If you are ready to do that, click here and get the system that will have you feeling confident, emotionally in control, and finding your purpose in work and life again. 


Shift Your Mindset – Beth The DGAF Mom


Over time I started to recognize the second I felt that creeping sense of overwhelm. 


Now, when I feel it coming, I shift into a “does this really f*cking matter?” mindset. 


I also do a lot of prep work at the beginning of anything from meal planning, to laundry, to planning my week for work. 


I also think it’s important to have systems for things we do all the time (like making lunches for the kids) so they can help contribute as well once they’re old enough. 


When I give a giant f*ck at the beginning of nearly anything it helps me find balance when other things come into play.


Define What Success Means To You


When you take a look around acknowledge what you have, and what you have accomplished, why is it that you don’t see success?  


What does success mean to you?


Does it mean having a nice car, house, and stable career?  


Or is it simply having friends and family who love and support you?


A lot of times why you feel like a failure is because you have yet to figure out your definition of success.  


You have to stop listening to what everyone wants for you!


You have to figure out what you want and you can do that by defining what success means to you.


I bet that if you take another look at your definition and apply it to you, you are a success!


Guess what?  That is all that matters.


business team high fiving


Create a Support Network


A lot of times you are so busy doing what you think you have to do to “make it”, that you don’t spend time nourishing your relationships.  


You let them go by the wayside until you realize you need something and you have no one to call for help.  


To stop this from happening, you have to make your relationships, family, friends, your spouse, a priority. 


Take time out and nurture them.  


Let the people you love know how much you love them and how you are there for them.


Take time to create a support network.  


This way when troubles come, you have someone to help uplift you or help you out with a task that you cannot do by yourself.


You were put on this earth to make connections. 


No one can live in this crazy life all alone.  


You need help every once and awhile.  


You need support. 


FAQ’s about Work Life Balance Tips




work life balance tips need to hear pin


The Last Thing You Need To Know About Work Life Balance Tips


Work-life balance is something that is made extremely complicated by the media. 


Using these work-life balance tips will help you get back to the basics of the things you need to live a happy life.


You will be able to convert mental chaos into calm self-confidence in no time.


For more tips and tricks on how you can achieve a balanced, fulfilled life, without sacrificing success, you can sign up to receive a discount on my Work Life Balance Made Simple Ebook that is coming soon by clicking here.


Or you can sign up for the mini-course below. 



Either way, take action now so you can stop living your life on rinse and repeat.  


Remember Love Always and Spread Bliss,



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