There has to be more to life than this!


You know with your mind, heart, and soul, there is more to it than this but you just aren’t sure what or how to find it.


Your schedule is jam-packed and more stuff keeps being added every day.


How are you supposed to find what makes you happy if you don’t have time to search for it or enjoy things?


astonishing reasons you need work life balance


Well, that’s what I am here to talk about in this article. I’ll help you to find ways to make time in your life to do what you want with work-life balance.


In this article, I will define what work-life balance really is, a few examples of why work-life balance is important, and 5 ways you can get started by applying work-life balance to your life.


Sound good?


Okay, great! Let’s get started!


What is Work Life Balance?


Work-life balance can be defined as a feeling of achievement and enjoyment in one’s personal life (family, friends, and personal interests) as well as in one’s work life.


When you mention work-life balance people believe that work-life balance is a way to perfectly balance your work and personal life.


Meaning that you spend an equivalent amount of time doing work and an equivalent amount of time focused on your personal life, (family, friends, and personal interests).


This is not true at all!


When it comes to defining work-life balance what all of the pros and smarty-pants forget to mention is huge!


Their definitions are so sterile that they forget that work-life balance is all based on how you feel!


For example, you don’t care if you spend 8 hours working and 8 hours with your family if you didn’t accomplish anything at your job and the time you spent with your family was unproductive! Your family was on their electronics and in their own little bubble the entire time you sat there!


But on the flip side, If you spent 8 hours at work and completed a huge project and you got to spend 3 hours with your family, talking, laughing and reminiscing, you would feel great because your time was spent with intent.


You walked away from your job and your personal life feeling complete, feeling balanced.


When you feel balanced, like you are in control of your life instead of your emotions being in control, you can accomplish more and have more self-confidence!


Having work-life balance is extremely important and I’m going to tell you why!


Why is Work Life Balance Important?


Work-life balance is not a magical concept that everyone is making it out to be! It is a practical system that allows you to feel at peace with your life and it allows you to love the life you worked so hard to create.


Having work-life balance is important because of all the benefits that it gives you. I’ll explain some of them here.


Having work-life balance helps you:

Maintain your mental health


Now, this is a biggie!


How many times have you stressed yourself out about not meeting a deadline? Whether it’s for personal reasons or business reasons?


During that time were you agitated, annoyed, and overwhelmed! Or is that how you feel ALL THE TIME!


If you are done with your emotions being in control of your life, instead of you running the show, then you need work-life balance now!

Work-life balance allows you to live a life where you wake up happy and ready to take on the day!
Now, doesn’t that sound nice?


Maintain your physical health


A huge benefit of work-life balance is having fewer health problems (Source).


This is because when you implement work-life balance into your life you can relieve a lot of stress.


Yeah, you may be thinking, “Well, what does stress have to do with my physical health? Shouldn’t it only deal with my mental health?”


Well, the answer is yes and no.


Stress has physical effects as well as mental effects.


Some of the physical effects that it has on your health are (Source):


Having work-life balance helps to lower your stress a lot because you are no longer worried. Instead, you are living in the moment.


Work-life balance is important because it allows you to make time for what you love and want to do.


It allows you to learn to love the life you worked so hard to create.


business people racing in suits


Increase your productivity


Another reason why work-life balance is important is that it allows you to do more without even trying.


Work-life balance helps you to prioritize your life so that you are accomplishing your tasks and goals.


It also helps you free up time so that you can do things that you want to do!


Dreaming about starting a side hustle? With work-life balance, you can.


Dreaming of taking a nap every day? With work-life balance, you can!


Dreaming of finally being able to cook duck Gordon Ramsay style? With work-life balance, you can take the class that will teach you how.


Stay motivated


One of the best things to keep anyone motivated, including you, is getting stuff done. Which is why work-life balance is important!


Because you will be increasing your productivity, you will realize, “Wow, I’m getting shit done!” This will motivate you to do even more!


You ever have a day when you knocked everything out of the park? Like, you seriously did not miss a beat?


How did you feel?


Like you can take on the world, right?


You have all this motivation to do stuff because you were so productive.


Guess what? If you make work-life balance important in your life, you can have motivation too!


Live Life to the Fullest


Now to be all sappy and in my feelings, because I know you are in your feeling enough, but, at the end of the day, one of the biggest reasons why work-life balance is important is because you only have one life to live.


Therefore, you have to make it a great one!


Something so simple as having work-life balance can help you feel more relaxed and happy about your life.


It will help you to find your passion at work and in your personal life!


If you are ready to take the leap and make a change then sign up for my course on work-life balance that is on its way!


By signing up you not only get first dibs on it, but you also get a substantial discount. Sign up here.


You were made to live this life to the best of your ability. Don’t live it in misery!


If you are still stuck on believing that work-life balance is too good to be true, then continue reading because I am going to give you some tips on how you can achieve work-life balance.


3 Tips To Help You Achieve Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is not as hard as people make it! Once you have the right definition and have a system in place, it all becomes second nature.


To help you get started, I want to share 3 tips that help you to achieve work-life balance.


They are:



Work-life balance is all about prioritizing.


Because you simply can’t do it all, you must be able to mark what tasks you need to get done right away and work on completing those only.


writing notes on white board



Your mind is cluttered with so many things you need to do and you know there’s no way in hell that you can do them all.


To help ease your mind, you have to plan.


Write down the tasks that need to be accomplished right away and add them to your calendar.


This way you have less clutter going on in your head and can focus your thoughts on more positive ones.




Once you have your calendar planned for the week, you now have to focus on actually getting it done.


It is time to stop mindlessly scrolling on social media or going down the YouTube rabbit hole.


Instead, focus and take this time to get your most important tasks completed for the week. This way you will have free time to do what you want.


The Last Thing You Need To Know About Why Work Life Balance Is Important


From this article, you can see why work-life balance is vital!


It is needed in your life to help you live your best life ever!


You need it so you can learn to live the life you worked so hard to create.


What’s even better is that I have a work-life balance mini-course that is FREE to help you on your journey and get you off the hamster wheel of finding happiness in your accomplishments.


Instead, you can find happiness in the things that you are doing right now, even at that job you hate so much!


Don’t believe me, then give it a try so I can make you a believer. You have nothing to lose because guess what? It’s FREE!



Remember Love Always and Spread Bliss,


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