Is there such a thing as work-life balance humor when work-life balance seems non-existent!

funny work life balance memes


You went to school to get a job. 


You got a job so you can have a family. 


Who knew that having a job that allows you to financially take care of your family would mean you would never see them!


If you’re like me, then the thought of “having it all’ makes you want to laugh out loud!


To help make light of your misery, (or should I say our), here is some work-life balance humor.  


These work-life balance humor memes paint the reality of how hard it is to achieve happiness and success in the workplace as well as at home.


Check them out and have a laugh or two!




stay late for work life balance talk meme


Isn’t it ironic when a company tells you how you should balance your personal life and work-life? 


At the same time, they want you to be available to work 24 hours a day!  


Like hello, I would be able to balance work and home if you give me a break!





no work life balance humor


This one definitely makes me laugh! 


I love how your boss compliments you but in the same breath, you get told what you need to do better.  


Thank you, Sally, for the backhanded compliment.


I will consider that…not! 



working hard but no personal life meme

Work is never-ending! I swear they own your soul!  


It makes you wonder if you will ever see your kid(s) again. 




work life integration comic strip

Hmm…work life integration sounds like the right term for work-life balance. 


Does it not?




funny work life balance meme

I wish I could do this. 


Bosses only see how much work you put in at the office, but they do not see how much work you put in when you are at home too!  


Next time your boss tells you that you have no work-life balance, tell him or her that you will text them pictures of you working around 3 am every day for the next month so she knows you are trying your best. 





bringing personal life into work for balance meme

To achieve work-life balance you no longer leave your personal life at home, you bring it into work.


What a deal!  


Work-life integration for the win! 


By the way of you’re already doing this, then you’re ahead of the game!





work never stops even when you’re sleep meme
Is it work-life balance when you’re at work and you wish you were home in bed?


Or when you are in bed at home and you can’t stop thinking about what you need to do at work?





jobs lying about work life balance meme

Work-life balance seems to be a way companies entice people to work for them.  


It’s not until you begin working where their idea of work-life balance is working from home one day a week, but you have to be on call for those 24 hours that you are home.





work life balance humor meme

You ever hear your boss talk about your performance and you can hear him asking for your soul?


If so, then this meme must speak volumes to you.


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Funny Work Life Balance Memes Truth or Fiction

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The Last Thing You Need To Know About Work Life Balance Humor

laugh about nonexistent work life balance


These memes are hilarious but just like any type of humor, there is some underlying truth to them. 


After reading these, which meme did you relate to the most?


Which one made you think, “This is my life!”?


Let me know in the comments below which work-life balance humor meme made you laugh!


Remember Love Always and Spread Bliss,




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