You believe work-life balance doesn’t exist because you come home from work tired mentally and physically EVERY DAY!


how to balance it all Your boss is on the fritz about some important deadline that he just told your team about only a week ago.  


You’ve been working late every night of the week.


You missed your daughter’s recital and your son’s game.


You feel terrible.


You come home every night to toys everywhere!


Everyone runs up to you, screaming about being hungry!


You wonder where your spouse is. Why hasn’t he fed the kids?


You sit your bag down only to catch a glimpse of the demon that never leaves your house, the laundry!  It seems to be everywhere! It’s on the kitchen table, the recliner, the stairs!


You need something to give or you are going to lose it. 


You are trying your best to apply work-life balance, but you are starting to believe it doesn’t exist. 


Why is it so elusive?  


Does work-life balance even exist?

Why Doesn’t Work Life Balance Exist?

frustrated businessman because work life balance doesn’t exist


When you think of work-life balance you probably think of some movie or some celebrity who seems to have it all.  


You dream of the day you can come home from work and still have energy 


You’re trying your best to juggle everything!


You are realizing that there will never be a balance in your life. 


Nothing will ever have equal parts of you.


There is no way in life, that you can do it all.  


Even Oprah, the billionaire herself said, “You can have it all. You can’t just have it all at once.”


She’s a billionaire and has tons of people working for her, so if she can’t have it all, then guess what, we can’t either. 


I know the part that stands out most to you in that quote is that you can’t have it all. But, did you see that part that said you can have it all?  


You just have to realize that you can’t have it all at once!


So yes, let’s go over this again, you can have it all but it’ll be at different periods or stages of your life.    


That’s the same thing when it comes to work-life balance!


The concept of work-life balance is so convoluted that we believe to achieve it there has to be some magical balance beam where we can have it all at once and do it all at once. 


That’s not the way it works!  


Work-life balance doesn’t exist because you are looking at it the wrong way.


You believe you need to be able to work and take care of your personal life equally every day! Which is the absolute wrong way to think of it. 


Believing this would stress anyone out, even the Pope himself! 


How You Can Have It All

creative business woman holding folders

So, how can you have it all but not all at once?


Well, I am glad you asked!


You can have it all, including your sanity, by not looking at it as work-life balance per se. 


I know, that sounds weird especially because that is technically the name of it.  But, that term throws it all of and gives it such high unrealistic expectations.  


Instead, take a look at it as work-life prioritization!


Every day, every week, every month, (whenever you put your schedule together), you will have to take a look at your to-do list and prioritize it.  


You will need to see which tasks you need to get complete first, second, and third.


You will need to see which tasks need to be done immediately, which ones you can give away to someone else, or which tasks, can wait.


You need to be flexible. This is life so an emergency at work or home may come up.


Most importantly, you need to realize that some of the things you wanted to get done today may not get done today! But guess what? It can get done tomorrow!


You have to realize that work-life balance is not going to be a perfectly balanced act every day. But, it will be balanced over different seasons over your life. 



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The Last Thing You Need To Know About Why

Work Life Balance Doesn’t Exist


leave work and stop stressing


Taking the term work-life balance and believing that you will be able to spend equal amounts of time at work and taking care of your personal life, is going to drive you insane!


Instead, you need to remember two things:

  1. “You can have it all but you can’t have it all at once”- Oprah Winfrey
  2.  Practice working on work-life prioritization


Focusing on these takeaways will have you feeling so much better about your life and will help you to feel fulfilled again!



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Are you excited, hesitant?  


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