You’re 100% a Great Mom. You Worked Hard to Become That. Now, What’s the Next Step in YOUR Journey? Find Out With…

THe finding you framework

You have an identity beyond being a mom but it’s quite possible that you’ve either lost it or you just don’t know what it is.

Well, guess what?

It’s time to discover it and set down the path of your new journey.

Figure out who You 2.0 is going to be in just 30 days with the Finding You Framework.

The Finding You Framework Gets Down to the Nitty Gritty

Set Your Goals

See that I said YOUR GOALS. Not the goals that others set forth for you.

Nope. The goals that will get you up early in the morning before the kids get up because you will be in your genius zone.

Identify Your Triggers

The framework helps you identify your triggers so that you stop those habits that have you stuck where you are now.

It helps you discover self care activities that actually work to help you move forward in life!

Tackle Your To Do List

No more 80 mile long to do lists.

You just need to know how to prioritize and delegate tasks daily and start doing EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT EACH AND EVERY DAY SIS!

Here’s the Truth No One Else is Going to Tell You

You know what we seem to forget?

That we are on borrowed time.  You only have one life to live!  There is no dress rehearsal. This is it, sis!

Don’t continue to wake up everyday waiting for bedtime so you can squeeze in some time to sneak some snacks and watch your favorite show. 

I want you to wake up with purpose and confidence knowing who you are, what you want, and what you need! 

You’re Wondering What Does This Actually Look Like

Well, let me tell you my story.

I did exactly what I was told. I was told to get good grades, go to school, get a job, get married, buy a house, have kids, and you will be happy!

I did it and yet, I laid in my bed and waited for my husband to sleep so I could cry! I didn’t know what the heck I got myself into!

I woke up everyday doing the same things. You know: work, cook, clean, take care of the kids, take care of my spouse, and sleep. 

Was there a be happy now button that I forgot to push? 

I bought into this idea that if I took care of my husband and he was happy, I was a good wife.  If I took care of my kids and they were happy, then I was a good mother.

But what about being a good me?

I mean, who was I?

I realized that I had completely lost myself. I didn’t know who I was, what I wanted, or what I needed anymore.

From that realization, the Finding You Framework was born.

Now I wake up every day knowing what my goals and priorities are.

I still take care of my share, but I also delegate tasks to my husband and the kids.

This gave me the time to do what I really want to do. And that is get to know who I am now and what I really want in order to feel fulfilled and happy.

So What All Do You Get in the Finding You Framework?

Sis, this is def one of my favorite parts. Let me lay it all out for you!

Because I want you to succeed and be the best mom, wife, friend, coworker, daughter, sister, cousin, boss, EVERYTHING in life that you can be, I know the only way you can do that is YOU MAKING SURE YOUR CUP IS FILLED.

So, to do that I’ve broken the Framework down into three steps:

Who Are You?

It all starts here. Understanding your mindset and who you really are is the first step.

  • The Right Mindset Workshop
  • Who Are You Really? Mini Course
  • SIT Method Course

What Do You Want?

It’s almost painful to realize we need help figuring out what we want, but that’s the reality and this will help:

  • What Do You Want? Mini Course
  • How to Achieve Your Goals Workshop

What Do You Need?

Here’s where you’ll determine what you NEED in order to get what you want.

  • What Do You Need? Mini Course
  • Proper Prioritization Course
  • Brainiac Brain Dump Mini Course
  • Organize Your Overwhelming Thoughts Mini Course

And the Bonuses!

Secret Self Care Activities Black Book

Finding You Framework Workbook

Happy Files Mini-Course

Finding You Framework Cheat Sheet

Plus! Access to the Private Finding You Framework Facebook Community

Because I want to make sure that you complete this course and the results your heart desires, you will also get access to our Facebook Community where you can ask me questions and other members.

This is where it all comes together. You’ll find the answers to your questions, accountability and friendship.

I’m Ree and I Want to Help You Because I Have Been Where You Are Right Now

Why is it that when dad is out with baby he gets compliments like he’s Jesus himself walking in the store?

I don’t know why society says that it’s on moms to take on the housework, kids, taking care of our spouse, cooking, cleaning, the mental load such as scheduling appointments, remembering whose toothbrush needs to be charged, or emptying pockets out before we wash the clothes.

What about us?  It shouldn’t be acceptable that we lose ourselves to make others happy.  

The truth is, when you start filling your OWN cup first, you’re better at all of those other jobs.

You can find yourself again and I want to help.

Here’s Everything You Get With the Finding You Framework

  • The Right Mindset Workshop
  • Who Are You Really Mini Course
  • SIT Method Course
  • What Do You Want Mini Course
  • How To Achieve Your Goals Course
  • What Do You Need Workshop
  • Brainiac Brain Dump Mini Course
  • Organize Your Overwhelming Thoughts Mini Course
  • Proper Prioritization Course
  • Secret Self Care Activities Black Book (Bonus)
  • Finding You Framework Workbook (Bonus)
  • Happy Files Mini-Course (Bonus)
  • Finding You Framework Cheatsheet (Bonus)
  • Private Facebook Community (Bonus)

My Guarantee to You

I know the Finding You Framework is going to help you and I don’t want you to have any reservations in purchasing it.

So I’m offering you a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the Finding You Framework, I’ll give you your money back.

I’ll just ask one question.

How can I make it better?

Frequently Asked Questions

I want this, but how much time do I need to devote?

I totally get it! You’ve probably tried other programs before that forgot to take into account all of the other responsibilities you have.

With the Finding You Framework, you work at your own pace and there is a priority on getting things OFF of your plate.

So while you will have to devote some time to learning, you’re going to get that back plus some once you’ve made it through the framework.

Will my kids/house/husband end up feeling neglected??

Let’s be honest here. You are hesitant because you want to make sure everyone is happy. In fact, you want your kids to have a better life than you had as a kid growing up and you will do anything to make that happen. Even if that means sacrificing your own happiness. 

But you don’t have to make that sacrifice. You can have both. Now it’s your decision. Either:

  1. Continue to make everyone else happy at the expense of your own happiness
  2. Or…you can continue to make everyone else happy by making sure you are happy and your cup is filled first.

What will you decide?