Pre-Mom you is hiding.

It’s time she comes out to play.

the finding you framework will help you find the best of you like before those beautiful babies came along And It all starts with self care. 

Hi, I’m Ree. I help Moms balance life and find who they truly are using my system, The Finding You Framework!

Do you Remember what it was like before you heard the word mom being yelled 3 million times a day? 

More specifically, do you remember what it felt like to be able to hang out with a friend after work?

You know the anxious and excited feeling you felt when you thought about all the things you and your friend would talk about that night.

You were so ready to see your friend that you made sure to complete all of your tasks at work so you wouldn’t have to stay late.  

It felt really good to not have to worry about going home to clean, cook dinner, or entertain your kids, right? You just went out had a great time, had some laughs, and got to catch up with a friend.

It felt so good to be you!

Not wife.

Not mom.

Just you. 

Now, it’s not like that at all.

Truth be told, you are lucky to see your friend once a year. I mean you barely get anytime to yourself let alone time to hang out with friends, right?

In Fact, You are lucky if you get a moment to yourself. Usually That only happens when you lock yourself in the bathroom.

Even then, you have to ignore the banging and screams outside the door. 

You wish you had time to take a nap, curl your hair, or watch an episode of Grace and Frankie!

You wish you had time to just breathe!

Now your days consist of wake up, rush to get the kids ready, off to work, home to clean, cook, be with your family, and finally sleep. 

Then guess what…SURPRISE! You get to wake up and do it all over again. Oh joy!

Sometimes you sit in the driveway with tears streaming down your face, wishing you Could feel like you again.

You think if you could do something that truly makes you happy. Something that doesn’t involve having to take care of anyone else, but you aren’t sure what that something is.

So you keep chasing. You keep searching. You think maybe if I lose weight, or get another degree so you can make more money, or get a new car, or even buy a bigger house, but the thing is when you do accomplish those things, your happiness is only temporary. This makes you feel lost because you don’t know what to do next. You feel like you’ve tried everything and you’re ready to give up.

You seem to have it all when you look at everything you accomplished on paper, but you feel empty. You are ready to be happy but you aren’t sure what’s missing. For now happiness, is only a thought, a wish. You wipe the tears off your face, put your smile on, and walk into the door to take on whatever comes your way. 

And I get it, I truly understand! You see all those beautiful, happy women, practicing self care by getting a facial, going shopping, and just being with friends. Truthfully, it makes you want to practice self care because you want to enjoy life again.

In fact, self care seems to be all the rage lately. All you hear is take care of yourself, put yourself first, right?

But how in the heck does going to get your nails and hair done help you when you don’t have the time or the money to do so! It doesn’t make sense.

The way the media portrays self care as something so simple like going to take a bubble bath with lighted candles, and drinking a glass of wine, is so far fetched!

It’s easy to imagine those women on social media practicing self care when they don’t have kids, a husband, or an extended family to take care of. Which makes self care seem unrealistic and unattainable when it comes to your life. 

In fact, if you tried that, your kids would bust in the bathroom asking a million questions or they may even try to climb in the tub with you.  This would result in your wine glass breaking and someone getting burned by all the dang candles you lit. 

By the way, this may or may not end up with you having to take a kid to the ER so…don’t try this at home. 

Ultimately, this sucks because you really want to learn how to take care of you, but no one truly explains how you can practice self care to fit your busy life.

I know it sounds cliche, but I am serious when I tell you that that’s all about to change.  With this framework you will learn:

Look I know you get it, you totally see why self care is so important!

You already know how it can help you in every aspect of your life from your health, mind, body, and spirit.

You don’t need to see another picture of a beautiful woman lounging at a spa or taking a relaxing bath with flowers.

In fact, you really wish you could do that too.  But you just don’t know how it could fit into your hectic life, so self care must not be for you, right?


You deserve the benefits that self care has to offer, and you will get them! You want to know why?

self care is different for everyone! Self care should fit your lifestyle, your values, and your beliefs.

If you don’t have the time or money to do exactly what those women on social media are doing, that’s fine! No problemo!

Because what you see on social media is not the only way to practice self care and see results. Matter fact, it’s honestly not the most effective way at all. 

When self care is implemented correctly, it will align with your beliefs, values, and intuition. Self Care will help you find You. 

This way you will look forward to each and every day.  Not wake up thinking you never get enough sleep  or dreading the day because literally every day is the same and you ALWAYS have too much to do!

Now doesn’t that sound like a dream come true?

You might as well just call me your fairy godmother because I am about to make all your wishes come to life girlfriend!

I will teach you the keys to practicing self care the right way!

You won’t believe how simple it actually is!

When this framework is implemented correctly,

That’s it!

Pretty simple right?

I know it’s so easy to get swept up into media and see all of these “self care activities” and think I want that life.

I deserve that life.

I can live that life.  

I know, because I did the same thing!

 I looked at all the self care posts and I actually tried those ideas myself!

I tried things like taking a long bath, going shopping, calling a friend, reading a book, but I kept feeling overwhelmed no matter how much I followed what the experts said to do.

In fact, I neglected things that were important to me so that I could follow along with what they said.  They didn’t teach me how to practice self care so that it fit my lifestyle.

I didn’t know how to make time for me, how to reduce and eliminate my to do lists, how to clear my head of constant thoughts, or how to figure out what self care activities actually worked for me at all!

I was now even more frustrated because I still had this long list of things that I needed to accomplish, and I felt like I wasted a lot of my time.

I was over it! I needed something to help me find me, and work with my lifestyle because I was tired of burning out. 

No matter how I “practiced” self care, it just didn’t help!

None of the courses, posts, videos, podcasts, told me how to do it they only told me what to do. I didn’t know how to:

I know you are tired of living your life on rinse and repeat.

I know you are ready to have time to do what you love like before you heard the word mom Being Yelled One Thousand Times A Day!

I know what it’s like to be at your wits end. You don’t have to be the mom crying in the soup aisle at Target like I was.

The Finding You Framework will literally help you find you!

No longer will you have to continue to chase things that bring you temporary happiness. You will be able to breathe, relax, and most importantly find the happiness you have been longing for.

The Finding You Framework will help you learn to love the life you worked so hard to create and you will no longer need the approval of others because you will learn to rely and trust in you.

You will gain confidence and feel free for the first time ever because you will know what priorities to focus on and which ones to let go.

You will know that your happiness is not tied into how nice your house is, how many degrees you have, who your friends are, or what your title is.

The Finding You Framework will help you find your purpose. It will help you slow down and find joy in the little moments of life so your happiness will no longer be fleeting.  

Instead, it will be lasting. It’ll be the kind of happiness you’ve been searching for for all these years.

But that means you have to make a decision. The way I see it there are 3 types of people.

Those that really want something but decide not to take action. 

Those that continue to take action doing the things that don’t work.

Those that see a new opportunity and take it.

Surprisingly Not Many people fit into the 3rd category. Do you?

I think you do. In fact, I know you do and you know it too!

Here’s your opportunity!

What Makes Up

The Finding You Framework?

The Finding You Framework is jam-packed with actionable information to take you from crying in the shower to whoa dang who are you ma’am.

I know how it’s like to go from waking up and dreading the day the moment your toe touches the carpet to living carpe diem!

I want the EXACT same for you so here’s what you get.

  1. 1Basics of Self Care Masterclass: Learn exactly what self care is, what it isn’t, and why it’s important. Believe me, it’s not what the media wants you to think. ($97 Value)
  2. 2Setting Self Care Goals Masterclass: You have to know where you been, where you are, and what you want to achieve to make sure that you get the self care plan you need. ($97 Value)
  3. 3Brainiac Brain Dump Mini-course: Learn how to transform all those thoughts in your head that stress you out and cause you to become overwhelmed, into a functional, actionable, plan. ($147 Value)
  4. 4Proper Prioritization Mini-Course: Learn what on your to-do list needs to be done now, next week, never, and what tasks someone else can do. ($147 Value)
  5. 5How To Practice Self Care The Right Way Masterclass: Here you will learn how to practice proactive and reactive self care. You will learn your triggers, find out the exact cause of your emotion, and what self care type and activity you should use to help your negative feelings subside. ($97 Value)
  6. 6Self Care Routine Made Simple: Now that you know how to practice self care to combat your negative emotions, you will learn how to practice self care daily so that you are less stressed overall. ($197 Value)
  7. 7Focus For Fulfillment: To make sure you stay on track and keep up with your self care routine, you will learn exactly what you need to focus on, boundaries you need to set, and how to compare and contrast your schedule each week. ($197 Value)

You’ll Also Get These Amazing Bonuses…

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wIll I have Time To Do this?

Great thing about this course is that you can take it at your own pace.

If you do decide to go the coaching route, I will walk you through it and help you get the results you need and want in around 7 weeks.  

How Long Do I have Access?

How’s lifetime access sound? Once you purchase this course, you are in for life. That means you get all the updates and new information that will be added after paying this one time fee. 

what is the format of this course?

The format of this course is video and text.  

How do I get Access?

After you purchase, an email will be sent immediately with your login information. 

What If I don’t Like it?

What wouldn’t you like? No, I’m just kidding. What you would like to see added to this course will be taken into consideration. I plan on improving this course and adding to it over the unforeseeable future so your comments will be really helpful. 

Also, this course is living, so you will get all the updates and new features to this course by just paying this one time fee.  Of course, the more I add to it, the more the price will go up.

With all that being said, I stand behind this product 100% so if you did not like this course and it is within the 30 day money back guarantee, you will get your money back.  This applies to the course. Coaching is non-refundable.  

how do i scheudle my weekly calls?

During our weekly video chat, you will tell me your schedule and what times work for you. Based off of what you give me, that is when the calls will take place. 

It’s Time FOr you to Stop Living Your Life on Rinse And Repeat!

I know that with the Finding You Framework you are going to find you literally, because I’ve been where you are right now!

I remember it clear as if it was yesterday. I was literally at my wit’s end. As soon as my husband pulled into the driveway, I flung open the door and screamed you deal with it!

I headed into my car and peeled out the driveway.

I was so tired!

I was over being everyone’s caretaker.

I was over having to remember little things like what toothbrush needed to be charged that night or where my son left his flag football shirt at to huge things like making sure meds were being taken and schoolwork and doctor appointments were made. 

I was over having to do it all!

I was tired of being a good mom, wife, daughter, coworker, family member. It was so freaking exhausting! 

I drove with tears streaming down my face. I was so emotionally and physically worn out. I ended up at Target. Somehow, I ended up in the soup aisle. With a can of soup in my hand, I had another breakdown. I needed something to give quick! 

I could not keep living life this way.

 I felt like I either had to listen to the advice of what other mothers told me, “It’ll get better as they get older”, or the infamous “These are the best moments of your life”.  I chose not to listen to either.

I found something that worked for my lifestyle as a busy mom. I discovered how to manage my time, schedule, and incorporate self care that fit my life, values and beliefs, using the same system that I will teach you in The Finding You Framework. I can’t wait to see you inside!

Let’s do this together!

There’s more to life than being stressed, waiting for the day to end, and waking up to do it all over again. With the Finding You Framework, you will learn how to prioritize your needs and find who you truly are, like before you were called “Mom”.

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Ree Johnson

Creator of Stress Less For Self Care Success

About the Author

Ree is a Type A INFJ who loves historical fiction, being invited to the party, but not ACTUALLY HAVING TO GO! She is a mom of three, four, if you count her husband.

But, most importantly, she LOVES ALONE TIME! Which you wouldn’t think she gets because… 1. She’s a mom of three. 2. She has 2 dogs. 3. She’s an entrepreneur. That must mean she’s never alone, even in the most inappropriate of times. 

WRONG! Her self care skills help her to have time for the things she loves. This means, she loves the life she worked so hard to create, and she can show you how to do the same with the Finding You Framework

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