Why is being happy so hard?!! 


Aren’t you tired of feeling miserable and sad all the time? 


Life should be enjoyable and fun right?


So, why isn’t it? 


Thing is, life doesn’t have to be this way! 


You can be out enjoying life with your family and friends, or even enjoying your job.  


You could be the happy go lucky friend instead of the friend they don’t call because you are the Debbie Downer.  


You can transform your life into what you want it to be with these 7 actionable steps. 


I am going to lay them out for you, right here, right now.  No bullshit and no fluff.


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But what’s even better is at the end of this post, I will give you a free workbook that will show you how you can make an actionable plan to achieve happiness in your life, and experience bliss of your own.


This workbook is different in that it is tailored to your needs! 


It will not be some general guidelines that can be applied to everyone’s lives. These guides won’t work!


Want to know why?  


Your life is different then anyone else’s and your feelings are different and valid!


This workbook will reflect that. 


It’ll help you to overcome the sadness, loneliness, and enjoy life so that you can live life to the fullest.


I promise I will give you this workbook at the end of the post.


But first, let’s get into the 7 steps to happiness. 


7 Steps to Happiness


Positive thinking


Begin to pay attention to your thoughts and what you are saying to yourself.


You may realize that a lot of things you are telling yourself are negative. 


Which is ridiculous because you spend the most time with yourself.  


This means that what you are saying to yourself is going to affect you!


 It will show in your actions, the way you speak, and of course, the way you think.  


The best way to combat this negative self-talk is to start paying attention to your thoughts, and what you say. 


When you notice a negative thought is popping up, smack it with a positive one! Focus all of your attention on the positive thought. This way the negative one won’t have the floor anymore. 


For example, if you are having a bad morning, because you are late for work,  you can combat the thoughts of, “Now my whole day is going to suck”, with thoughts like, “Well I can listen to my favorite podcast,” “I get some more time to jam in the car”, or you can focus on knowing that just because you are late, does not mean the rest of your day is going to be terrible!  


Focusing on the positives in your life and transforming your negative thinking, will have a huge impact on your life.  Especially if you combine it with the next tip, grateful. 





A lot of the reasons why you aren’t happy is because you want everything everyone else has! 


You see rich people with nice cars, big houses, going on vacation, or even your neighbors or co-workers going on vacation, while you have to stay home and pay off debt.  


Instead of us focusing on what you have now, you look at stuff you don’t have and lust over it.  


Focusing on what you don’t have or want, makes your life seem miserable when it actually isn’t at all. 


You need to have gratitude.  


You need to be thankful for what you have right now, at this moment. Because at one time it was something that you wanted. 


The problem is once you actually have it, your happiness only lasts for a few days.


Next thing you know, you are wanting something else because someone else has it.  


You should learn to focus on what you have right here and right now.  


Practice gratitude. 


 Practice being thankful.  


Remember it was something that you once wanted. 


Sometimes it is hard to remember how fortunate we are. 


If you are having trouble finding things in your life to be grateful for, then you should volunteer.


Help others at local shelters, food kitchens, free clinics, etc. 


You will instantly be reminded of how to practice gratitude. 


You will be reminded of how great your life is and you get to help others at the same time.  


Now, that’s a win-win!


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Things happened to you and it is hard to let them go.  


You want to retaliate.


You want them to feel the pain they put you through.  


You want to hurt them.  


It hurts, even more, to know that the person who hurt you doesn’t care one bit about what he or she did to you. 


There are three things you can do in situations like these.  


  1. You can talk to the person and see if he or she will apologize.  

Most likely, they will not apologize and may try to put the blame on you.


  1. You can retaliate.  

You can try to make them feel the pain that they caused you.  Doing this could mean that the retaliation won’t be satisfying enough, and it could get you into big trouble.


  1. You can forgive them. 

When I say forgive them, I don’t mean that the person was justified in what he or she did to you.  That is not the case at all.  


Your feelings are valid.


What I mean is that by forgiving the person, you can let it go for yourself.  


You do not need to voice forgiveness to those who hurt you.  


You can let go of all the negative energy, the hurt, the pain, the anger, so you can fill that void with positive energy. 


If you hold on the negative things in your past forever, it will continue to eat at you every single day and make your miserable. 


If you are spiritual, you can pray and meditate. 


You can go into the depths of what happened.  


Allow yourself to cry, feel the pain, and then change that negative feeling into positive feelings.  


Start focusing on how far you have come since then. 


Focus on how far you came mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually.  


Focus on you now, not you then. 


Forgive that person so that they no longer have power over you and can control you. 


This way your body can be rid of the negative energy and you will have room for positive energy. 


Can you guess the next step?  Let’s take a look. 


Positive energy only


Take a look at your surroundings, your friendships, your relationships, your family, your thoughts, and your career? 


What do you see? 


What do you feel? 


What do you hear?  


Pay attention.  


Incorporate all of your senses into your surroundings. 


Take mental notes as well as physical notes about how these different facets of your life make you feel. 


Did you do it? 


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OK, take these notes and figure out if there are aspects of them that are consistently causing you pain, sadness, and misery.  


Once you figure that out, then it is time to release them.


For example, if it is a person, you may need to set certain boundaries with them or not have that person in your life at all. 


If it is your job, you may need to see if there is a way you can gain skills to transition to a new position within your company, go back to school, or find a way to turn your passion into income. 


By getting rid of the negative energy, you are protecting yourself and putting yourself first. 


You are making sure you are in a great mental space so that you can be the best version of yourself. 


You only have one life to live. 


And you can only live your life. 


Plus, at the end of the day, you are the only one who can help you.


Make your life easier by getting rid of the negative energy. 


Don’t hold on to it because it will only bring you down. 


Live In The Moment


With social media, now more than ever, we do not live in the moment. 


We tend to focus on the future or dwell too much on our past.  


We take moments for granted.  


We want to capture everything and make it social media worthy. This takes away from just being in the moment. It takes away from allowing yourself to be filled with joy and happiness. 


It takes away all of your senses.  


It takes away your physical being and your mental away from enjoying every single sensation and vibration that is put here for you to enjoy. 


You are not allowing yourself to actually live and engulf yourself in the experience. 


When we live in the moment more, we find peace.  


We find serenity. 


You become grateful and positive about your surroundings.  As well as the people you are with and those you love. 


Your stresses melt away. 


You are not worried about what your future or past holds. 


You are not worried about a bill that is due to or worried about needing to cook dinner.  


Instead, you are in this moment feeling free. 


And guess what? 


That feeling that you just experienced, can carry you when things bring you down or don’t go your way. 


When you are stressed, you can revisit that moment and feel the joy and peace you felt when you lived it


This will give you the determination to continue to push forward and overcome the obstacle you are in now. 



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Just for a few moments today take some time and look around. 


Pay attention to your surroundings. 


Do you see that kid? I bet you can tell what he just finished eating from the crumbs all over his face. 


Look how innocent he is. 


Just so happy without a worry in the world. 


When’s the last time you looked at your family from that perspective? 


Expect nothing in return


When you do something for someone, you have to expect nothing in return. 


You have to know that because you lent someone money, you may not get it back.  


Or if you did a favor for someone when they really needed someone, don’t expect that same person to be there for you when you need help. 


Don’t think because you always pay people back, or return favors that they were raised the same way as you were.  


They weren’t.


A lot of people are seeking what’s for them and not worried about reciprocating.


I’m not saying they are wrong for living that way. I’m just telling you to not expect the same thing to be done for you. 


When you give and expect nothing in return, you won’t feel disappointed when you don’t get your money back or when that person won’t show up for you when you need them to. 


If they do show up or pay you back, it will be more of a welcomed surprise. 


One key thing to remember is, when you live with not expecting anything in return, you do not give out what you need.  


If you need that $100 to pay a bill, you cannot let someone borrow it.  


If you don’t have the time, space, or energy, to help someone with picking up their kids or running an errand, then say you can’t at this moment.  


Instead of going out your way and going above and beyond for someone when you need a break. 


It’s okay to say no.  


You have to take care of you first before you can take care of someone else. 


Make Plans For The Future


Everything will stay the same if you don’t grow! 


Yes, the scenery may change, but you as a person will stay the same.  


Happiness is built up the concept of growth.


Growing means:



older couple dancing on the beach


I know you have goals that you would love to conquer. 


It may be getting a bigger house, making more money, going back to school, opening up a small business, whatever they may be, you have them. 


Thing is, goals and dreams are nice, but they are nothing without planning.


You need to plan them and act on them so that you can make them come true


You need to sit down and break your goals out into small actionable steps and implement them.


Think about it, when you go away, you plan your trip, right? 


When you get married, you plan your wedding, right?


So why is it that you don’t plan out your future, your goals, your dreams?  


Planning your future in small actionable steps is your roadmap to get to where you want to go in the most efficient amount of time


This way you won’t just take the chance that it’ll happen eventually when it could have already happened. 


Planning helps to identify what’s important to you.  


Planning helps to make sure you accomplish your goals.


Planning helps to turn your dreams into reality. 


Planning helps to give you control.  


With a plan, there is a certain path that you need to take.


Planning helps you to identify your priorities.  


You know that if you want this, your plan needs to be first! Other things may try to steer you off your path to success but because you planned, you know the answer is no.   


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Planning gives you a purpose in life.  It allows you to strive for something that you know you can accomplish.  


Having a purpose in life makes life more enjoyable and worthwhile.  


You have a goal in place and it is driving you to success.


Planning gives you a sense of peace, freedom, and makes sure you have no regrets.


You will be comforted by the fact that you know where you are going in life and know where you want to go.  


You are no longer wandering aimlessly in hopes that you will figure it out someday. 


Nope, you have a plan and once you achieve it, there will be no regrets because you made yourself achieve this result. 


Finally, you will be confident! 


Because you planned your goals and you achieved them, you will be confident to fulfill the other dreams of yours. 


This makes your future very bright!


The Last Thing You Need To Know About The 7 Steps To Happiness


Happiness is not hard to figure out. 


Heck, this whole site is designed around the equation of happiness.  




The hard part about happiness is actually implementing the work. 


It’s about taking action and making the necessary changes in your life so that you can have happiness. 


It’s about creating a positive mindset.  


You can achieve a happier mindset by implementing these 7 Steps to Happiness.


You will see a shift in your life. 


You will be less stressed, less sad, and less worried.  


You will be happier.


But it all comes down to you. You have to put in the work and actually listen to the steps and most importantly implement them.


If these tips are all fine and dandy but you know your life is different and you need something more, then you are in luck.


Remember that workbook I promised you in the beginning, well here it is!


Using this workbook will allow you to work through all of your stress, problems, and anxiety, in a much simpler way..  


It will help you to look at your life from a different perspective.


It will allow you to focus on the good in your life. 


Using this FREE workbook will allow you to set an effective plan in motion so that you can achieve happiness according to YOUR goals and YOUR needs!


Get it below now!


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