Have you ever met someone and it seemed too good to be true?   


Like you guys clicked instantly in every single way!


It’s clearly meant to be more than just a chance encounter. 


You know that person is meant to be in your life for more than just these few minutes. 


You know this person is part of your soul group. 


But…you’re hesitant. 


You’ve been burned before and don’t want to be again.  


15 signs part of your soul group

You believed you had a true friend before from your soul group, so you confided and told them EVERYTHING! 


In turn, they turned around and told everybody your deepest darkest secrets. 


You don’t want to go through this again and I get it.


So before, you start confiding in this person and inviting them into your personal space, you need to read this article,15 signs you met someone from your soul group. 


In this article, I will tell you exactly what soul groups are, why we have soul groups and 15 signs that you have met someone in your soul group.


This way you won’t waste time wondering if this is someone that should be in your life or someone, YOU NEED TO LET GO!  


So, let’s get started. 


What is a Soul Group?


A soul group is a group of people who help us learn life lessons. These are people that you have met, not by coincidence. (Source)


Your souls resonate through energy on a mental, physical, and emotional level. 


People in your soul group are connected to you energetically in higher realms as well as here on Earth. 


These people are someone who you never need to explain yourself too or your intentions too in any way. 


In fact, you don’t have to say anything. 


You guys are so connected that your energy just knows what you are saying and communicates for you. 


You guys are intuitive. 


You realize that your lives are similar. 


You have been through the same traumatic events in your lives. Because of this, your connection is so much deeper.


Knowing that someone is from your soul group is completely amazing as well as scary.


It makes you wonder why you have a soul group. 


What’re their intentions, right?


Why do we have soul groups?


Soul groups are very important because whenever you encounter someone from them, you now that you are about to learn a lesson. 


A lesson that will make a difference in your life in a profound way.  


When you meet someone from your soul group, you encourage each other. 


You allow yourself to explore your potential and all of the possibilities that you thought you could never reach. That is until you met them. 


Having someone from your soul group allows you to realize that you can safely, and without fear, grow into all that you imagined and soon forgot.  


You have a soul group to push you and keep you on track for your purpose in life. 


Now knowing why having a person from your soul group, is very important, let’s go into the signs that you know you met someone from your soul group. 


15 signs you met someone from your soul group


Instant Connection


You ever meet someone out of the blue and it feels like you’ve known each other forever?  


I know it sounds like a movie but if you’ve ever experienced it as I have, then you know it is real!  


The feelings you experience while talking to this person, the deep connection you form in a matter of minutes, make it feel like fate.  Well, my lady, that’s because it is.  


When you meet someone and feel this right away, know that you are meeting someone from your soul group.


Give and Take


man hand outstretched


Do you have a vent buddy?  


Now, before you get excited and think that this person is part of your soul group, slow down.  This is not necessarily the truth!  


Let me explain. 


If you have a person in your life that vents to you but they also have the intuitive awareness to check in on you as well, then this person may just be from your soul group.


See when someone is from your soul group they know it is all about the give and take of energy.  


So if your vent buddy only vents, and never checks in or you, or you only vent and never check in on them, then they are not part of your soul group.


Speak the Same Language


When someone is part of your soul group, you don’t have to worry about explaining your point of view to them because they get it.  


You guys speak the same language.  


You share similar thoughts and insights on the world and how you perceive it. 


What’s so creepy is that sometimes you guys can finish your sentences and thoughts too! 


Have I Known You Forever


I know I keep referencing this, but when you meet someone from your soul group, you instantly feel a connection.


You are instantly drawn to them.  


You feel so comfortable around them!


It’s like you’ve known them your entire life, even if you just met them.


Can Be Yourself

senior couple laughing on the porch


Everyone wants you to act the same way as everyone else. This gets so complicated!


You eventually start to lose yourself.  


You feel overwhelmed and sad. 


But guess what?


This isn’t the case when you meet someone from your soul group.  


You Instantly resonate with them. Therefore, you can let your guard down and be yourself.  


You can truly be you. 


You know you will not be judged.


You know you will be accepted.  


This is a relief to you in so many ways.  


Meeting someone from your soul group and being yourself allows you to remain grounded and know that in your heart being yourself is okay, even if the world does not understand. 


Gives You Energy

Your soul group does not taketh!  


They giveth.  


Have you ever have someone in your life that as soon as you saw them, they called or texted you, you instantly feel depressed and like the weight of the world is on your shoulders?  


You know, that person who instantly drains you whenever their name is mentioned!


This does not happen when someone is from your soul group.  


In fact, when you encounter someone from your soul group, they give you energy every single time!  


You feel uplifted, energetic, and ready to take on the world!


This happens every time you get together!  


You feel a weight lifted off of your chest. 


Always Appear When You Need Them


depressed man


Life is hard as fuck!


There are so many expectations as well as tasks that need to be done yesterday!


It drains you! 


You are screaming for a break.  


Well, if you have someone from your soul group, then you are in so much luck!


They appear when you need them! Even if you didn’t call them! 


It’s like magic! 


It’s more spiritual than anything you’ve ever encountered. 


They appear exactly when you are growing beyond your fears and limiting beliefs to help push you, comfort you, and steer you in the right direction! 


Similar Life Experiences


When getting to know your soul group, you realize that you guys share similar life experiences.


Well, maybe I shouldn’t say similar because it’s pretty uncanny how you guys have been through the same traumatic experiences.


It has shaped you in similar ways and your outlook on life.  


This draws you closer to your soul group because you know that you can share anything with them and they will truly understand. 


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Challenge You


Ok, don’t think that because you met someone from your soul group that they will be all roses and sunlight.  


Your soul group is present in your life to help you grow beyond your beliefs and current fears.  


This means they will challenge you.  


They will push you, even when you aren’t ready to be challenged. 


They will lovingly call you out.


They will push you to be the best they know you can be, even when you feel like staying in your comfort zone. 


They will continually help you stand in your light. 


Time Disappears


friends belly laughing together


When talking or hanging out with someone from your soul group, time disappears. 


You will feel like you just sat down and started conversing when in reality it’s been 3 hours.  


Time knows no limits when you are around them. 


Support You


When you feel like you have no one in your corner is when you can call on your soul group. 


They will always be there to support you and uplift you no matter what. Even when it’s not pretty or convenient. 


You can always count on them. 


Always Makes You Smile


When you have a rough day because someone has been a jerk or depression is kicking your ass, don’t be alarmed because you always have your soul group.


You can count on them to make you smile or laugh, even in the toughest and most awkward situations. 


And it won’t be one of those fake chuckles you give most people. It’ll be a deep belly laugh.  A belly laugh so deep that when you think about it years later, tears will stream down your face from laughter. 


Sensitive to Your Feelings

friends posing together


Ok, so you know how sometimes people are angry at you because you felt some type of way about what they said or did? 


This won’t happen with your soul group!


Your soul group is very sensitive to your feelings.


They understand when they did or said something wrong. 


They are quick to apologize because they value your friendship.


But most importantly, they value you for who you truly are. 


Will Call You Out


Since your soul group knows you best, they also know when you’re fucking up and not doing what you should be. 


They know that you are headed down the wrong path, so they will call you out. 


They will let you know that what you are doing is wrong and beneath you. 


Most importantly, they will do everything in their power to see that you do not destroy yourself or your future. 



Sees Your Potential


Since your soul group knows you on a much deeper level and has had some of the traumatic experiences you have had, they see your potential! 


They see what you can become and should become. 


Best of all, they will help you to stay on the right path when you, yourself, really don’t want too. 



The Last Thing You Need to Know About Your Soul Group


So now that you know what is a soul group, why you need one, and 15 signs that you met someone from your soul group, now is the time to evaluate if that person you met could be part of it or not. 


Either way, don’t brush them off too quickly because you have been burned. 


More importantly, don’t stick around long if they are not providing you with anything positive in your life. 


Time is of the essence so make sure when you make a connection with someone, you don’t waste your time by using these 15 signs.  


Remember love always and spread bliss,



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