How many goals have you had in the past week? 


And how many of those goals have you actually achieved?


Achieving a goal is a lot more complicated than just saying what your goal is.  


In fact, the first part of achieving a goal is making sure that you have your goal set up the right way, or what I like to call, the SMART way. 


make your dreams come true in 2020

I’m sure you know what a SMART goal is, if not, check out my article on SMART goals, but how do you know if your goal is set up correctly?  


Sure I can tell you what a smart goal is but wouldn’t smart goal examples help you more?


Well, look no further. 


I want to do everything in my power to make sure your goal is set up correctly so you can achieve it.  


To do that, I will help you by giving you an infographic below that contains what a SMART goal is and nine examples of a SMART goal.


This way you know exactly how to set up your goal the SMART way. 



Smart Goals Examples for the Mind, Body, and Spirit


So not only am I going to give you smart goal examples, I am going to break these examples down into 3 categories. 


I will give you examples for the mind, body, and spirit. 


Since we are here to help you with time management in all areas of your life, (mind, body, spirit), it’s only right that I give you examples for in all of these areas. 


So let’s get started. 

smart goals examples inforgraphic

Smart Goal Examples for the Mind

You are always on go.  you never get a chance to just sit and relax.

Life is seriously so overwhelming!

That is until now!

Now, I want you to schedule goals to help ease your mind so that you can have less stress, worries, and more happiness (Source). 

Some Smart Goals examples for the mind are:

SMART Goal Examples for the Body

I feel like as adults, especially when you have kids, it is hard to find time to exercise.  


Ok, wait, let me rephrase that because it is not hard to find the time, it’s hard to find the motivation to exercise. 


To be honest, the last thing you want to do after coming home from work, cooking dinner, and cleaning up, is dragging your ass to the gym, right?  


But, you know that you need to take care of your body even if that does mean doing it the “lazy way”


So here are Smart Goal examples for the body that can help you get fit but the best thing about them, they don’t take a lot of time or effort (Source). 



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SMART Goal Examples for the Spirit

When it comes to smart goal examples for the spirit many people believe that your goals have to deal with the church and reading the bible.  


While that may be true depending on what your belief is, I believe that in addition to going to church and reading the bible, goals for the spirit include things that allow you to be present at the moment.  


So much today we are bogged down with what we have to do next or go next that are lives literally pass us by.  


To help you be more present, I constructed some SMART Goals examples that allow you to live in the moment more. 


The Last Thing You Need To Know About Smart Goal Examples 

Now, that I gave you this information to help you maximize your time when it comes to setting and achieving goals, I can’t just leave you hanging!  


The next thing you need to do is Grab my FREE Goal Planning Workbook so that you can start the next step, and actually achieve that goal of yours.  


Let’s make this year your best year and get your goals accomplished! 


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