So you did it again huh?


You drank coffee late at night so you could stay awake and complete all the things on your to-do list, right?


It sounded like a great idea…Until now.


Now you are hopped up on caffeine you can’t fall asleep.

7 ways to fall asleep fast after caffeine

You tried counting sheep because you remember someone told you to do that when you were in elementary school.


You tried reading, warm milk, and so many other things, but nothing is working.


You know you are going to be exhausted the next day because you are not going to get any sleep tonight, right?




I got you covered!


I am going to give you the best tips on how to sleep after caffeine!


Oh, by the way, I am not going to give you some stupid fluffy tips that you already tried.


Nope, I am going to give you 7 tips on how to sleep after caffeine that work!


What Exactly Is Caffeine?


So you intake caffeine probably every single day but do you know what caffeine is?


Caffeine is a natural stimulant.


It is usually found in tea, coffee, and cocoa plants.


It is the most consumed stimulant in the world. (Source)


How Does Caffeine Work?


coffee glasses pen notebook flatlay


Caffeine works by stimulating the brain and central nervous system.


This helps you stay awake and alert so that you can get through your busy day without falling asleep in that important meeting.


One you eat or drink caffeine, it is absorbed into your bloodstream, where it blocks adenosine.


(Adenosine is a neurotransmitter that helps to relax your brain and put you to sleep.)


By blocking this neurotransmitter, caffeine helps to invoke feelings of arousal, focus, and alertness.


And guess what it does all this, really, fast!


So next time you drink that cup of coffee or eat that piece of chocolate, just think about what it does to you!!!!


Fascinating right?!

How Long Before Bed Should I Stop Drinking Caffeine?


So before I give you all the tips and tricks to help you sleep after drinking caffeine, I have to state the obvious.


Now, don’t get annoyed or say duh, because I know it’s obvious.


If you are having trouble sleeping because of caffeine, well then maybe you shouldn’t drink it AT ALL.


This brings up the question of how long before bed should I stop drinking caffeine.


Well, the answer to that is at least 4 to 6 hours for bed depending on your sensitivity (Source).


If you are highly sensitive to caffeine then you probably will not want to have any caffeine after noon or at all, to be honest.


But, if you need it and you cannot for the life of you give it up at all, then let’s jump into the 7 tips for how to sleep after caffeine.


7 Tips For How To Sleep After Caffeine


Whew, I am tired and ready to lay it down.


I know you are too because you are reading this… So let’s not waste any more time so that I can get to bed and most importantly, you can get some sleep before your annoying alarm goes off, right?


Okay, so tip #1.

Warm Up Your Pajamas and Socks


girl stretching in her pajamas


Yes, I know this sounds stupid and silly but, just hear me out.


There is some science to this.


Warming up your pajamas and socks helps to aid with body temperature regulation, which is a necessary part of the sleep cycle. (Source)


Because your core temperature drops through the night, having warm socks and pajamas allows your blood vessels to dilate.


When your body is warm, it starts releasing heat in an attempt to lower your body temperature.


When your body cools, it releases serotonin.


Seratonin is a chemical that helps you fall asleep.


Now that you know this, go grab some socks and warm fuzzy pajamas.

Coffee Naps


Yeah, don’t look at the name and think it’s counterintuitive, just give me a chance to explain myself…again.


So you know that you are going to have a long night ahead because you have a project due, your kid is sick, whatever it may be, you need to plan a coffee nap.


So what exactly is a coffee nap, right?


Well, I am glad you asked because a coffee nap is when you drink approximately 2 cups of coffee before sleeping 15 to 20 minutes. (Source)


To be on the safe side you should plan a coffee night at least 6 hours before bed so you won’t interrupt your sleep again.


How Does A Coffee Nap Work?


A coffee nap works because it combines 2 of the best things you need to give you energy.


They are sleep and caffeine.


When you drink coffee right before you take a nap, it affects your adenosine levels.


Adenosine is very high in your body when you are tired.


After you fall asleep, it drops.


When you drink coffee, caffeine competes with adenosine.


It doesn’t decrease the levels of adenosine, but it stops it from being received by your brain which helps you to feel less drowsy.


Sleep does the same thing to adenosine as well.


Sleep allows your brain to have more receptors open for caffeine.


Essentially you hit your adenosine levels with the one, two, knockout or the one hitta quitta.


Oh, and you may think that caffeine keeps you awake, because I mean you are up reading this when you should be sleeping…so…you have a valid point.


But, I want to let you know that it takes some time for you to feel the effects of caffeine.


If you take a 15 to 20-minute nap, directly after you have a cup or two of coffee, then you will be fine.



relaxing looking bedroom with dim lights


You are at your wit’s end and your willing to do anything to get to sleep at this point, right?


You’ve laid in bed and counted sheep, listened to nature sounds, and classical music and yet you’re still awake.


You pretty much tried everything and nothing is working.


But have you tried to relax?


It’s time to put down the phone, turn off the TV, and avoid any blue light for a while.


Take a warm shower and put on some warm pajamas and socks.


Grab a fiction book and let your mind drift away from the stresses that you have going on.


Apply a few drops of essential oils in calming scents like lavender.


Truly relax and think about releasing tension in your shoulders, jaw, and forehead.


Lay back, get comfortable, and dim the lights.


Make your room a sanctuary.


Stop thinking and just let the sleep come to you.



If you are anything like me, then your mind doesn’t shut off at all.


It just keeps playing different scenarios of how you could’ve handled situations differently.


Or it gives over your to-do list a million and one times.


And now you’ve added caffeine to the mixture so now you are truly having problems with sleeping.


Well, let me tell you what helps me to sleep no matter what, melatonin.


Of course, I cannot suggest you use it because I am not a doctor and this is something that you will need to talk to your doctor about.


Melatonin is a hormone that is found in your body and is known as the sleep hormone. (Source)


Having high levels of melatonin before bed helps calms you.


It doesn’t knock you out.


It just lets your body know that it is night time and helps you relax so you can fall asleep faster.


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Don’t you roll your eyes at me?


This is a great tip.


When you work out, exercise, your temperature increases, right?


So, after you finish working out, your body temperature decreases.


Because your body is cooling it releases serotonin which promotes sleep.


So, get out of bed, do some jumping jacks, push-ups, running in place, etc., whatever you need to do to get your body temperature up.

Chamomile Tea



Chamomile tea is also known as a mild tranquilizer or sleep inducer because it contains an antioxidant named apigenin. (Source)


Apigenin binds to receptors in your brain that decrease anxiety and initiates sleep.


So if you have some chamomile tea on hand then now’s the time to grab a cup.


Guided meditation


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EaMJOo1jks[/embedyt]


Caffeine does help you to be more productive which is a good thing, but obviously it isn’t a good thing, because you wouldn’t be reading this.


So, let’s try a guided meditation to help you relax.


A guided meditation allows you to realize that there is nothing to force, nothing to make happen.


You don’t need to worry about your to-do list or your bad day.


A guided meditation helps you be in the moment so that way your body and mind can settle and you can fall asleep.


Try it and let me know how you like it when you wake up.


The Last Thing You Need To Know About How To Sleep After Caffeine


Now that you have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve on how to sleep after caffeine, it’s time to put them to good use.


Especially before that alarm goes off and you have to get your day started.


Let me know in the comments which one worked for you!


I would love to hear about your experience.


Remember love always and spread bliss,



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