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the Beyond Mom workshop

A Simple 3 Step Strategy for Finding Time for You

You’re a mom. That’s amazing. There’s nothing more important in the world.

But most days it feels like you’re lost in that Mom identity. Like ALL that matters is, the you that is Mom. That you’re only here to grow these children and your own growth isn’t important.

That’s not what I want for you and I don’t want you to settle for it.

Let me show you how to steal back some time, just for yourself, so you can get back to who you are, Beyond Mom.

And it’s simple, I promise.

Stop Spending Every Waking Minute On Everyone Else

Instead let me teach you the PPF Method so you can make some time for YOU!


You don’t have to do ALL.THE.THINGS every single day. You simply do not and that’s where we’re going to start.


You DO need to decide what is a priority and what isn’t and when you figure this out, your mind is going to feel so much calmer.


You’re going to allow yourself to do ONE thing at a time. When you can focus on one thing, you’ll accomplish that one thing.


You can’t fill from an empty cup. You’ve heard it a million times and a million times you’ve, said, “Yeah, but who has time to fill the cup? And, I don’t even know what I WANT in my cup!”

There are solutions to those problems. It’s not insurmountable. You can find time for yourself and it will be worth it. It’s not selfish. You cannot fill from an empty cup.

Here’s What You Get with the Beyond Mom Workshop

The Workshop

The Workshop sets the foundation for you.

We’re going to talk about self care and why it’s so important to getting back to YOU, beyond Mom.

And then I’m going to share the PPF Method so that you can finally find the time to actually DO self care.

The PPF Method is simple and effective.

The Workbook

This is where you put the workshop into action. 

You’re going to dive deeper into the PPF Method so that it really works for you and your daily life. 

When you have a plan, priorities and focus, you are going to accomplish things and feel free of the burden of getting EVERYTHING on the to do list done.

The Bonus

Ok, so PPF worked and you have some time for yourself. AWESOME!

But how do you spend that time? 

The Secret Self Care Activities Black Book is like a rolodex of exactly the right self care activity you need, at the right time.

I’m Ree and I Want to Help You Because I Have Been Where You Are Right Now

I have a secret for you. It’s not really that you don’t have enough time for yourself.

It’s that it feels overwhelming to even THINK about how to make time and what to do with it when you do.

I’m a Mom. I have three children. I love them fiercely and I take the best care of them.

But I’m also Ree. And I love myself fiercely, too. I have a purpose beyond Mom and I’ve figured out how to take care of my family AND myself.

I want to show you how I found the time to do it, so that you can, too.

My Guarantee to You

I know this workshop is going to help you and I don’t want you to have any reservations in purchasing it.

So I’m offering you a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the Beyond Mom Workshop, the Beyond Mom Workbook or the Bonus Secret Self Care Activities Black Book, I’ll give you your money back.

I’ll just ask one question.

How can I make it better?