Research shows that the core aspects of self-care can alleviate to 60 to 70 percent of the chronic diseases we know in this world! 

Crazy right?

So you’re on a journey to finding yourself?

You want to be a better you, right?

You want to improve your life tremendously!

Well, if so, here is the most important habit that will completely rebuild your life.

So to make your life more organized, happier, and fulfilling, people turn to a way where they can make more money.

Well, you won’t have to do that!

Instead, you just have to do one thing.

That thing is, self-care!

I want to share with you why self-care is so important and the benefits it can have on your life. 

I promise you though, after reading this you will definitely make self-care a part of your routine.

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Why is self-care so important?

So, it’s been a rough week.

You’re at work completely stressed out.

Your family is calling you about their life problems and asking for help, mostly financial help of course.

Your friends want you to be their therapist and your boss is harping at you about this important project that needs to be completed ASAP.

Not to mention you still have to go, home cook, clean, and be present with your own family.

You’re sitting there wondering, “This can’t be life”, something has to change.

You feel like well if I had more money things would be better because then you could hire a maid, a cook, or if you had more time then you could do it all.  

You’re pretty much existing.

You’re numb to almost everything and you are just going through the motions. 

Do you think that at this moment you are giving your best?

Do you think you have enough energy to help others, let alone help yourself?

To put it quite simply, no, you aren’t giving your best and no, you can’t help others or yourself. 

Self-care is something you need right now!

But it seems so elaborate.

I mean, when you see images of beautiful women at a spa, or someone going shopping, or even someone who’s life seems like it’s so beautiful and perfect, it makes you think, well this is stupid and won’t work for me. 

I don’t have the money to do that and I most definitely don’t have the time!

When that’s not the case at all.

Self-care doesn’t take a lot of money or time to do.

Self-care is something that you can do right now to help you out, to help fill up your cup, and recharge your energy.

Self-care can be something as simple as taking deep breaths to lower your heart rate and anxiety. 

It can be something as simple as looking at the window and imagining the sun touching your skin. 

Self-care is super important because it helps you in so many ways.

It helps your mind, body, and spirit in so many ways so that you can have bliss.

Self-care helps you so that you can help others.

Self-care helps you be the best you can be. This way you are great for yourself and you can help others.

It’s crazy that people say self-care is selfish.

Because as you can see it is most certainly not.

You have to be able to pour from your cup to help others.

If there’s nothing left to give, you can’t help yourself or anyone else.

Let me stop rambling and let’s take a look at the facts.

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What are the benefits of self-care?

Let’s take a look at the benefits of self-care so you can see how important self-care truly is.

One of the biggest reasons why self-care is important is because “Research shows that the core aspects of self-care can alleviate 60 to 70 percent of the chronic diseases we know in this world.

Learning how to do self-care appropriately and accurately can help eliminate chronic diseases in your life.

Yeah, you may think if self care is so important then why hasn’t my doctor talked to me about it?

Well research shows, your doctor doesn’t have the time to talk to you about the behavioral and environmental changes you need to help you with your health.

Doctors also don’t know how to bill for these types of services. 

So, most of the time, the self care aspect that you need to help relieve your symptoms,won’t even be brought up at the appointment at all.

It’s on you to either bring it up or figure out how to take care of yourself appropriately using the core aspects of self care.

Self care improves:

There are many benefits to self-care that will help completely rebuild your life!

The Last Thing You Need To Know About Why Self Care is So Important. 

Self-care is super important.

It’s not something that the media made up for you to have one more thing to do on your to-do list. 

It is critical to many aspects of your life.

If you are ready to completely rebuild your life then you have to make self care a priority!

Now that you know why self-care is so important and all of the amazing benefits self-care has on your life, I know you are ready to get started right? To get you started and onto the right path, you can sign up below and get our FREE self care guide that contains self care checklists, games, and so much more!

Remember Love Always and Spread Bliss,


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