When you think about self care you probably think it’s something that young people with no kids who have money to blow do, right?

Or you believe that self care is a fallacy because you’re a mom and there’s no way you have the time or money to ever practice it!

You have kids running around everywhere, clothes that need to be washed, work you need to finish up,  your husband rubbing your knee, (indicating he wants some “alone time” later), literally you cannot add ONE MORE SINGLE THING!

Plus, taking time out for you when you have so much to do, is selfish anyway, right?


Self care is important for everyone, yes, but self care is extremely important for moms!

Don’t believe me?

Well, continue reading my friend and I’ll show you exactly why self care is important for moms!

By the way, at the end of this article, you’ll also get a chance to learn how you can get started with self care! 

Now, let’s get started. 

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What Exactly Is Self Care

Now, you know what has you hella confused on why you don’t believe self care is important for moms?  It’s because you don’t know the true definition of what self care really is!

Self care is not taking a bubble bath with exotic flowers, going to the spa, or even going shopping. Self care is something that helps you get to a resolution. 

The definition of self care is something that you do to deliberately take care of you in a way that allows you to build up resilience and gives you the ability to thrive and move forward.

To sum it up, self care gives you long term benefits such as changing your habits. 

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How To Know If You’re Practicing Self Care The Right Way 

To know if you are practicing self care the right way, is really, really, super simple.

Whenever you are about to do an activity that you believe is self care, all you have to do is ask yourself will I feel the same after this activity. If the answer is yes, then you aren’t practicing self care the right way

Self care is restorative and it strengthens you.

It helps you to work through your problems and emotions.

Practicing self care the right way doesn’t mean you pick an activity that distracts you from your problems. Nope! Self care helps you to actually solve your problems so that you grow through them, and become a better person. (By the way there are easy self care activities that don’t cost a lot or take a lot of time that you can do!)

Yeah, yeah, you’re probably thinking, “Well, how do you know.” Well, let me tell you how I know. As a mom of three, I’ve had meltdowns in the shower, driveway, and in the soup aisle at Target. I’ve lost myself more than once because I believed as a mom I should give everything I have to my kids and family. I believed that doing for me was selfish. But when I learned to manage my time effectively and make time to do things that I wanted and loved to do, I literally became a much different, happier, person. 

So if you’re feeling stressed out, overworked, and overwhelmed, then keep reading sis because I’m going to give you all the tea on why self care is important for moms so you can literally change your life for the better, okay?


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Why Is Self Care Important For Moms

So now that you have the basis of what self care is and how to practice it the right way, it’s time to dig into the nitty-gritty. 

It’s time to give you what you really came for, why is self care important for moms. 

To put it simply self care is important for moms because:

  1. It boosts your confidence and self-esteem 
  2. It helps you maintain a healthy relationship with yourself and produces positive feelings. 
  3. Helps you become a healthy eater and makes sure you’re getting the right nutrients your body needs to take care of your family. 
  4. It helps you identify the things that really matter most to you instead of what everyone says you should care about. 
  5. Helps you say no so that your already overwhelming to-do list doesn’t take on more tasks because you feel like you’re going to hurt someone else’s feelings. 
  6. Helps you relax so that you can prevent chronic stress from damaging your health. 
  7. Helps you emotionally because you will learn to care for your mind. This helps you to value yourself and feel more grateful for the life you worked so hard to live. 
  8. It makes you a better mother. Taking care of your own needs means you won’t be burned out and feeling unhappy about your life. 
  9. It gives you time alone so you can reflect and let your problems work out in the back of your mind so that they aren’t taking all of your concentration 
  10. It increases your productivity. Learning to prioritize your day and saying no to things that overextend you, helps you to live at a much slower, more manageable way. It helps you to make your goals more focused and clear so you can concentrate on them more. 

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The Last Thing You Need To Know About Why Self Care Is Important For Moms

Self care is important for moms because it helps you to live a more stress-free, less anxious life so that you can focus your life on the things that matter most such as you and your family

Learning to practice self care the right way will help you to feel more confident, be a better parent, and maintain a healthy relationship with yourself. 

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