So having birthed 3 kids into this world, (1 c-section and 2 VBAC’s), I know a thing or two about what new moms want!

FYI this isn’t your typical self-care gift guide for new moms where it’s like buy some candles to make the room smell great.

Nope, because honestly when you’re wearing disposable undies, you still look pregnant, and you can’t pee or poop without feeling like something is going to fall out, candles are the ABSOLUTE LAST THING YOU WANT OR NEED!

Oh, by the way, if you can’t tell, I am keeping it all the way real!

So if you want to be the best gift-giver ever, then continue on my friend, because this is EXACTLY the best self-care gift guide for new moms so they don’t make any self care mistakes.

three newborns side by side
My three babies!!! Yes, they all do look alike

Why Self Care Gifts For New Moms Are Desperately Needed

After having a baby, new mommies, usually go through a stage where the dynamics of their relationships with their friends and family change. 

In the beginning, everyone is giving you oooh and aaahs and basically going ga-ga over the new baby. 

Everyone wants to stop by and see the baby.  

Friends and family bring the cutest outfits, toys, and knick-knacks for the baby.  

It’s pretty awesome!

It has the new mom thinking, wow I am loved. Wow with all of this help, things are going to be a breeze! But, that all changes.

A few weeks go by, the calls stop coming and the visits stop.  

The invites from your friends to go places decline as well.  

You only see them or hear from them on special occasions.  

It’s like because you’re a mom your “friends” think you no longer have time.

This sucks because this is when you need your friends and family the most.  

This is the moment when you realize who will be there for you and who won’t.  

It opens your eyes to see who you can count on and trust.

I have been through this with the birth of each of my kids and it hurts to see that some of the people who you believed to be closest to, are not there for you during one of the most precious and vulnerable times in your life.

pregnant mom sitting on couch looking at sonogram pictures

Self Care Gifts For New Moms Aren’t Just For First Time Moms

Self-care gifts for new moms is not limited to someone who just had their first kid but it is for someone who just had a baby period.  

It could be their fourth, fifth, or twelfth child.  

That mommy is still a new mom because she has a new baby who is going to grow up to be totally different from her other children.

She will have to adjust and reorganize her life around her kid(s), work, friends, family, and partner. 

No matter how many kids you have, this time of having a new born is still challenging. It will be one of the most exciting and vulnerable times in her life.  

Please show up for her and support her. This is the time when she will need her friends and family the most. 

This guide will give you amazing self-care gift ideas for new moms so that you can continue to be an amazing, supportive, friend.

FYI, The gifts I listed do not cost much at all but will mean so much.

self care gifts for new moms pink roses and gift bag

Self Care Gifts For New Moms that Nurture Her Mind

1. Pregnancy & Postpartum Anxiety Book

Every pregnancy is different!

I know first hand having three kids.

Some things I was told would happen, such as nausea, food cravings, and tiredness did happen.

While somethings I had no clue about like peeing on yourself, slobbering a lot, or discharge, happened as well. 

I recommend this book because not only does it tell you what to expect when you are pregnant but also postpartum. 

For example, I expected that after I had the baby, my belly would immediately go flat.

Nope, I walked out still looking like I was about to give birth. 

I expected to be able to use the bathroom normally.

Nope going to the bathroom hurt like H-E-double hockey sticks after giving birth.

I expected breastfeeding to go pretty smooth. 

Nope, it hurt until I got used to it.

When you are pregnant and you give birth to a baby, your body goes through so many changes, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Which means for any mom or soon to be mom, it causes emotions ranging from ecstatic all the way to anxiety and depression. 

Reading a book like this helps moms to navigate accordingly and deal with it all!

It allows them to be prepared for what may or may not come their way and to not be surprised by every single thing. 

2. Grocery shopping 

organic food in produce aisle perfect self care gift for new mom

One of the last things that someone who has given birth wants to worry about is getting groceries.

After giving birth, you are achy, tired, sore, and feel like your whole vagina is going to fall out with every step you take. 

Feeling like that means you don’t want to get up make yourself presentable to head into society to buy some dang gone groceries, right? 

If you want to make a new mom feel less stressed, then make sure she has the groceries she needs to make simple quick meals. 

You can do this buy giving her the gift of a meal delivery service such as blue apron or a subscription that allows her to have groceries delivered to her door like Instacart or postmates. 

Or, if you want to be a true gem, you can get her grocery list and become her personal shopper for a couple of weeks.

3. Essential Oils 

Okay, so let’s not play, having a new, beautiful, baby is a blessing, right? But…let’s not forget, it’s a lot of hard freaking work.

This new bundle of joy needs your undivided attention!

Plus, you have to take continue to take care of all of your day to day responsibilities.

This means stress, stress, and more stress.

This is why essential oils are perfect for a new mom.  Essential oils help with improving your health and mood which is exactly the self-care gift that every new mom needs! 

Essential oils help to reduce:


spray bottles and scrub brush by sink

You never fully realize how something so tiny, can rearrange your entire life! 

The whole deal about being a parent is to make a child believe that you are the boss when really, your entire life revolves around what your child decides.

Since a new mommy will take care of her child’s every need for the next 50 years, she will get behind on a few chores. 

Clothes will pile up. Dishes will be in the sink, and there will be a few crumbs on the floor and counters. 

Couple that with the postpartum emotions and sleep deprivation, means that this new mom will be frustrated and overwhelmed to see her once tidy house, now in disarray. 

So, to help a new mommy out, you can volunteer to do laundry, wash dishes, vacuum, and/or mop the floors. 

You can even pay someone to come clean if you don’t have the time or want to clean yourself.  

She will appreciate any help to get things somewhat back to normal.


Now, this is a big one!  

A new mom will be going stir crazy with a new baby and all the sleepless nights. 

And since all of their money goes to taking care of this little piece of joy, hiring a babysitter is pretty much out of the picture. 

Plus, I mean who wants someone who they barely know watching their infant?

Anyways, this is where you can come in and save the day. 

Why not offer to watch the baby for a couple of hours so your friend and her partner can have a few hours to rekindle.  

This will be an amazing FREE gift!

It is so hard to have alone time with your partner when you have a new baby, and a couple of hours of adult time will feel like a week-long vacation in Maui. 

Oooohhh, here’s a cool tip for you!

If your friend has more than one child, offer to babysit around bedtime. That way the older kids will be sleeping and you can get all of the baby’s cuddles to yourself.

6.Date Night

couple expressing their love

New mommies still need to be social. In fact, it’s a dire need! Scheduling a date with your friend is a great gift. 

It does not have to be at a place that will break the bank either. 

It could be something as simple as a walk outside, shopping at a mall, coffee date, a quick lunch at Panera, or you can bring takeout and eat with her at her table. 

Getting her out of the house, out of the monotony of taking care of a baby, and caring for herself for a little bit, will always be welcomed. 

It is a nice break from all of the chaos that surrounds her and it’ll help her to evaluate her emotions, and to catch up on what is going on in your life as well.  

side profile of a pregnant belly

Self Care Gifts For New Moms That Will Support Her Changing Body

7. Prepared Meals

A new mom will ALWAYS appreciate food, especially food that she doesn’t have to prepare.

Whether you are bringing food to the hospital or by the house for dinner when baby and mommy are finally home, bringing food will always be a hit!

FYI Even if you live far away, you can have a meal delivered using door dash or postmates.

This will help the new mommy because it is one less thing she has to worry about. 

This means she can focus even more on getting rest, healing, and that new bundle of joy!

8. Perineal Spray

This spray is heaven sent!

First, let me start by explaining what a perineum is, just in case you don’t know.

The perineum is the area between the ani and vulva.

During childbirth this area stretches tremendously since the birth canal widens, to allow the baby to be pushed out.

Sometimes the perineal can tear. This is painful of course, and the healing process after birth may take longer.

So, after childbirth, this area is very sore, whether you tore it or not.

To help alleviate the pain, you can use a spray that helps relieve some of the pain, swelling, and bruising.

Having had 2 babies vaginally, this spray was a God Send.

I did tear both times so going to the bathroom after was THEE WORSE!

I was in dire need of some relief!

The natural ingredients in this spray, witch hazel, and chamomile, help to calm the area.

It is like a numbing feeling and it helps to ease with swelling. This numbing feeling allows you to go to the bathroom pain-free.

The best thing is that this spray contains antibacterial properties like witch hazel contains to help you feel clean and refreshed afterward. 

9. Post Partum Ice Maxi Pads

Okay, so no that you know all about the perineal, and how it swells, stretches, gets bruised, and can possibly tear after giving birth, helps you see why a postpartum ice maxi pad is something that sounds like heaven and chocolate mixed together, right?

These maxi pads are A-MA-ZING!

They are pretty much instant ice packs, (you just have to crack them), and they provide you with instant cooling relief.

They are absorbent so that you won’t have to worry about messing up your favorite sweatpants and are very comfortable to wear. 

10.Comfy Nursing Pajamas

After having a baby, things tend to be sore down there for a while. 

Loose-fitting clothing is will be your best friend.

Comfy clothing like these comfy nursing pajamas is pretty inexpensive and it will make a new mommy feel great. 

Plus, there is easy access to your breast so they baby can feed effortlessly.

If you want some extra bonus points, you can take a lesson from my mother in law.

Yup, not all mother in laws are evil!

Anyways, she always gave me a new robe and a pair of pajamas to take to the hospital.

It felt amazing to not have to wear a hospital gown.

Although those hospital gowns are so chic!

I mean who doesn’t love playing a little peek a boo when you get out of bed and show your backside.

11. Weighted Blanket

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, why would self-care gift for a new mom be a weighted blanket.

But, hear me out!

I have some scientific reasoning behind this.

Giving birth and taking care of a new baby is really, really, really, really, did I say really, exhausting!

But, using a weighted blanket induces a calming effect. This effect helps new moms manage anxiety, insomnia, improves the quality and duration of sleep, and helps with Restless Leg Syndrome.

12. Insulated Cup

While taking care of a newborn and taking care of the house, a new mom will be extremely busy.

This means she will not have time to drink her favorite tea or coffee in the morning. That little bit of “me time” will be gone for a while.

She won’t think about taking a break to get some water because she will always be on the go. This means she will not be properly hydrating herself.

To help keep some of the normalcy in her life, get her an insulated cup.

This way when she has time to drink coffee it’ll be hot even though she made it hours ago.

Or if she can finally take a breather and drink some water, she won’t have to go looking for a cup and ice.

Instead, her water will be cold and icy hours after she first poured it. 

13. Instant Pot

So if there is one kitchen gadget, I cannot live without, it’s my instant pot.

This magical device has to be made from angels themselves.

The instant pot does 8 things.

They are: 

This tool helps make meal planning and cooking a breeze. Which is perfect for a new mom.

On top of everything she has to do, standing in the kitchen for hours to cook a meal is definitely not one that she wants to do.

You can help her out by getting her this instant pot so she can have healthy delicious meals on the table in a matter of minutes.

Don’t believe me, check out this YouTube channel and how many amazing things they make using the instant pot! It’s truly amazing!!

14. High Waist Postpartum Leggings

Okay so some complete honesty here, and it may ruin your hopes, so, I’m sorry. 

Majority of the time when you give birth you will walk out of the hospital and people will ask you when is the baby due? 

No, lie.

The only way you will be able to tell that you had a baby is if you are carrying him or her in your arms.

So, to get ready for your post-baby body or your “snap back”, is that what people on the internets call it, these leggings are a must-have! 

These leggings have tummy compression that smooths bulges, trims your tummy and cinches the sides of your waist.    

15. New Mom Gift Box

Are you ready to blow the mom to be out of the water with your awesome gift? 

If so, then you have to get her this fabulous gift set that she will absolutely cherish. 

This New Mom Gift set contains an insulated tumbler that says mom, two bars of all-natural soap, a bath bomb, a jar of silk skin lotion, and a card that contains a personalized note. 

She will go gaga over all the stuff in this basket! 

16. Back and Neck Massager

Going through pregnancy and childbirth pushes your body to its max. 

It is one of life’s greatest life experiences but also very challenging and uncomfortable at times.

Because of the growing baby, there is so much pressure on the spine of the new mom. This affects the mom to be back and neck and causes a lot of pain!

To help alleviate that, you can hire a personal masseuse or you can get her a back and neck massager that she can use anytime or anyplace. 

I’ll take the back and neck massager for 500, Alex!

17. Memory Foam Slippers

The perfect self-care gift for moms is memory foam slippers.

Being pregnant can cause overpronation and edema. These problems lead to heel, arch, and ball of the foot pain

To help a new mom alleviate some of this is to buy her a great pair of slippers. 

I personally, love slippers because they do double duty.

For example, these Bob slippers can be worn around the house and they are stylish enough to wear outside the house. 

Plus with so many different colors she can match effortlessly. 

18. Sleep

woman sleeping soundly practicing self care

A newborn baby in the first few weeks needs to eat every 2 to 3 hours! This means the new mommy is exhausted!

Getting up every two to three hours to feed a baby is no joke and will have anyone thinking about the good times when you could just go home and take a nap or get a full night’s rest. 

A great gift is to volunteer to babysit the baby so mommy can catch a few zzzz’s.

Plus, it’s a gift that costs $0.

19. Gift of long showers

self care gift for new mom is ability to take a nice long shower

When you are overwhelmed with trying to find a new routine, keep the house clean, take care of the kids, and your spouse, a new mom feels like the ability to take a shower is last on the list.

So, a great gift is to take the baby so she can take a shower.

Allow her to wash off the baby spit, the spilled food, and all of the old smells that are lingering.

Giving a new mom time to take a shower will lift her spirits and make her feel brand new. It will boost her self confidence which and make her feel like a new woman. 

Self Care Gifts For New Moms That Help the Spirit

20. Journal and Pen

Being a mom is overwhelming, whether you are a new mom or a seasoned mom.

Parenting is a lot physically and it is a lot mentally.

You have to keep track about how much the baby ate and when he last ate.

You have to remember doctor’s appointments, menus, grocery lists, work schedules, lunches, dentist appointments, pets appointments, cleaning schedules, etc. 

There’s so much to do and so much that needs to be done that it will help any mom, especially a new mom to have somewhere to keep track of it all.

With a journal, she can write down what she needs to get done for the week and what can wait for a while.

She can keep track of everything from meals, to work, to doctor’s appointments, etc so that she can keep on top of things.

She can write down her worries, what she’s thankful for, and how she feels all in this journal.

Being able to keep her thoughts all in one place will help to relieve stress and racing thoughts. 

21. Conversation

group of friends conversing

One of the best self care gifts that you can give a new mom, is the gift of conversation.

Allowing a new mom to express her feelings, how things have changed, what she struggles with, what she loves, is a very great gift!

She can catch you up on what is going on with her life as well as you can catch her up on what is going on in your life. 

This little bit convo will help ground her and let her know that all is not lost.

It will confirm that although a lot has changed, some things have stayed the same.

This will show her that there is still normalcy, which will help her stay calm.

22. Notes of encouragement 

notes of encouragement perfect self care gift for new moms

Have you ever had your lunch packed by someone who loves you and you unpack it and see that theres a little note inside?

Do you remember how you felt when you read that note?

Well, why not stir up those same feelings in this new mom. 

A really cute and inexpensive self-care gift for a new mom is to write notes of encouragement.

You can handwrite them on ripped pieces of paper or post-it notes.

Fold them up and put them in a really pretty jar and gift them to her.

When she feels like she needs a little pick me up or some encouragement to keep going, she can go to the jar and read a note that will put a smile on her face and a little pep in her step. 


white tea cup filled with coffee

When her spouse goes back to work and she is still on maternity leave, or she may be a stay at home mommy, it gets kind of lonely.

If you want to give a gift that doesn’t cost anything at all and will have your friend smiling, just go over and hang out.  

Talk about the latest fashion, reality shows, food, coworker drama, etc. 

Time with a friend is always needed and appreciated.

Plus it’ll make new mommies feel like they are still part of the outside world.

24. Love & Support

mom cradling her new born baby

Having a baby changes everything from finances, relationships, daily schedules, sleep patterns, etc.  It is a lot to handle all at once.  

One of the best free gifts is to let the new mother know how much you love her and that you are there

Don’t wait for the new mom to call you and ask for help. Volunteer and set a date and time for your visit and stick to it. 

Don’t let days and weeks go by without saying a word or checking in.  (By the way, social media is not checking in. You have her number call her or at least text her.)  

Encouraging words always help too. 

Just hearing, “You are doing an amazing job,” from someone you love means a heck of a lot especially when it is unexpected.

25. Be Present

friends belly laughing together

This may be the ultimate gift honestly. 

Yes, your friend will be busy for a while.

She may not check in as much as she did before, and yes, you may resent her a bit because now the dynamics of your relationship have changed. 

Just remember that she is still your friend and relationships are all about give and take.

So, with all that being said, make it known that you are still there for her. Call her, text her, visit her, schedule dates with her, whatever you did before the baby, continue to do so after the baby arrives.

25 Self Care Gifts For New Moms To Feel the Love Pin

The Last Thing You Need To Know About Self Care Gifts For New Moms 

Self-care gifts for new moms are essential.

They help new moms acclimate to their new lives and pick up routines faster. 

Self-care gifts for new moms help with bringing about some normalcy in this blessed yet difficult time. 

Self care gifts for new moms remind them that they are loved and cherished. 

Eventually, there will be a time in her life when she gets the hang of things and will be able to come around more, but until then let her know that you are there to help.  

Even if she is too stubborn to say that she needs it, don’t just take her word. Still show up for her even when she doesn’t ask or says, “No, I think I can handle it.” 

Being, present, is the ultimate gift that anybody can give anyone.

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Remember Love Always and Spread Bliss,


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