Buzz, buzz, buzz! 

My cell phone goes off once again. I hit the red button and place it in my glove compartment. 

I  want to be left alone. 

I need to be with my thoughts for once. 

I need time to be with me. 

I am always surrounded by people and things that I have to do. 

My kids need me, my spouse needs me. I have to clean the bathroom, mop the floors, cook dinner, write this article for work, it literally never effin ends! 

I sit in my car as the rain beats on the window shield. 

It’s a dark, gloomy, day and I feel as bleak as it looks.  

It’s not their fault that I keep depleting myself. 

It’s my fault because I keep letting them, but not anymore! 

Something needs to change. Something has to change!

I search self care checklist on google and I find this article that contains one. 

I sign up to get the self care checklist because today is the day that I am going to take back my life and be responsible for my own happiness. 

Today I will start to consistently practice self care, using this self care checklist so that I can thrive instead of survive. 

woman eating breakfast in bed

What Is Self Care?

Yes, I know you are probably laughing at me thinking, “Girl how is a checklist going to make you love your life?” And believe me I get it.

It sounds silly to be quite frank but, let me explain.  

The reason why a self care checklist sounds silly is because of the way the media portrays self care.

It makes self care to be this Kardashian-esqe thing where you have to go to the extreme like getting colonics, going on shopping sprees, getting facials, taking baths filled with fruits and flowers, when it isn’t any of that.

Self care can be something as simple as drinking enough water, eating healthy meals, or even getting enough sleep.

You see, the true definition of self care, is something that helps you deliberately take care of you. It can take care of you spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Self care is something that helps you move forward in life.

It does not distract you. 

Self care helps you to improve your mood, reduce anxiety, have a better relationship with yourself and so much more!.

In fact, there are 9 different key areas of self care that encompass every part of your life.

woman writing self care checklist

What Are The Key Areas Of Self Care?

When you have a self care checklist, it helps you to remember to take care of you even when you are running around and taking care of everyone else’s needs.

You know when the kids are asking you for everything under the sun, your spouse keeps coming up to you and rubbing on you trying to get your attention, you are thinking about the work you still need to complete, and the laundry that you still need to wash.

You know how that goes. All you want to do is get into your bed and spread out as fast as possible that you forget to take care of you. 

Having a self care checklist reminds you to take care of you. It helps you to stop living your life on rinse and repeat.

Self care encompasses every area of your life. The 9 key areas of self care are:

Woman spend time alone trying on face mask

What Are Examples Of Self Care?

Because self care encompasses every area of your life, you can see how having a self care checklist helps you practice self care daily. 

It makes sure that you are moving forward in life and not distracting yourself.

I know I talked about how self care doesn’t have to be elaborate but I didn’t give any examples as to how simple it can be.

To help you out sis, I am going to give self care examples for the 9 areas of self care.










writing on a self care checklist

How Can A Self Care Checklist Help You?

Self care helps you take care of all your needs so you won’t have to continue to pour from an empty cup.

It helps you to be a better mom, wife, coworker, friend, family member, and all around a better person.

It helps you to know who you are and how to take care of you. 

Having a self care checklist to remind you daily of things that you should be doing so your needs don’t get pushed to the back burner again.

Having a self care checklist allows you to stop the cycle of stress and overwhelm that usually fills your day.

giving yourself respect is easy self care activites

The Last Thing You Need To Know About Self Care Checklists

Having a self care checklist is extremely important for anyone who is always busy, always giving to others, and having nothing to give to themselves.

A self care checklist allows you to make sure that you are a priority on your list,that your needs are met every single day, and not forgotten like they usually are.

And because I don’t want you sneaking off to your car to have a good cry like I did, you can get my free 15 minute self care guide that is full of self care activities, planners, games, self care assessments, and of course a self care checklist that will help you to thrive instead of survive EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Remember Love Always and Spread Bliss, 


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