Now, before you get all worked up and think that learning how to start self care at home is going to be a huge task that takes up so much time, and money, then YOU’RE WRONG!

Self care is meant to help you not to add more to your plate. 

Starting self care at home is going to help simplify your life in more ways than one so you can stop feeling like you are on a hamster wheel every single day of your life.

Are you excited?

Well, I hope so, because you are about to learn 10 ways to start self care at home, what is self care exactly, and why self care is extremely important.

Let’s get started!

Woman practicing self care at home

What is Self Care

Okay so before you take another step, or read another word, I should say, we have to start with the foundation. 

Why start here?

Well because if you don’t have a good foundation then you have nothing pretty much. I mean who builds a house if their foundation is sinking, right?

Plus, what I’m learning is that a lot of people don’t know exactly what self care is. 

Especially when the media portrays self care as some luxury thing that pretty much seems unattainable to us regular folk.  

You know how you see those beautiful women on Instagram toting designer bags and heels, going on shopping sprees, getting their hair and nails done, while also getting Botox? 

Yeah as a regular, degular, mom of three, I don’t have the time or money for that but yet, I practice self care EVERY SINGLE DAY! 

You want to know how? 

Well, that’s because that ish you see all over social media is not self care. 

Self care is doing something that deliberately helps you move forward in life. It helps you to figure out your triggers, develop good habits, and lowers your stress so you can live a happier life.

It does not distract you.  

Self care helps you do the work that needs to be done on the inside so that you can find who you are, what you need, and what you want.

Which leads me to my new point, why is self care important.

Woman playing with her child learning what is your favorite way to practice self care

Why Is Self Care Important

You can tell that I am all for self care! It’s not because I jumped on some bandwagon or anything like that. It is because I truly believe in it and I see how it helped me overcome a very difficult period in my life.  

A period where I felt empty, lost, and like no one cared anything about me. 

A period where I had a breakdown in the middle of Target. 

You see, I realized that I was putting everyone’s needs before my own. 

This left me feeling resentful towards my husband and even my kids but self care saved me. 

By learning how to practice self care, the right way, I learned who I was, what I wanted, and what I needed.  

I learned my purpose.

Practicing self care helps every single aspect of your life to help you become your highest self. 

Self care is doing something that deliberately helps you move forward in life. It helps you to figure out your triggers, develop good habits, and lowers your stress so you can live a happier life.

It does not distract you.  

Self care helps you do the work that needs to be done so that you love the life you worked so hard to create. 

Woman having a cup of tea practicing self care at home

10 Ways To Start Self Care At Home

Because I know what it feels like to be stuck and trying your best to get out of the deep hole that you are in, I want to give you all the advice I can get. 

This means that not only will I tell you what self care is and why it is important, but I am also going to give you multiple ways to start self care at home.  

Like real ways that don’t cost you any time or money at all!

Quality Time

Ok so let me just say something, because your time is precious and you have things to do, anytime that you get to spend alone needs to be of quality. This means that you need to come to this time prepared. 

When you spend quality time alone, you have to check in with yourself and figure out how you are feeling. 

Once you figure that out, you have to come to a solution on how you can alleviate those emotions.  

You need to spend time being present and caring for yourself. 


Man, meditation gets a bad wrap! 

The reason why is because people believe that meditation is when you have to quiet ALL of your thoughts. That is not the case at all! 

Meditation helps you become aware of your thoughts and 

Drink Water

This one is skipped so often but it is very much needed.

In fact, how much water have you drunk today if any at all? Sis, go grab a glass of water and get to chugging.

Your body and health depend on it.

Making sure you are adequately hydrated each day will help you to stay healthy and maintain the function of every system in your body such as your heart, brain, and muscles. 

Simplify Your Schedule 

Girl, now what are you doing with that to do list that is 20 miles long!

Now, you know you can’t get all of that done!

Let me ask you a question. Why is it that your to-do list is a mile long everyday sis?

You stress yourself every day with this impossible to-do list and you feel defeated because you feel as if you never get anything done. Why not simplify your schedule?

Pick 3 important things to get done and prioritize them.

Start with the most important one down to the last one.

Complete them and pat yourself on the back. 


If your life seems too hard all the time and you think it will never get easier, then you are focusing on all of the wrong things in your life.

You need to shift your focus to things that you are grateful for. Things like a family who loves and supports you. Friends who want to see you happy.

You waking up and getting to make the best decisions of the day to make your life the way you want to live it.

Each day provides you with a new opportunity that allows you to shape your life the way you want it to go. What can be better than that?

Today, you should write down 10 things that make you happy and focus on those when life goes array.


Nothing worse than seeing someone have what you wish you had.

Not like you want their husband or anything like that. But maybe you wish you had their career, their affluence, stuff like that.

In fact, when you see it, it actuallly brings you down and makes you feel inferior.

It makes you feel like your life is crap.

Which you for one moment should not think that.

Your life may be different than what you expected, but God makes no mistakes. It was meant for you.

Instead, of having these feelings that bring you down, you should unplug from social media so that way you can avoid them. 

Do Something Just For You

Person relaxing watching Netflix practicing self care at home

Yes, as a mother you do have to take care of your kids. But if you are not in any dire circumstances and your kids are cared for, your spouse is cared for, then you need to do something just for yourself!

If you don’t take care of yourself and your needs, then no one will.

You will continue to feel lonely, miserable, and like your life is on rinse and repeat.

Taking care of your needs mentally, physically, and spiritually, is what self care is all about. 


Nothing more that I like less than coming home after a busy day and seeing the house a mess!

Especially when everyone is sitting there expecting me to clean. Annoying AF!

But one thing that has helped me worry less about cleaning is decluttering.

Getting rid of things that are no longer needed and taking up space means that you no longer have to clean them!

Yup, girlfriend decluttering will be your new best friend!


Oh, the mention of sleep makes me yawn. I could go for a good nap.

Sleep is very important. It repairs your heart and blood vessels. 

Plus, it helps you to keep your mind right and you less agitated and annoyed.

So, roll over and tell your husband it is his turn tonight to take care of the kids, you are going to bed, early sis!


One thing I notice a lot when working with people is that they don’t take enough time to reflect on their life.

I mean just think of where you were 5, 10, years ago. Did you expect your life to be where it is now?

So much of our time we ponder on how we want our future to go. Yet, we don’t take time to reflect on the journey.

You don’t reflect on how well you have thrived and all that you have overcome.

Doing this my dear will help you to feel even more grateful for the life you have right now because you are my dear are a rose that grew from the concrete. 

The Last Thing You Need To Know About How To Start Self Care At Home

Okay, girl, you have learned what self care is, why it is important, and 10 ways you can start self care at home, which means you are all set!

Just kidding!

I wouldn’t do that to you. I would never send you on your way without you having everything you need to succeed.

With that being said, you only need one and a half more things. The biggest thing is action.

It’s cool you read this and that you possibly took notes, or bookmarked this page but, none of that matters unless you take action.

Basically what I am trying to say is that you have to want more to the point you can taste it so that you can get your butt and life into gear.

But, because I never want to leave you hanging, I created a 15-minute Self Care guide that you can get your hands on for free.

This 15 Minute Self Care Guide will help you learn how to start self care at home because it is full of self care games, assessment, checklists, and more! Grab it below by signing up.

Remember Love Always and Spread Bliss,


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