Self care and mental health?

Sounds good especially since sometimes I wake up and wish I could run away.

Not runaway for forever, but run away just so I can get my head on straight. 

I just want to know what it feels like to not have little bodies all over me all the time, who need me for every single thing, and continuously ask me a million questions. 

I want to feel what’s it’s like to not have to put on a happy face when I’m really screaming inside. 

I bet it feels amazing to not have to answer to the demands of the world, family, and friends.

I’m tired of hearing about what I should be doing with my life, and how I should be happy, because my life looks so great on paper when I feel so empty inside.

Sometimes I sit there and think, “What if I didn’t have kids or a spouse”. When what I should be doing is cleaning the chocolate milk that spilled on the floor.

But then I snap out of it and get back to this life that I should feel so grateful for, when what I really feel deep down inside, is emptiness and loneliness. 

You see, I struggle and I struggle a lot. 

Although it seems like I have my shit together on the outside, I’m really just one thought away from slipping off the cliff and plunging into the deep abyss below me. 

I try my best to not let the darkness swallow me but sometimes it’s so hard not to. 

This is when I have to pull out the big guns and check in on my self care and mental health. 

Woman needing to practice self care and mental health

What Is Self Care For Mental Health?

Self care seems to be the hot word right now, but what people don’t realize is that self care and mental health go hand in hand!

Self care is much more than what the media portrays. It is more than facials, colonics, beautiful baths with flowers and bath bombs.

Self care helps you move forward in life. It is not something that distracts you.

Self care for mental health is all about taking care of your daily activities and it helps you protect your wellbeing and happiness. Especially during periods of stress. 

Woman in dark trying to let go of worrying

How Do I Practice Self care and Mental Health?

Self care for mental health sounds amazing right! I mean who doesn’t want to be less stressed right? (Especially me since I want to escape from this life sometimes.)

But how exactly do you practice it? How do you get the benefits of self care and mental health.

Well sis on days where life seems to be too much, I have to remember that true self care isn’t hard.

It doesn’t take up much time, and it’s not expensive.

When self care is implemented the right way, it’s as easy as SIT or S.I.T.

I know you’re wondering what in the eff is S.I.T?

So, let me break it down.

SIT stands for:

woman practicing self care and mental health by going for a walk

How Does the S.I.T. Framework Help With Self Care?

Now you know what the acronyms S.I.T. stands for but what exactly does it mean.

Well, I am going to tell you but instead of just telling you I am going to show you as well.

I am going to share with you a story that will resonate with you and clearly show you how the S.I.T. Framework can be used in a matter of minutes.

Let’s get started!

Shawree, yes, I am talking in third person, is an amazing, beautiful woman, who is the light to anyone’s darkness…

Okay let me quit playing and get serious. Sorry about that! Sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader. 

Anyways, Shawree came home from work one day. She was already agitated and annoyed because today was a tough day at a work. 

She jumps in the car and pulls off.

She’s so ready to be home but that’s wishful thinking! It will take a least an hour for her to get home because of her long commute.

Finally, she pulls into the driveway, gets out her car, and opens the door to find the house a complete mess.

I mean toys thrown around, laundry everywhere, plates with half eaten snacks on him, just a mess!

She quickly closes her eyes because she really can’t believe that this is her home right now especially after this long day at work!

Her 3 kids quickly say hi and so does her husband and they, just as quickly, go back to having some type of nerf battle. It’s like they don’t see what she sees at all!

Shawree quickly looks around again in total disbelief because she has to be in the wrong house.

There is no way she is coming home from a hard day of work and now she has to cook, clean, do homework with the kids, get them ready for bed, and have to spend time with her spouse too!

Oh H-E-double hockey sticks no!

Before she goes off, she quickly shuts the door and heads back to her car where she begins to cry.

She S- Steps Back because she knows something isn’t right but not exactly sure what it is. 

She begins to think and I-Identify Her Emotions.

Is she mad because the house isn’t clean and her kids and husband are having a blast? Kind of, but it’s biggger than that.

Is she overwhelmed because now she feels like she has to do it all?

No because she can easily ask for help and her husband helps every night even without her asking.

Is she stressed because of what happened at work today?


Today, her boss told her she would need to put in extra time to complete a lot of work that seemed to be randomly given to her. It was not one of her accounts, so this made Shawree frustrated.

Especially because her coworkers were complaining about how they didn’t have much work at all!

Now, that she knows that she is stressed because of her crappy day at work and is beginning to realize those feelings are being taken out on her family, she now needs T- Type of Self Care.

Since her problem is with work she needs to apply professional self care. (Yes, there is more than one type of self care. You can read all about it here.

Professional self care activities that can help Shawree in this situation would be to talk to her boss about getting someone to help her out on this project.

She knows that by talking to her boss, she would be able to have a workload that would be more manageable for her and help reduce her stress.

You can see from this story that when the SIT method is implemented correctly, you can truly identify what is really causing your stress.

From this situation you would have instantly thought it was because Shawree came home to a mess but it was so much more than that.

Practicing self care the right way, and implementing the sit method allows you to truly get to the point of what’s really bothering you.

Woman writing down self care basics

Self Care and Mental Health Tips

Okay, so now that you know all about the SIT Method, it’s time to give you tips to so you can live your best life sis!

Tips that you can use right now so that you will be out here practicing self care like the boss you really are!

Self Care Is Different For Everyone

Yes, some people use facials, while others use meditation, and others use a digital planner, but what works for one person, may not work for you. 

Self care is different for everyone because everyone’s, beliefs and lifestyles are different. 

Self Care Is Simple

Self care does not have to be elaborate at all!

It can be something as simple as practicing deep breathing when you are overwhelmed or watching a funny YouTube video so you can laugh.

Self Care Is Not Expensive 

This goes along with self care being simple.

Self care can be anything like taking a walk in nature, talking to a friend, hugging a pet or friend, or allowing yourself to actually feel your emotions and not wallow in them.  Instead of pushing them aside like you normally do. 

You see, none of those self care activities I mentioned cost a single penny!

Self Care Doesn’t Take Much Time

You know how you sneak off to the bathroom and pretend to use it but you’re actually watching an episode of reality tv or something that makes you laugh?

Oh! Only I do that?

Well, try it sis, because I go in the bathroom feeling pitiful and come out on top of the world.

Taking a few moments to yourself to make yourself smile, practicing deep breaths, etc does not take long.

In fact you can get my self care in 15 minutes or less guide right here (insert link) that tells you all about it.

Self Care Helps You and Doesn’t Distract You

A lot of times, you push your emotions to the side because you don’t have time to deal with them. 

You do things, like work, shop, eat, watch tv, to distract you from what you are really feeling. 

This ain’t it!

This is not self care.

Self care helps you move forward in life and does not distract you.

Self care helps you identify what you are feeling and how to overcome this feeling with solutions and activities.

Self care helps you to make sure you life has more meaning and a deeper purpose that resonates with your mind, body, and spirit, so you can have bliss.

Woman feeling free on the beach

The Last Thing You Need To Know About Self Care And Mental Health

Now you know about self care and mental health, but there is one more thing I need you to know.

It’s cool that you read this and it’s even cooler if you took notes. But, guess what?

The notes and time you used to read this, mean nothing if you don’t TAKE ACTION!

To really make self care work for you and help you to live the life you worked so hard to create, you have to actually do the work and apply what you learned today.

Which is why I have a gift for you!

To help you with your self care and mental health, sign up below, and get your FREE Self Care in 15 Minutes Guide that includes everything from self care games, planners, checklists, habit trackers, self care assessments, everything you need to help you move forward in life, the right way.

Remember Love Always And Spread Bliss,


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