What are you working on right now to improve your self?  

I’m guessing it may be eating healthier, losing weight, paying off debt, exercising, the typical stuff, right?  

How are they working out for you?

Not very good, right?

Hmm…I thought so.

Wonder why that is? It’s because you’re not focused on the problem.

If you focus on the right thing, you can reach your goal weight, become healthy, get out of debt, be more physically fit, and find your purpose.  

That one thing is your mental health!

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and your financial health.

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What is mental health?

Mental health deals with your emotional, psychological, and social well being.  

Mental health deals with the way you think, feel, react, and act.  

It deals with how you handle stress, your relationships with others, and the decisions you make (Source).  

If you don’t tend to your mental and emotional health, then your life suffers in all areas.

Without taking care of your mental health it will be harder to take care of your physical and financial health.  

What is the importance of taking care of your mental health?

A lot of times we take our mental health for granted.

We go and get physicals each year to make sure our bodies are fine, do our taxes and go over our financials each pay to make sure bills are paid and taxes are paid accordingly, but how many times do you check in on your mental wellbeing?

Did you know that problems with our physical health and financial health can show up as mental health problems?  

Are you overspending because shopping or things make you happy in life?  

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Are you eating out more because you don’t like to be by yourself even though you know you can’t afford to which then causes you to gain weight?  

Are you overeating because you get a sense of comfort from it?  

Did you know these are all signs that you may need to check in on your own mental health?

Are you tired, sad a lot, having headaches, fatigue, muscle tension, heart palpitations, trouble sleeping?  

Did you know those could be signs of depression or anxiety?  

Do you check in with yourself and make sure that you are feeling your best mentally?  

Mental health overlaps in all areas of life. Therefore, it needs to be a priority in your life as well.

Feeling your best mentally allows you to tackle your day.  

It allows you to go harder in the gym.  

It allows you to have the right mindset when it comes to having healthier eating habits.

It allows you to not feel overstress and have increased anxiety when you start to list your debt.  

Instead, you will be in the mindset of, “Yeah, I got this!”.  

Taking care of your mental health allows you to be more focused and achieve your physical and financial goals.  

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Many times when we are feeling down, we tend to ignore how we actually feel and keep going no matter how much our mind is telling us to pump the brakes.  

This goes on for a period of time until we soon become overwhelmed and so stressed that we don’t want to do anything at all.  

We are then paralyzed and stagnant in our growth.

What would have been better is if we took care of our mental health like we do our physical and financial health.  This way we could’ve been proactive instead of reactive.

I get it, people talk about mental health like it’s a joke and nothing is wrong with you when you know something isn’t right.

It’s not cool to take care of your mental health.  

It’s like calling off and saying, “I can’t make it in because mentally, I’m not up to it”.  

Your boss may look at you like you’re not a hard worker or even try to fire you.

The only reason why you should be calling off is that you are physically ill or your car broke down or something.  

I get it, mental disorders are stigmatized and not viewed as being important at all.

They are frowned upon and you are told to get over it or one of my favorite lines, “I’ll pray for you”.  

Which in turn, makes you look down on your mental wellness and not treat it with attentive care like your physical and mental health.

10 Best Tips to make your mental health a priority

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There are many simple and easy ways to take care of your mental health.  Some are:

Get enough sleep

Sleep is very important when it comes to mental health and health in general.  

Without enough sleep, you are moody and irritable.

Lack of sleep can lead to depression and anxiety.  

You should get more than 6 hours of sleep per night.  

Practice self-care

Self-care means taking care of your physical health as well as your mental health.  

Practicing self-care for your mental health is not always easy.

You have to figure out what works to make you feel happy and at peace.  

It could be as simple as practicing deep breathing, saying no so you won’t take on any more responsibilities, or reading a book.

Or it could be making sure you take your meds, seeing a therapist,  or finding out your triggers so you can avoid depression or anxiety.

Take your prescribed medications

I get it, I get it!

Taking your medications may make you feel “crazy”.  

Believe me, as someone who is clinically diagnosed as bipolar, I have had my fair share of medications.  

Having a mental disorder automatically gets you labeled as crazy or unstable, and maybe taking medications can make you believe those stereotypes.  

But taking your medicine is very important to make sure you are in the right headspace and can continue knocking at your goals and being a boss at all times!

Talk to a therapist

Having someone to talk to and vent about what’s going on in your life is truly amazing!  

Plus, the best thing about talking to a therapist is what you tell them is confidential, so legally, they cannot tell anyone else at all!

Great thing is, they will always listen as well as help you solve some of your problems.

Sometimes friends and family don’t always have the time to hear you out, don’t know what to say, or even worse will tell someone what you told them.

Seeing a therapist allows you to not have to worry about any of those problems and best of all, you won’t be judged.

Pay attention to how you are feeling

With so much going on in your life, it is easy to take your mental health for granted until it is too late.  

simple ways to improve your mental health

A way to stop this from happening is to pay attention to how you are feeling.  

If you are feeling stressed, stop and figure out why that is, and see if you can solve the problem.  

If you can’t solve it then release it.  

If you are feeling sad or worried, stop and figure out why what’s causing it.

This can help you figure out your triggers.  This way you will know when you are about to become emotionally unstable and know how to avoid it or counteract it.

If you do not stop and pay attention to how you are feeling, you may become depressed.

Pay attention to what triggers your emotions

If you start to pay attention to how you are feeling, you may begin to notice that there is a pattern.  

You may realize that you feel angry because you didn’t get enough sleep or maybe you felt like your day was terrible.

Noticing these patterns, triggers, when it comes to your emotions, means you will know what to expect and therefore you can avoid those negative feelings of anger, sadness, stress, and anxiety.

Get rid of negative relationships

Every time I read this, it just speaks to my soul!

I have held on to so many relationships that have robbed me of my time, money, and sanity!

If I would have let these relationships go early I would have saved myself so much hurt and negative energy.  

If you have friends, family, coworkers, a spouse, whomever, that when you hear from them or see them, you feel lousy, overwhelmed, anxious, or sad, you need to set boundaries in that relationship or better yet get rid of it altogether.

If you try to set boundaries and they don’t respect them, then get rid of that negative relationship!

That relationship is causing you nothing but hurt and taking an emotional toll on your mental health.

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Ask for help

In this time of no new friends, cutting people off, and being independent, you are taking on more than you need to.  

When you have friends and family, you want them to depend on you when they need your help but if you can’t even ask them for help when you need it, is that truly a good relationship?

I’ll answer that for you.

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If these people are as close as you say they are then you should be able to ask for help, and for them to help you out with what you need.  

A relationship is give and take.  Not just you giving and them taking.  

So, stop juggling everything and getting stressed out about the unnecessary things when all you have to do is pick up the phone and ask for help.  

Stop taking on other people’s problems

So, yes, a relationship is give and take.

Yes, it is okay for your friends to come and talk to you, and ask for advice.

But you need to set a boundary.  

That boundary is that their problems are not yours to solve.  


This does not mean that you cannot help your friend because you can to a point.  

This means that you cannot overextend yourself.  

If helping them is going to hurt you in any way, then you have to say no!  

You can not take on other people’s problems when it will hurt you as well.  

I don’t mean hurt as in just a physical, but hurt mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually as well.

You still have your own problems to deal with and if you can’t dream with your own problems then how can you fix someone’s else’s problems.  

Accept people for who they are

When we meet people and form relationships with them, sometimes we fall in love with the potential we see in them.  

The crazy thing is because we do that, we tend to stay in friendships or relationships with people who don’t see that potential in themselves.  

This leaves us in a negative atmosphere full of negative energy. 

Call me insane, but what if you actually accepted people for who they are at that moment and try not to force them into the potential you see.

Not only will this save them a lot of overly emotional moments with you, but it will save you a lot of heartaches too.  

You know that saying, “what you see is what you get”, well, that saying is true!  

Stop searching for potential and look at what’s presented right in front of your face.

Look at reality.  

If these mental health self-care ideas registered with you, and you are looking for some more ways to take care of your mental health, check out my self-care article.  

Common Questions/FAQ About the importance of mental health

The Last Thing You Need to Know about the importance of mental health

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Although there is a stigma around mental health it is not something to play around with.  

Mental Health is just as important as your physical and financial health.

Mental health deals with every aspect of your life including your mental, spiritual, social, and physical health.

Without taking care of your mental health it can lead to isolation, loneliness, bad physical health, and stagnant spiritual life.  

Do you think mental health is as important as your physical or financial health?

Let me know in the comments below!

Remember Love Always and Spread Bliss,


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