Now, before you get started, I want to be straight up with you and let you know this isn’t some boring article on meditation tips for beginners that gives you some lame advice like, “Make sure you’re sitting with your legs crossed and inhaling on one and exhaling on two”.

Nope you won’t find any of those BS tips here!

These are going to be real meditation tips for beginners that you will ACTUALLY USE.

Now, let’s jump in

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Why Meditation is Important

Now before I give you all the juice and various meditation tips, I have to tell you first why meditation is important.

You need to learn why meditation is important first because these meditation tips for beginners,may have you a little hesitant. But, if I tell you why meditation is important, you will be prepared.

Okay, so meditation is important because there are so many great benefits.  

Benefits that you wouldn’t have imagined like:

Don’t believe me?

Let me prove it to you!

Meditation tips for beginners

Meditation Benefits That Will Make You A Better Person FOR REAL!

I don’t want you to just take my word for it when it comes to meditation, so let me break down some of the benefits, so that you have all the information you need. 

When you consistently practice meditation you will reap some benefits like:

Reduces Stress

Practicing meditation produces a calming, relaxing, effect that puts your mind at ease.

Meditation allows you to streamline all of your jumbled thoughts that are causing you to feel overwhelmed.

Slows Aging

So, good news, if you, want to live longer then you must try meditation!

Research has been shown that people who meditate live longer than those who have never tried it before! Crazy right?

Increases Positive Thinking

Yup, this one is for you!

Aren’t you tired of being your worse critic?

If a friend came to you with a problem, you would give her words of encouragement. You wouldn’t tear her down! But for some reason when you have a problem, you tear yourself down!

Makes no sense AT ALL!

Meditation increases your positive thinking and self awareness so you give yourself words of encouragement When you are mad, sad, or suffering.

Emotional Stability

If you are suffer from anxiety and depression-like I do, then meditation is for you! (Wait, did I just rhyme? Oh, I’m good!)

Seriously, though meditation is a powerful and natural treatment for people who have anxiety and depression. 

Better Sleep

You lay down in bed.

You are so exhausted that you know once your head hits the pillow, you are going to be out like a light!

But then you actually stay up for 30 minutes or more because your mind is racing and you can’t seem to slow it down!

Well, when this happens you may need to meditate.

An article in Harvard Health Blog confirms that meditation triggers the relaxation response which is why some people fall asleep as soon as they begin to meditate.

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How does a healthier life with less stress, better sleep, and having a more positive outlook on life sound?


Glad you agree!

Meditation can give you all of these benefits and more which will definitely make you a happier person.

Focused Attention

So remember how you started off reading this article because you realized that you wanted to learn more about meditation tips for beginners, but then you got distracted?

The type of happy that when the people in the drive-thru get your order wrong, it’s not a big deal! 

Instead of coming right back to this article, you ended up doing 10 different things before you finally made it back to this article.

Well, what would happen if you learned how to focus your attention so that you completed the task at hand.

Do you know how much time you would save and how high your productivity would be?

High as H-E-double hockey sticks!

Well, one of the great benefits of mediation is that it helps you free your mind from distractions so that you can focus your attention on a specific object or task. 

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Allows you to Manage your Anxiety and Depression

There have been studies done on the brain to measure the effects of meditation.

One of those done by the University of Wisconsin showed that the part of the brain that regulates stress and anxiety shrinks when meditation is practiced consistently.

Meditation, trains the mind to remain calm even in stressful situations.

Sharpens your Memory

I remember one time when I was pregnant with my second or third child…I can’t remember. Those pregnancies pretty much overlap since they are so close in age.

But, back to the story, I was driving home from picking up groceries when I totally forgot how to get home. Like I could not remember for the life of me!

Call it pregnancy brain or whatever you want but I bet if I meditated, it would’ve helped me remember.

Meditation helps sharpen your memory and helps your concentration remain steady. It trains you to be aware of the present moment in a non-judgemental manner. This means distractions will be less likely to break your focus. 

By the way, if you are wondering, I did make it home. I called my husband and he helped spark my memory.

Anyways, the crazy thing is that these are just some of the meditation benefits.

I honestly cannot write all of the benefits of meditation because this would turn into a novel on meditation benefits and no one has time for that.

But, if you want a summary of meditation benefits that is more in-depth than, you can read about one here.  

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Meditation Tips for Beginners That Really Work!

Okay, so now that you know some of the meditation benefits, you are truly ready to dig in and apply these meditation tips for beginners that I am about to share with you.

So, let’s get started with the best no BS meditation tips for beginners right now!

No Expectations

So, your friend told you about meditation and how much it has changed her life, and now you have super high expectations of what meditation should do for you.

Sorry to break it to you, but I’m about to burst your bubble.

You are not your friend, your mother, your sister, or your favorite influencer.

Your life is different from anyone else’s on this ENTIRE planet.

No one will go through the same things you have gone through or are going to go through EVER.

This means that your results are going to differ because of who you are.

I don’t want you to have high expectations based on someone else’s results. That sets you up for failure because if the same results don’t happen for you, you will give up.

Repetition is Key

I get it sitting down and trying to meditate can be annoying as hell! Especially when you have a million things on your to-do list that you could be doing during this time.

But listen to me when I say this to you.

REPETITION IS KEY! The more you do it, the better you will be, the easier it will become, the greater the benefits!

So keep going girl!

Concentrate on Consistency

The ultimate goal of meditation is to block the outside world, the more you concentrate on being consistent with your practice, the further you will be able to dive inside your consciousness. 

Count To Relax Your Mind

So you know that you begin to meditate, you want to let go of the world. But, it is super hard because your mind never stops!

You think about what you have to do, what you need to do, what you want to do, and everything else under the sun.

But, you can stop all of this by doing one surprisingly simple thing and that is counting.

Sit down, relax, and quietly count to 100 in your mind. Focus on every number. Go at a natural pace and allow your self to relax with every number while sitting still with your spine straight. When you count with real intention, your mind starts to align.

Make Meditation an Appointment on Your Calendar

Just like anything in life to create a habit, you have to do it every day!

To help make the commitment to meditation easier, you should schedule meditation on your calendar at a specific time everyday! When you add an appointment to your calendar, you are less likely to miss it.

Meditation tips for beginners consciousness

Choose a Special Place

You should have a specific place to go to meditate. It can be a closet, a corner, under a table, or a room.

Having a special place is a great meditation tip for beginners because when it is time for you to meditate, your body will naturally relax without having to be prompted, because it knows what to expect.

Just breathe

Sometimes when you sit down to begin meditation, it is hard to relax because you feel like you could be doing a million other things, right?

Well, another tip to help your body relax and be less tense, is to take a few deep breaths. Doing this will help trigger a relaxation response and help your body get out of fight or flight mode.

Be Kind to You

The biggest benefit of meditation is learning how to not be your biggest critic anymore.

Do you know how you are always encouraging and kind to your friends when they need support, but when you need support you call yourself names?

Yup, it doesn’t make sense.

One of the biggest meditation benefits is that it helps you to be aware of emotions and how you are feeling. So, if you are sad, mad, frustrated or suffering, you are able to acknowledge it and know that you are not weak. Instead, you know you need to show yourself mercy and grace like you would a friend.

Acknowledge your Emotions

So I want to be all the way real with you with these meditation tips for beginners. Everyone talks about all the positive things that meditation can add to your life and that’s great, right?

But what about the negative things?

For example, one thing that does happen is that sometimes meditation can bring up repressed feelings, emotions, or memories.

If and when this does happen, I don’t want you to quit. Instead, I want you to acknowledge your emotions. Sit with them for a few minutes after meditating and know that those emotions are just that emotions. They are fleeting thoughts that come and go. They do not dictate your life or your day.

Practice a little self care and be proud that you took the time to practice meditation.

Woman browsing the internet on a tablet

Try Guided Mediation or Free Apps

Whew, one of the things that helped me the most when starting out were all of the FREE guided meditation apps on youtube and the free apps for meditation.

So there’s no way that I could’ve left this out on the list of meditation tips for beginners.

If you feel like you need additional support, take advantage of all of the free information that is available to you. 

Find the Best Position For You

When you look at of women meditating, they are usually beautiful, skinny, women sitting on a mat on the floor, with their legs crossed.

It looks comfortable for them and the pics are usually a vibe. But you know if you tried it, you would be super uncomfortable!

Well, good news is that you don’t have to try to sit in that super uncomfortable position at all!

Instead, you can sit in a chair, couch, or floor with your arms and legs uncrossed with your back is naturally upright. This way you will actually be able to focus and not think about how uncomfortable you are.

Don’t Resist Your Emotions

So remember how one of the meditation tips for beginners I gave you was to acknowledge your emotions? Well yup, this tip goes along with that tip.

Anxiety, restlessness, and irritation while practicing meditation does occur and when they do occur, the first thing you are going to want to do is to resist those emotions and try to navigate to positive ones.

But, since meditation is about self care, and self care is all about experiencing your emotions for what they are and not wallowing in them, then, you have to do the same.

When you meditateand these emotions come up, give them your full attention and allow them to come and go.

The great thing about meditation is that over time, your mind learns to recognize these emotions, anxiety, restlessness, and irritation, and will no longer get caught up in them.

Which is a skill that helps you in your life daily.

Know the Benefits of Meditation

I need you to know that not every day that you practice meditation will be easy. On those days, you are going to want to give up!

But, if you remember the benefits of meditation and what those benefits could do for your life, it will give you the motivation to keep going .

Don’t Worry About Improvement

I know you started looking into practicing meditation because of all of the great benefits that it offers. But, I want you need to know that those amazing advantages take time. Which is why I don’t want you to focus on improvement.

Instead, focus on do you feel better than when you first sat down.

Are you less tense and frustrated?

Are you more clear on how you feel or have you come up with a solution to a problem?

Focusing on these little shifts are what meditation is about and knowing that they compound every day that you continue to practice meditation.  

Person sitting on the floor meditating

Last Thing You Need To Know About Meditation Tips For Beginners

See, I told you I would keep it real with you and not give you the traditional meditation tips for beginners that you would find EVERYWHERE!

But, if I had to give you one last piece of advice, it would be this. These meditation tips for beginners are just that, tips. 

They are not hard truths and they are not something that you need to follow 100% for you to see the benefits.

Your meditation practice is very personal in the sense that it is what you make of it.

Practicing any form of self care whether it be meditation, affirmations, or being home alone, is you building up an arsenal of weapons to help you learn to love the life you worked so hard to create.

In fact, if these meditation tips for beginners aren’t enough, you can geta free 15-minute self care guide that is filled with self care games, a planner, helps you find your triggers, and so much more by signing up below.

Remember Love Always and Spread Bliss,


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