Not even going to lie being a busy mom and having to remember things like schedules, doctor’s appointments, laundry, cooking, cleaning, and so much more, ALL THE TIME, SUCKS!

It makes things like meditation hard. 

I mean, you go to sit down and focus.

You try to clear your mind so that you can begin, but then you remember that your son has a school project due this week.

You think about that email you forgot to send to a client, or you need to grab a gift for your mother in law’s birthday.  You know, all the random things!

This makes it so hard to focus on just being when there are so many freaking things that need to be done. 

Girl, I’ve been there, and to be honest, sometimes I’m still there…But what helps me clear my head EVERY SINGLE TIME is having a meditation mantra. 

Having a meditation mantra helps me to center and allows me to focus my thoughts and energy.

Not exactly sure what a meditation mantra is, but you’re intrigued? Then you’re in luck because I am going to give you all the good stuff. Stuff that even the pros don’t reveal.  

I am going to tell you:

Are you ready?

I know you are girl, so let’s get started!

Woman practicing mantra meditation on a hill

What is Mantra Meditation?

I know you are reading this and thinking, “Sis, spill the tea! I need all the help I can get!”, and don’t worry because I am!

I won’t leave you hanging AT ALL!

But first, I have to tell you what a meditation mantra is. 

A meditation mantra is a word or phrase that you use repeatedly when you meditate.  

That’s it!

That’s all that it is!

But…If all Mantra Meditation is repeating words are phrases, then why do people use them, right?

Well, I’m glad you asked because that’s what I am going to tell you next and you are going to be surprised at the answer!

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Why Do People Use Mantras In Meditation?

Remember how you tried to meditate but you couldn’t focus? 

Your mind kept drifting off to scenarios that happened and you began to get frustrated! You heard so many great things about meditating, yet, you are struggling to relax your mind!

Well, let’s just say that you not being able to relax will be a thing of the past because people use mantras in meditation for this exact reason! 

Doing mantra meditation, allows you to release your thoughts, worries, stress, and actually concentrate on meditating. 

It helps to eliminate those, “Oh crap, did I turn off the oven?” moments while meditating and instead allows you to become more aware of your thoughts so you can better focus and control them.

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The History Behind Mantra Meditation

Repeating a mantra to focus your mind, seems a little suspicious right? Like how is this even possible?

Well, of course I am going to tell you! But, let’s start from the very beginning!

Let’s dive into the history behind mantra meditation.

Mantra comes from Sanskrit. Man- means to think and -tra means an instrument of thought. 

Mantras originated in ancient India and were mostly used as aids for meditation and devotion. It is said that when a mantra is recited with proper understanding and intonation it can strengthen the mind and help increase enlightenment. 

But does science back this?

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The Science Behind Mantra Meditation

Neuroscientists are doing the work using advanced brain imaging tools to quantify some of the health benefits of mantra meditation.

One study that was published in the Journal of Cognitive Enhancement measured activity in a region of the brain called the default mode network.

The default mode network is an area of the brain that is active during self-reflection and mind wandering. If this part of the brain is overactive, this means that the brain is distracted and not calmed or centered.

The researchers asked a group of subjects to partake in a two-week Kundalini Yoga course that included six 90-minute sessions for two weeks. Each session started with yoga exercises (asana and breathing) and finished with 11 minutes of mantra meditation.

The group recited the Sat Nam mantra and did a finger-tapping control condition as well.

The findings were that the subjects’ default mode networks were more suppressed during the mantra meditation than during the finger-tapping exercise.  It also showed that suppression grew as the mantra training increased!

This study suggests that mantra training can more effectively reduce related distractions.

But, don’t think you have to recite an ancient mantra to get the same benefits, because you don’t!

You can recite things such as the Lord’s Prayer or any sound, word, or phrase, as long as you repeat it with focused attention, you’ll get results, relaxation, and the ability to better cope with life’s unexpected stressors. 

Being able to deal with life’s unexpected stressors, is what we all want, right?

But, how can we get that?

How does Mantra Meditation work?

Glad you asked!

Woman practicing mantra meditation

How Does Mantra Meditation Work?

One thing I want you to know, because I am going to keep things all the way real with you, is that mantra meditation is not meant to stop your thoughts altogether.

The goal of mantra meditation is to expand your awareness so that you become more comfortable becoming an observer.

For example, when you think of something like, ”Oh I need to get some coffee”, you immediately react.

You get up start heading to the coffee maker and begin to go through the motions of making coffee.

What mantra meditation helps you to do is when that thought of coffee crosses your mind, you realize that it is just a thought and it doesn’t have to be acted on. You learn how to observe your thoughts.

Observing your thoughts allows you to be more present and allows you to stop your mind from wandering as much to the past or future. Mantra meditation allows you to live in the moment more and have mindful, non-judgmental, awareness. Which in turn helps to increase your compassion for others. 

Which is a great thing!

Burning sage and incense

Benefits of Mantras

I’m pretty sure you are ‘ intrigued by Mantra Meditation or you most likely wouldn’t have made it this far in this article. But I know you are wondering, “What’s in it for me?”.

Practicing ‘ mantra meditation comes with some amazing benefits that make meditation worth it! You

Some of the benefits of mantra meditation are:

I know you’re ready to get this party started! With all the amazing benefits that mantra meditation has to offer you are on board and ready to go.

But before you go off and grab your mat and that cute fit that you’ve been eyeing there is something else I need you to know, that is what types of meditation use mantras.

Woman meditating by a water fall

What Types of Meditation Use Mantras

Okay, so I want you to hold off getting started with mantra meditation because I want you to make the best decision for you.

With that being said, I need you to know that there are a lot of various types of meditation. But for time and sanity sake, I will tell you about 7 types of meditation that are well known. They are:

Loving-Kindness Meditation

Body Scan Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation

Breath Awareness Meditation

Kundalini Yoga

Zen meditation

Transcendental meditation

As you can see, out of the seven different types of meditation that are well known, only two of them focus on using mantra meditation. They are Kundalini yoga and Transcendental meditation.

This means that you would have to choose between these two if you want to practice mantra meditation.

But before you decide which one to choose from, let’s pick a mantra for your meditation practice.

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What is a Good Mantra for Meditation

After reading about the benefits, science, history, and the different types of meditation, you are ready to give it a try, right? But, how do you go about picking a good mantra for meditation?  

To start with, you can pick one of these tried and tested meditation mantras from ancient times that are known to help shift your mindset. Take a look and pick one that speaks to you. Say it and see how it feels. Find out the meaning behind it and see if it aligns with your values, beliefs, and how you want your life to unfold.


Om means it is, will be, or to become. It represents reincarnation and chanting it matches the natural frequency of the universe.

It is a universal mantra and I am sure you have heard it before because it is widely recognized.

It is pronounced Ohm.

Om Nama Shivaya

This means I bow to Shiva. Shiva is a supreme God who represents the highest self. The five syllables are believed to represent the five elements of the world, earth, water, fire, air, sky. 

I am that I am

This mantra goes back to when Moses asked God for his name and God replied, “I am that I am”.

This meditation mantra reaffirms that God is everything, where everything that is, is the infinite God.


This mantra pronounced Aah-ham-Pre-mah means I am divine love.

When chanting this you are aligning yourself with everything that unconditional love is and can be for you.

It helps to bring you peace, leave your past behind, clear your mind from distraction, and give you a purpose. 


This is pronounced as ho-oh-pony-pono which means I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, and thank you.

This meditation mantra can be used if you feel angry, ashamed, or have complex interpersonal relationships. It can also be used if you have been wronged, and you can’t seem to achieve forgiveness, so you can let the pain go.

This mantra helps to give you a fresh start. 

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Sat Chit Ananda

Sat in this mantra meditation means being present.

Chit means to acknowledge or be conscious of.

Ananda means bliss, pure elation. 

Lumen de Lumine

This meditation chant is the chant of the light. Using this one means that you feel open to the world.

If you feel like your life is overpowered by darkness, then this is a chant for you. It helps you to feel more awake and revitalized. It gives you the confidence to be protected from bad energies. 

Picking one of these tried and true ways is the easiest way to get started with mantra meditation, but if none of these are truly resonating with you, then you can also choose a mantra that speaks more clearly to you.

You can create a personal mantra. 

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How To Choose Your Personal Mantra 

So none of those mantras captured your attention huh?

Well, that’s okay because you can choose a meditation mantra that is closer to you and feels more personal.

One that aligns with where you have been, where you are now, and where you want to go, by creating a mantra that is specific to you. Because you have to believe the idea or the motivation behind a mantra for it to be helpful.

To help get you started with creating a personal mantra, here are some tips.


Grab a piece of paper and write down words or ideas that speak to you.

Look at the words, phrases, and ideas that you have written down and see which ones resonate with you the most.

If you can, create a sentence or two of them.

If not, take some of the words that align with you most and repeat them.

Tip: Make sure you keep your mantra short. Make sure it contains no more than 10-15 words.

Add Meaning

Begin your mantra with a word that means something to you.

It can be a word like, peace, bliss, joy, faith, harmony.

Avoid words that stir up thoughts or disturb your mind.

Add direction

Your mantra must have a positive direction. For example, if you say I am not stressed switch it to I am peaceful.

Overall, I don’t want you to get stuck on picking out a personal mantra.

If you are having trouble with creating a personal mantra, pick an ancient one for now, and then come back to choosing a personal one when your mind is clearer.

The idea is to get started with mantra mediation and not get caught up in deciding on your personal mantra.

Which leads me to my next point.

Woman practicing mantra meditation at sunset

How To Start Mantra Meditation

I’m so excited because we are making progress! Aye!

Now that you have your mantra picked out, whether you have one from ancient times or you created a personal one, means it’s time to learn how to start mantra meditation.

Are you ready? Because I know am so…let’s begin.

Pick a Mantra

Guess what girl? Step one is already accomplished. You picked out your mantra already so let’s move on to the next step.

Tip: If you haven’t picked out your mantra, then read the two sections above to pick a mantra or create a personal one.

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Find a Comfortable Position

I know when you see people meditating, you see them sitting on the ground with their legs folded. They look so peaceful and serene, right?

But…you know that if you tried to sit in that same position, you would be so uncomfortable!

Great news is that you don’t have to sit that way!

In fact, you can sit in a comfy chair that is aligned with the natural curves of your spin. Meditating in a position that feels comfortable to you is always best!

Repeat Your Mantra Slowly and Steadily

Repeating you mantra slowly and steadily helps to bring bring your attention back to your mantra again and again when your thoughts arise.

To help you with this here are a few tips you can use.

Concentrate on the sound of your mantra as much as you can.

Repeat it in a rhythm that matches the pattern of your breath.

Repeat the mantra on inhalation or exhalation, or repeat half of it on inhale and the other half on exhale.

Repeat your mantra 10 times out loud, then repeat it 10 times silently by only moving your lips.

Finally, repeat it 10 times internally without moving your lips.

Come Out of Meditation Slowly

When you are ready to come out of meditation, start by taking a few deep breaths and then sit quietly to see how you feel.

You may feel calm, cool, and centered or you may have old thoughts and feelings that are uncomfortable.

Whatever you feel when you come up, just know that with regular practice, there are immense benefits to mantra meditation when you are consistent with it.

Meditation tips for beginners

3 Key Meditation Tips For Being Consistent With Mantra Meditation

Being consistent with anything is not easy at all!

Especially when you have a household to run, work requirements to meet, and you still need to practice self care.

So, to help you out, here are a few meditation tips to help you become consistent when practicing mantra meditation.

Repetition is Key

I get it sitting down and repeating words over and over again may feel super strange but you have to know repetition is key.

Just start with as little as 20 repeats and work your way up from there.


The ultimate goal of meditation is to block the outside world.

The more you repeat and concentrate on your mantra, the further you will be able to dive inside your consciousness. 

Don’t count

The more you do it, practice mantra meditation, the more you should aim for a certain amount of time versus a certain amount of repetition. 

Of course, don’t start out with a long amount of time like 60 minutes. You should start small and build up until you hit your personal sweet spot.

Woman practicing mantra meditation while sitting on the grass

The Last Thing You Need To Know About Mantra Meditation 

Mantra meditation has been practiced for centuries because it has so many great benefits that can help a busy mom like you.

Benefits that will help you to slow down, find your purpose, and really get to the core of who you are and what you want out of life. 

I know that taking care of your kids’ needs, your spouse needs, working, and trying to make time for your friends and family too, takes a huge toll on you.

A toll that weighs you down so much that you barely know who you are anymore.

You feel lonely and like no one truly gets you or understands you.

Which is why to help you feel centered and help you dive deeper into what makes you happy, you can get our free self care guide below

This guide is full of self care activities like meditation mantra, self care games, and planners, to help you feel like you, you know, before you had so many responsibilities, in 15 minutes or less!

Remember Love Always and Spread Bliss,


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