So, you are ready to live your best life, right?


That means not wasting one single second.


This means not only manifesting while you are awake but also while you are sleeping!

tips on how to manifest while you sleep

Never heard of such a thing?


Well, honey you are in the right place because I am going to teach you why manifesting while you sleep is important and


7 things you can do before bed to manifest while you sleep.


Are you ready?


Well, then take out your notebook or better yet, pin this page to Pinterest so you can reference it.


Why is Manifesting While You Sleep Important?


Okay, so have you reached a point in your life where you feel like the goals you want to accomplish next are way too big?


Like, you know you can do it but subconsciously you keep thinking, hey maybe this one is too much?


Maybe I am pushing too hard or maybe all this work I am putting in is for nothing!


(Slowly raises my hand.)


Well, this is where manifesting while sleeping will help.


Not only do you need to declare your goals aloud as well as write them down, but now you can dream them into existence.


Doing this takes it to the next level!


You can dream about what you want out of life and how you want it.


Best of all, manifesting while you sleep, increases your chance of making your dreams happen!


By putting into the world what you want, it will come back to you.


Because no longer will your subconscious doubt you, it will believe you can do it, and push you in ways you never imagined.


So by going that extra step, manifesting while you sleep, you will get exactly what you want!


Now, that you know why manifesting while you sleep is important, Let’s get started with tip #1, so you can make this happen!


Oh, and how could I forget? If you can’t read this right now, watch the video instead!


7 Tips to Manifest While You Sleep Video




High Vibe Place

man sitting on deck by a lake

When you are ready to go to sleep, it is very important to fall asleep feeling good.


You need to be relaxed.


Not anxious.


Not worried about what you did that day or what you need to get done tomorrow.


You need to be able to feel like you are in a comfortable, relaxing space.


To help you reach this high vibe place in your bedroom, here are some tips.


So, you had a hard day.


Your mind is racing.


You are afraid you are going to be called into your boss’s office and asked to resign.


You did terrible on a test.


You were late again.


Whatever it may be, that’s bothering you, if you want to manifest your dream life while you are asleep, you need to relax.


One of the best ways to do that is to journal.


The power of having a journal is tremendous.


It allows you to make magic happen.


You get to pour out your feelings, thoughts, and decisions in this book.


It’s like having a therapist right there in your lap.


But not only can you release in your journal, but you can also write about what you are grateful for.


Showing gratitude is good because if you only release in your journal, and not switch your thoughts to what you’re grateful for, you will fall asleep thinking about how bad your day was.


This is a no-no!


There are so many things you can write about.


You can write about your desires.


You can write your intentions.


You can write what a day in your dream life would be like.


You can reach deep into your imagination and allow yourself to visualize as if you are living that dream life right now!


Writing down what you want out of life helps with manifesting a lot!


When you write down what you want out of life before you go to bed, you end up dreaming about it.


Which means you are manifesting while you’re sleeping.


But if you’re not a writer, don’t fret because there is something else you can do instead.



macbook and journal on a minimliast bed

Visualization is such an important part of manifestation. (Source)


It allows your mind to go to a place where you are living your best life.


This, in turn, allows your brain to interpret it as reality.


When you visualize, it helps to put you into alignment with your desires and you will notice that your dreams will start to resemble your visions.


To help you visualize before bed, which is picturing your dream life in your head, make sure you are in a space where there is peace and no disturbance.


Think about your life and what you want to happen.


Think about what you would feel, see, smell, hear, taste, etc as you are living your dream life.


Doing these prompts will help you be able to visualize easier.


It will allow you to fall asleep and finish the visualization in your dreams.


Or should I say, manifest while you sleep.


Create a Sleep Routine


To manifest while you sleep, it’s best to have a sleep routine.


Whether that routine is showering, washing and prepping your face, wrapping your hair, getting into your favorite pajamas.


Whatever it may be, there should be signals that alert your brain that it is time to wind down and get ready for bed.


But whatever you do, make sure you start your bed routine before you are tired.


You want to wake up in the same vibration you fell asleep in.


So, if you fall asleep feeling good, and not tired and cranky, you will wake up the same way, feeling good.



woman standing looking up to moon

So yes, your day sucked.


Your life is not going the way you want it to go.


Maybe your boyfriend left you or some other sucky shit happened.


Whatever is going on, there are a TON of things you can be grateful for.


If you want to manifest while you are sleeping, you need to focus on the things you are grateful for.


Doing this helps to set the tone for a high vibrational dream state.


To help you feel and be more grateful before bed, close your eyes and think of things that bring you joy.


Think of the one thing that happened that day that made you feel good or happy.


It could be something as simple as the breeze that blew through your hair.


The sun rays that hit your windshield as you were driving.


Or the peaceful sound of the wind outside your window as you lay in bed.


Whatever it is, think about it.


Gratitude brings you bliss, pure joy, and puts you in the receiving mode.


This means because you are grateful, you will attract more reasons to be grateful.


This is the perfect state for you to be in, so you can manifest while you sleep.


Write Down Your Affirmations


To help you get clear on exactly what you want to manifest, you should write down a few affirmations that you can repeat before bed to help you dream about exactly what you want to manifest.


To do this you need to think of things you want to be or want to have.


BUT…put them in the present state.


So instead of saying I want to be a writer, you will say I am a writer.


So if you want to earn 100k in your business by a certain amount of time, instead of using want, you will say I will or I am going to.


Whatever you want to manifest, write it down.


Then practice say your affirmations before you go to bed.


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Dream Journal

woman sleeping soundly thinking about dream life

You ever wake up and think, man, that was a crazy-ass dream?


Then instantly, it is hard for you to remember what happened?


Well, it may be a great idea for you to start keeping a dream journal.


By keeping a dream journal and documenting what happened in your dreams, you may start seeing a pattern.


These similarities will guide help guide you to your path of what you desire in your life.


By finding these similarities, you will be able to see what steps you need to take for you to grow and accomplish your goals.


You will be able to see what beliefs you need to let go of and what you need to do to step into the light.


By keeping a dream journal, you will be able to realize what the universe is trying to say to you and therefore all you have to do is just listen.

The Last Thing You Need To Know Before You Manifest While You Sleep


After reading these 7 tips to help you manifest while you are sleep, I know you are super excited to get started!


You want your dream life!


You deserve that dream life and I want it for you too!


So pick one or two of these tips so you are not overwhelmed and get started!


P.S. Don’t forget to pin this post if you haven’t, so you can always reference it.


Let me know which tip you are going to use first?


Remember Love Always and Spread Bliss,



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