Need to lose weight fast?


Losing weight seems to be so hard with all of these delicious unhealthy foods that surround us. 


There’s always a new diet fad that says you need to cut this out of your diet, drink these teas that make you poop all day, or add more meat.  


But what about if you don’t want to diet or be on the toilet all day. What if you want to be healthy, lose weight fast and easy without dieting? 


These tips will have you losing weight fast and easy with no effort at all!


I am going to give you not 1, not 2, not 3, but 35 lazy weight loss tricks that will work!


Now, let’s get started!


Drink Ice-Cold Water

glasses of water

Yes, there are millions of fat loss drinks that are all over the market right now, but I am telling you this one is the best because it is free. Best of all, you probably are already drinking water.  So keep it up! 


Drinking water is super important! Especially since 70% of our body is made up of water. 


But what if there was a lazy weight loss tip that could make drinking water burn calories?


Oh wait, there is!  


That tip is to drink ice cold water!


Drinking ice-cold water is an amazing lazy weight loss tip because drinking cold water helps you to burn calories by boosting your metabolism. 


Because the water is cold, your body has to work harder to warm the water up.  While doing this, your body is burning calories! (Source)


See, I told you these weight loss tips would be easy peasy!  On to the next!



Drink Black Coffee

Black coffee has a ton of good for you affects. It helps to:


Coffee is really good for you. It’s only when you add all the cream and sugar to it that it becomes unhealthy.  


Save some money, calories, and fat intake by taking your coffee black.  


Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a superfood and contains tons and tons of great for your health benefits as well as many different uses.  


Coconut oil helps to increase fat burning because it is made up of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT).  


These chains increase how many calories you burn compared to other chains that most other foods are made up of (Source). 


Consuming these MCTs, what coconut oil is made up of, increases you to burn 5% more calories in 24 hours.


Eat More Fruits and Vegetables 

This is something that you have heard over and over again since you were a kid!  


The reason why is because it’s an amazing hack that will help you to lose weight naturally. 


Eating more fruits and vegetables help to replace some of those calorie-filled, heavily processed foods, with more clean ingredients. 


Fruits and vegetables contain a lot fewer calories than foods we normally snack on.  


The calories from fruits and vegetables are filled with tons of good for you vitamins and minerals that allow your body to maintain optimal health and lose weight naturally (Source). 


Eat More Pineapple

man holding a pineapple

Pineapple is so good!


It’s so sweet! And if it’s chilled… Whew, baby you better watch out! It’s a perfect go-to snack on a hot summer day.  


You can make it into a drink. If so, it would be an all-natural fat burning drink


The best thing about pineapples are not how good they taste, but all of the awesome benefits pineapples help you with. 


Eating pineapple helps you with (Source):



But, still, those aren’t the best thing about pineapples.  


In my opinion, but who am I, the best thing about pineapple is that they are thermogenic.  


This means that eating pineapple helps you to burn more calories than what the actual pineapple contains.  


Say a typical cup of pineapple is 64 calories.  By eating it, your body will burn 82 calories.


Eating pineapple will help you to burn more calories without even working out! 


Plus, you will eat less because the fiber from the pineapple will feel you up.


See, I told you pineapple is amazing!


Eat More Watermelon 

How do you like your watermelon?


Chilled or warm?  Salt or no salt? (Let me know in the comments below)


Well, however you like your watermelon, after reading this, I bet you will eat more! 


Watermelon contains a lot of water which means it helps to keep you hydrated and your body performing in tip-top functionality. 


It is also like pineapple, (if you skipped over pineapple, go back up and read it after this.  You won’t want to miss it!) in the sense that it is thermogenic as well!


You can eat this delicious, juicy, fruit, and it will burn more calories than what you consume.


Watermelon also helps with (Source):


As you can see consuming more watermelon in your diet can help you to lose weight fast and easy as well as a ton of other good for you benefits. 


lazy hacks to lose weight now

Take in More Fiber

A lot of times when we eat, we fill ourselves up on empty calories.  These calories are empty because they do nothing for our body but cause fat and slow down or metabolism.


Instead, we need to eat more calories than work with our body.  Hence why fruits and vegetables are listed.


Another way to lose weight fast and easy without dieting is to take in more fiber.  Fiber is awesome in that it helps to satiate your hunger (Source).  


Eating a piece of fruit that contains a lot of fiber or some oatmeal, will make you feel fuller longer than eating a bag of chips or a greasy burger. 


Fiber helps to (Source): 


The best thing of all, when you switch out fiber for those empty calories snacks and meals, you will consume fewer calories, saturated fats, and processed foods. 


This means that you will lose weight fast and easy without dieting. 


You won’t miss these foods because when you get the recommended amount of fiber you need, your body won’t be as hungry as it normally is. 



Smell Your Food

Yes, I know this is a weird one and one that you may have not thought of when it comes to losing weight fast, but it is backed by science.


Smelling foods like olive oil, garlic, green onions and bananas, fennel, and grapefruit can help you lose weight by curbing some of your hunger pains (Source)!


Crazy right? 



Wine Before Bed

glasses of wine

I don’t know about you, but this may be my favorite tip on this list!  


Wine before bed? 


 Are you trying to flatter me?


This has to be too good to be true!


Well, it’s not. 


Science says that drinking a little bit of red wine before bed helps you to lose weight. Red wine contains Reservatol that converts fat into a different type of fat that is easier to shed (Source).   



Laugh More

This tip not only a simple tip that helps you lose weight quickly, but it also makes you feel so good!


Did you know that by laughing more you can actually burn calories?


If you said yes, then you must’ve had an amazing teacher in your life!


In fact, you laughing intensely for one hour can burn as many calories as lifting weight for thirty minutes (Source)!


I didn’t know this at all and was surprised by it, but thought hmm this may be why I have been able to stay so trim.


I mean I do love a great belly laugh 5x a day or more. Knowing this means I’ll have to increase my laughing to 10x a day.  


See, It told you these tips would help you to lose weight fast and easy without dieting.





Ooooh, girl!  


You didn’t think I would go there now, did you?  Of course, I would.  


There’s nothing better than working out and having fun. Especially if you are feeling like you are not working out at all.


Plus, working out in the bedroom is the best of course!  


I love a good session of aerobics with my spouse.  


Which may be why we have 3 kids in such a short amount of time, but that’s another story. 


Okay, that’s enough of my personal life so let’s get into how sex can help you lose weight fast and easy.


Having sex with your spouse can help you to burn  4.2 calories per minute if you are a man, but if you are a woman you burn 3.1 calories per minute (Source).


It also helps you to feel happy and release stress. 


It’s like a 2 for 1 deal. 



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Pre-eat Anyone?


You know you are going out to eat for dinner tonight, so you probably didn’t eat anything all day and can’t wait to fill up on dinner and the free bread of course! 


I always do the same thing, and I always screw myself over! 


I end up eating too much, too fast, and I tend to eat all of the wrong things, like tons of free bread with heaps of butter and oil.  


And did I forget to mention I’ll eat an appetizer too?  


If the waiter or waitress mentions dessert, I will have that too, please.  


But if I had eaten throughout the day in a normal, healthy fashion, I could’ve saved myself a lot of freaking calories.


One of the best tips I’ve gotten in life is to eat a slice of cheese before heading out. 


Whether you are going to the grocery store, shopping, or to a restaurant, eating a slice of cheese before leaving helps to curb your appetite and helps you to eat less (Source). 



Green Tea

See, I always have your back, you don’t always have to drink water all the time. Green tea is great for you too. 


It allows you to burn fat as well as has a few amazing health benefits. 


Green tea helps (Source):



Get on the green tea wagon right now. 



Mindful Eating

vegetables in grocery store

When you eat you do a lot of multitasking, instead of paying attention to what you are eating and how much you are eating.  


You eat while watching TV, surfing the net, answering emails, taking a call, watching the kids, watching the clock, and so much more.


This is not good! Because you don’t pay attention to what you are eating and how much you are eating.  


For example, have you ever watched a movie and then realize the whole bag of chips or popcorn is gone?


Do you think that would happen if you paid attention to what you were eating and how much you were eating?   I bet you would eat less, which means you will consume fewer calories.  


Science says you will.


If you eat with intention and mindfulness, noticing the texture, smells, flavors, your chewing, and having no distractions, may help you lose weight (Source).


Eat From A Smaller Plate

Yes, I know this sounds silly and sounds like bs, but it’s not. 


If you want to eat less and consume fewer calories, I’m telling you a simple and quick way to lose weight fast and easy is to eat from a smaller plate.


Eating from a smaller plate tricks your mind into thinking that you are eating more food when in fact you aren’t (Source).  


You will think because the surface area of the plate is covered, that you are eating more. 


And if you get seconds, you will still eat less because the plate is smaller.


Plus, it will stop you from eating more because your mind will think you are eating way more than you should have eaten.  


I’m telling you this is a genius health tip.


lazy hacks to slim down



Do know how to use chopsticks? Perfect!


You don’t know how to use chopsticks? Even better 


Either way, use chopsticks when you are eating.  


Using chopsticks to eat will slow down your eating because you can’t pick up a lot of food at one time like you can with a spoon.  


It makes you chew slower and allows you to truly enjoy your food.  


It’ll give your stomach some time to stop the hunger cues coming from your brain.


Which means, you are going to eat less because the chopsticks force you to take your time (Source). 




Drink Water Before You Eat

A great way to curb your appetite is to drink water before you eat (Source). 


This will help make you feel fuller so you don’t overeat.   


Which in the end, helps you to lose weight fast and easy.



Workout While Watching TV

execerising in front of tv

Boy, I do not like working out.  


Well, let me rephrase that I do not like going to work out but once I’m there and I get started, I’m cool.  


That’s until I see the huge screen telling me I’ve only been working out for 3 minutes and barely burned any calories. 


To help avoid torturing myself, I watch TV while working out. 


This helps to keep my mind focused and not glancing at the screen.




Wear Fitted Clothes

I love loungewear. 


I feel so free, comfy, and most importantly,  skinny.  


Which is why if you are looking to lose weight fast, you may want to put your sweatpants, oversized t-shirts, and leggings away.  


You will want to wear jeans, trousers, blouses, dresses, anything that’s fitted and not too comfortable.  


Wearing fitted clothes shows you and helps you to feel that you are not at your goal weight. 


It reminds you that you need to eat cleaner, practice mindful eating, and work out if you want to lose weight fast and easy.



Add Cinnamon

Adding cinnamon to your smoothies, drinks, or your food is an easy way to burn fat.  


Cinnamon is a natural fat burner that increases your metabolism, is thermogenic, and did I mention how it amazing it tastes (Source)?




Peppermint Tea

Here is another thing you can add to your drinks list. By the way, it’s all-natural and calorie-free.  


Peppermint tea is amazing at helping you to lose weight and improve your energy.  It is natural and calorie-free that can help you reduce your appetite and curb your sweet tooth. 


It helps with daytime sleepiness and relieves fatigue so that you can go for that nice walk during lunch.  




Sleep in the Cold

man sleeping in bed

Did you know that by sleeping in the cold, it’ll help you to lose weight?


Sleeping in the cold allows your body to turn that white fat into brown fat. 


White fat is unhealthy fat that you and I want to get rid of.  


Dropping the temperature to 66 degrees each night for 10 hours a night the white fat turned into brown fat (Source). 


By the way, Brown fat may help to burn calories. Which is crazy right?  


Just by changing the thermostat can help you to lose weight! 





Keep What You Eat In Front Of You

 A lot of times when you eat, you grab something out of a bag like chips or dried fruit, then you put it back.  This goes on and on throughout the day.


What would happen if you left out all of the food that you ate instead of putting it back?  Doing this will help you see how much you are eating.


Would it shock you that you ate so much food?  


Just think of all the snacks that you ate throughout the day.  Imagine that all of it is sitting in front of you right now. How would you feel?


I bet you would stop eating as much!


Seeing all of the food that you are about to eat, going to eat, or already eating, well help you to see that you are indulging way too much.


drop 10lbs and be healthy



Keep Away From the Food

I know for me, going to a party where there are finger foods everywhere spells trouble because I am going ham.  


I’ve never been a shy eater. That’s one reason why my husband fell in love with me. His words, not mine.  


If you’re anything like me, then once you see food and it’s around you it becomes so hard to not eat it! 


It’s a constant battle in your mind of should I eat it, one bite won’t hurt, I’ll cut it in half, at least let me smell it until you give in and eat it all.  


Best way to avoid this,  especially if your self-control is poopy like mine, is to keep food away from you so you don’t see it!


If there’s an office party, you can work from home that day or become attached to your cubicle.


If you are at a birthday party, you can avoid the food table by standing on the opposite side of the room or in another room altogether.   


Better yet, you should eat before you go to the party, so you will be even less tempted. 


If you’re tempted at home, throw out the snacks.


The less delicious, unhealthy, food you see, the less you will eat.




Be Precise

Eyeballing food is not as accurate as you think. 


When you think you are getting a cup of this and you are just eyeballing it, you are probably off!  


To be precise, you need to weigh your food. 


Read the serving size on the nutrition label and measure your food accordingly.


What’s even crazier is that when you read labels, the serving size is for one cup but there are 3 servings in the bag! 


This means you have to multiply that calorie amount, fat content amount, etc by 3 to get the total calories for the bag!


You were probably eating the whole bag thinking well this isn’t that much food. Which is why it’s important to be careful and precise.  


Doing this will help you to lose weight fast and easy. 



Make It Count

people running on treadmills

Working out is just not that fun.  At least not for most of us.  


It takes a lot of motivation to get there and when you get there, it’s a countdown to when you can leave.


But to lose weight fast and easy, you are going to have to work out or do some sort of exercise, so why not make it count.


Doing HIIT cardio or fat burning exercise will make sure that the time you spent working out, will be the most effective!


You will burn the most calories by doing exercises such as mountain climbers, etc because it gets your heart right up, which means you will burn more calories and fat in such a short period. 




Food Journal

A lot of people turn to food to help them cope with their stress, depression, happiness, anger.  A food journal will help you to learn if you do or if you don’t emotionally eat. 


When you eat anything, write down how you are feeling and what you ate.  


You may notice when you feel happy, you turn to candy. When you are sad, you turn to bread and pasta.  


Writing this stuff down, and correlating it to how you feel will show you specific trends.  


For example, when I am tired, I get irritated, annoyed, and agitated easily.  I tend to crave bread and sweets.  


Because I know this, I look for healthier carbs and sweets such as a piece of fruit.  


Swapping out bad choices for healthier choices still makes me feel better but I feel even better because I am consuming fewer calories and fat while boosting my mood too.  




Cut Sugar

A lot of diets say that people need to cut carbs to be healthy but it is even more important to cut sugar.  Sugar from drinks, desserts, foods, etc needs to go.  


By cutting sugar, you can improve your skin, lose belly fat, drop pounds faster, have more energy, stop worrying about diabetes, and allows you to have good heart health. 


By focusing on cutting sugar, you can do your body good!




Brush Your Teeth

I know you are puzzled at what does brushing your teeth have to do with losing weight. Well, it’s simple actually.  


When you brush your teeth you have a clean minty, fresh feeling, that makes you feel refreshed right?  


Well, imagine brushing your teeth after every meal you eat.  I bet you won’t want to disturb that clean feeling by eating something else. 


See, I told you it’s simple! 


By brushing your teeth after every meal, you will see that you will eat less because you don’t want to disturb that clean feeling on your teeth.  




Deep Breath Anyone?

people running on treadmills

Remember how I said that a lot of times people are stress eaters?  I slowly raise my hand.  


Well, why not find other ways to cope with that stress besides feeding your face. 


You can use other self-care techniques like deep breathing, working out, journaling, taking a day off to relax, etc so that you have more than one way of relaxing yourself when you are stressed or depressed. 




Chew Gum

Have the urge to snack even though you shouldn’t?  


Well, it’s time for the handy, dandy, gum pack!  


Break out some gum and pop of piece of gum in your mouth, and start chewing. 


This will help curb your snack cravings and make you feel better (Source). 


Plus, you will be doing your body way better than if you had eaten that cookie you were thinking about. 





Drink more alcohol. Sike!  


If you want to lose weight quick and easy, you will have to dump the booze. 


Alcohol contains a lot of calories and if it’s a mixed drink it contains a lot of sugar too!  


Alcohol causes bloat, abdominal fat, etc which all leads to weight gain and negative health effects to your body (Source).  


By consuming alcohol less, you will be able to lose weight fast and easy. 




Drink Your Fruits and Veggies!

Remember how I said that you need to eat more fruits and veggies so that you can lose weight fast and easy?  


Well, what if you can’t stand to eat them?  


If so, I have the perfect tip for you.  You can drink them.  


Blend or juice some fruit and veggies and you will have an amazing drink that is nutritious and delicious.  


If you think adding veggies to your drink is disgusting, don’t knock it until you try it.  You will not even know that there is a veggie present in some of the juices or smoothies.  


If you have no idea how to get started doing this, then I am here to help.


Check out these fruit and veggie smoothies and juices from Woman’s Day. These will get you started so that you can lose weight fast and easy. 


The Last Thing You Need To Know About Lazy Life Hacks That Seriously Help You To Lose Weight Fast

I wish there was a magical weight loss scale that when you stood on it, you could make the scale read the exact number you want, and best of all, your body would reflect that number.


Or I wish I could afford to get some liposuction and butt shaping done.  


Either way, I can’t, and you probably can’t either, but you and I can both turn to these magical weight loss tips.


These 33 small changes that help you to lose weight fast and easy (without dieting). 


Did you pin this article?


If not do it now, so that you will have these simple tips to go back to and reference.


 lazy weight loss hacks to slim down


Now that you pinned it, you have to tell me which tip is your favorite in the comments below?  


Remember Love Always and Spread Bliss,



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