Aren’t you tired of waking up and doing the same thing every day?


When are you going to find time to do something you always wanted to do?


Yeah, it’s hard to find the time when you have to work, take care of your family, but it’s not impossible!


You can’t continue to live your life on rinse and repeat!


You can’t keep doing everything for everybody and not do anything for yourself!


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Living life on autopilot is not where it’s at!


I want you to enjoy the life you worked so hard to create. Not keep searching for happiness in things and accomplishments that only bring a brief feeling of it.


You don’t want that and I don’t want that for you.


So, to help you out of your same boring cycle, I will explain how to achieve work-life balance, and provide 5 tips to help you kickstart work-life balance the right way!


What is Work Life Balance, and Why Does it Matter?


Ok so for you to figure out how to achieve work-life balance, you have to first know the definition of it.


When you Google work-life balance, you will see so many definitions that are meant for companies and their employees. Rarely do you see any definitions for individuals?


Most of these definitions give an impossible view of what work-life balance actually is.


They make it so complicated which is why you are having trouble figuring out how to get work-life balance.


Instead of telling everyone that work-life balance is an actual balance, spending equal amounts of time at work and in your personal life, the definition of work-life balance that should be used more often is:


Work-life balance is a feeling of achievement and enjoyment in one’s personal life (family, friends, and personal interests) as well as in one’s work life.


When it comes to working life balance, it doesn’t matter if you spend equal time at work and at home. What truly matters is how you feel spending that time or how much did you accomplish during those times.


Here, let me break this down so that it makes more sense.


If you spend 8 hours at work and get nothing done or if you spend 4 hours at work and get a heck of a lot done which one is going to make you feel better?


The 4 hours of getting work done, right?


If you spend 6 hours with your family, but everyone is off in their rooms doing their own thing, versus you spending 2 hours talking, laughing, and enjoying time with your family.


Which one would make you feel like you accomplished something? The 2 hours right?


Now let’s put those situations together. You could spend 8 hours at work not getting much done and 4 hours with your family not talking to them and you, my friend, have a 12 hour day. Now, it is time for bed.


On the other hand, you can spend 4 hours at work getting shit done and 2 hours with your family having fun, and guess what you only spent 6 hours of your day, but you got so much accomplished! Now, you have 6 hours to do whatever the heck you want!


What you have to understand is that work-life balance is not about making equal time for everything. Instead, it is about making time that counts.


It’s about making time that impacts your life in a meaningful way.


It’s about using your time wisely so that you FEEL like you accomplished great things!



How to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Achieving work-life balance is not as hard as you think.


Once you clear up the definition of what work-life balance really is, “work-life balance is a feeling of achievement and enjoyment in one’s personal life (family, friends, and personal interests) as well as in one’s work-life”, and know that it’s not equally balancing your personal life and work life, it is very simple.


So simple, that I created a book around it that goes into much more detail to help you achieve work-life balance. It is called Work-Life Balance Made Simple. (You can sign up to receive an exclusive discount here.)


To have work-life balance in your life, you have to set up a system.


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Work-life balance cannot just be a goal.


Having a system for work-life balance allows you to be able to make sure you are prioritizing your life in a way that allows you to get shit done every day. This way you can have at least 2 hours to do what you want each day.


Sounds great, right?


Well, what’s the system?


How do you get work-life balance, right?


The system is called PPF.


PPF is the only system you need to achieve work-life balance.


PPF stands for:


When it comes to planning, there are a few things you need to plan for so that you can achieve work-life balance.


You have to plan your goals so you know which direction in your life you are heading.


You have to plan your week so that you know which tasks you need to knock out of the way so you have time to do what you need to do to accomplish your goals.


Most importantly, you have to plan time to do what you love.


If you only plan the tasks that you do because you are obligated to do, or because someone told you to do them, then your life is going to continue to feel like you’re on a hamster wheel.


The purpose of work-life balance and the reason behind you figuring out how to get work-life balance is so that you can do the things you want to do.


This way, you can learn to love the life you worked so hard to create.




When you plan your week, you may think, “ok I did it. I’m done.” But, that’s not the case.


The thing you need to figure out is which of those tasks for the day/week are most important.


You have to figure out which tasks can wait until next week, which tasks, you can give to someone else to complete for you, and which tasks can be crossed off because it doesn’t have a deadline!


Prioritizing your tasks allows you to see that you don’t have to get everything done right away on your to-do list.


Prioritizing allows you to free up your schedule and fill it with things you want to do.



Once your schedule is planned and prioritized, it’s time to focus!


The only way you are going to get shit done is to make sure that you are focused on actually getting it done.


You are not scrolling IG or reading every status on FB.


You are not getting sucked down the video hole of youtube.


You are committed to following your schedule and getting tasks done to the best of your ability in the shortest amount of time needed. This way you have the rest of your day to do whatever you want.


You can even take that nap.


By planning, prioritizing, and focusing is how you achieve work-life balance.


These three simple steps can have you following a system that works each time.


A system that allows you to free up time to do what you want every day.


This makes you feel like you have your life in control and will make you feel like your life is the best!


Doesn’t that sound great?


5 Tips and Reminders for How to Achieve Work Life Balance


Start each day with a specific goal in mind


When you don’t have work-life balance, you tend to start each day thinking, “Oh God, here we go again”.


Instead of “Alright let’s do this. Let’s accomplish these tasks today, so I can binge that Netflix show (or whatever goal you want to achieve)!


If you have a goal in mind each day, week, or month, that you want to accomplish, your days will no longer seem like the same rinse and repeat.


Instead, you will have something to look forward to and focus on every day!


Focus only on your tasks for the day and forget about all the others


A lot of times you are overwhelmed about what you need to do, what you didn’t finish, and what you half-assed because you are scatterbrained. You don’t have a schedule set up that tells you you should get this done today and tomorrow.


Instead, you have everything to do and not enough time to get it all done.


But, if you focus only on the things that need done today and forget about all of the rest until tomorrow, You will see you have a lot more space in your brain, have time to do what you want, and not stress about everything!

woman writing to do list

Plan Your Schedule for the Week


When you keep all of your tasks that you need to do in your head, you tend to forget them or make them bigger than they are.


To get rid of these consequences, you must plan your week.


Sit down and write what needs to be done each day as well as your goals.


Most importantly, don’t forget to schedule some free time to do what you want!


Be Mindful


Ok so all of this planning, won’t go anywhere if you are not being mindful.


You have to pay attention to what you are doing so that you remain focused on accomplishing what you need to do.


The biggest point of work-life balance is to accomplish what you need in the shortest amount of time. This way you can do shit that you actually want to do.


You could go out with your friends?


Or on a date with your spouse?


Binge-watch Netflix?


You could even finally learn to cook something other than a microwavable meal.


Don’t lose sight of your “true” reasons for wanting work-life balance


A lot of times people want work-life balance because they believe it will make their life easier.


When that’s not true at all.


Work-life balance does not make your life easier because you will still be faced with the same tasks that you had yesterday, the day before, and so forth.


The thing that work-life balance does is set you up with a system that allows you to accomplish those tasks in the shortest amount of time so that you get to do what makes you happy.


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The Last Thing You Need To Know About How To Achieve Work Life Balance


Work-life balance is not this huge mythological creature that only exists in your imagination. It is something that you can have just like I have.



Learning how to achieve work-life balance allows you to be in control of your life and destiny instead of your emotions being in control of you!


If you are ready to change your life for the better, to stop doing things that other people want you to do, and to find the time to do things you want to do, then I have something for you!


I created a book that goes into detail and gives you quick actionable steps so that you can have a work-life balance system that is tailored to your life!


Best of all, this book, Work-Life Balance System Made Simple, allows you to get 2 hours a day to do what you want!


So exciting right?


Well, it gets better, if you click here, you can sign up here to receive an exclusive discount and be the first to get the book!


I want to help you make your life better.


I want to help you learn to love the life you worked so hard to create.


Join us and use this proven strategy to gain 2 hours each day to do what you want.



Remember Love Always and Spread Bliss,



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