You haven’t had a break in FOR-EV-ER!! 

You are overwhelmed, stressed out to the max, and if someone else asks you for one more freakin thing, you are going to snap!

You need a break!

You need some time to yourself without anyone asking you for a single thing!

What you need is self-care. 

In fact, self-care is the simple secret to happiness.

But, it’s been so long since you had time to yourself that you don’t even know how to practice self-care!

You don’t have a clue who you are or what you like!

If this is you, then have no fear because Mind Body Spirit Bliss is here!

I am going to teach you how to practice self-care. 

Even better, I am going to give you a few activities that you can try today so that you can break up with stress and live your best life!

Are you ready?

Of course, you are!

Let’s get started!

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What is Self-Care?

First off to learn how to practice self-care, you have to learn the definition of self-care.  

Since I have a full post on that right here, I am going to give you the gist of it in this article.  

Self-care is the deliberate act of doing something to help take care of yourself. 

Not only that, but there are different categories of self-care. 

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What Are the Categories of Self-Care?

Self-care helps you take care of 9 different aspects of yourself.  

Aspects that you probably didn’t even think. 

They are:

Taking care of these 9 aspects of your life and making sure that you are ok to handle the day to day overwhelming tasks, triggers, and stresses, that comes your way, will allow you to be able to handle your responsibilities.  

Self-care allows you to be the best you can be so that you can be the best for your littles, family, and friends.

Which leads me to how do you practice self-care. 

How Do You Practice Self-Care

You want to be the best you, you can be, right?

So how is that possible with self-care?

Well, let me explain. 

Being a mom is definitely the toughest job/blessing that I have ever done! 

If anyone says they enjoy every moment of it, they are lying!  

No, if, and or buts about it! 

Run away from that person because when you feel like crying in the middle of Target because you are sleep and shower deprived, (yes this has happened to me!) he or she is not the person who will be there for you!

Now with that warning out of the way, let’s get into how to practice self-care as a mom. 

So, as moms our time is limited as well as our sanity and our budgets, right? 

We give everything we have to our spouses and our children that we barely have anything left, which is why self-care is so freaking important. 

It is the secret to happiness for you, right now!

But you already know that because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have searched how to practice self-care for moms, right?

So let me stop wasting your precious time and tell you how to practice self-care. 


Identify Your Emotions 

So to practice self-care, you first have to identify your emotions right now, at this moment!

You need to figure out if you’re angry, hungry, overwhelmed, stressed, happy, lonely, unsatisfied, whatever it is, you have to identify that emotion. 



The Situation 

Once you have that emotion identified, you then have to figure out what caused that emotion. 

Or the situation that occurred to cause it. 

Was it something at work, a miscommunication with a friend, your child not listening to you?

Whatever it may be, write it down. 

The Aspects of Self Care

Next, once you have your emotions and situation figured out, you have to correlate what aspect of self-care it aligns with. 

For example, if you are angry and not confident because of a situation that occurred at work, that aligns with professional self-care. 

If you are overwhelmed and lonely because you’ve had a rough day with the kids, that aligns with social self-care. 

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Self-Care Activities for You

Now that you know what aspect of self-care that you align with, you can find a self-care activity that correlates with it. 

And I’m going to help you with that too!

I would never leave you, hanging girl! 

You thought I wouldn’t provide you with a list to help you?

Of course not

I’m here for you and don’t you forget that. 

So here’s a list of a few self-care activities you can do right now based on the 9 different aspects of self-care. 

Physical Self-Care

Some Physical self-care activities are:

Emotional Self-Care

Some emotional self-care activities are:

Social Self-Care

Some social self-care activities are:

Spiritual Self-Care

Some spiritual elf care activities are:

Personal Self-Care

Some personal self-care activities are:

Environmental Self-Care

Some environmental self-care activities are:

Financial Self-Care

Some financial self-care activities are:

Professional Self-Care

Some professional self-care activities are:

Psychological Self Care

Some psychological self-care activities are:

The Last Thing You Need To Know About Practicing Self Care

As you can see, there is more to self-care than just putting on makeup, shopping, or taking a bath.  

When self-care is done properly, it can be your secret to happiness!

Ready to go on your journey to happiness then click the box below to learn about the self-care activities that you can do.

Remember Love Always and Spread Bliss,


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