22 Easy Health Tips that Will Get You Healthy Fast (No Effort at All!)


Wouldn’t being healthy be easy if health tips were to eat whatever, whenever, you want or they made a machine that would make you healthy? 


Like if all the things you wanted to eat, burgers, fries, cheesecake, and ice cream, would turn into vegetables and fruit once it hit your stomach?


Now, that’s the life!  Especially for me because I am lazy! 


man not wanting to wake up from alarm


You must be too since you are reading this post!


If so, then I can help!  I can make getting healthy easy with these 22 Health Tips to get you started with little or no effort at all!


Best of all, these health tips are for the mind, body, and spirit.  This way, you will be healthier in all aspects of your life, not just in tip-top physical shape.


Now, let’s get started with tips for the Mind.


Health Tips for Getting your Mind Healthy


When it comes to achieving anything in life, you have to have the right mindset.


Without having a great mindset, your intentions will be good, but you will not follow through with your goals.


As my Big-G, my grandma,  use to say, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”


You will not see any results.


Let me rephrase that, you won’t see the results you want.


You may gain more weight, feel even more depressed, or your health may get worse.


You will lose sight of what you want to accomplish.


You will go off track.


To avoid these things from happening,  here are a few tips on getting your mindset right so that you can achieve your goal of getting healthy!




Work-Life Balance Does Not Exist

First thing first, realize that there is no such thing as work-life balance.  


It is not going to happen, ever!


Now, don’t be sad about it because there is such a thing as prioritization or work life prioritization.  


This means on certain days when you have a deadline, a project due, or etc, work may need to come first before anything else. This means before family, friends, and hobbies.


Other days, if your kids are sick, you need a mental health day, you are sick, or there’s a family emergency, then guess what, your personal life comes first!


What I am trying to get here is to stop searching for something that doesn’t exist AND causes you a lot of stress trying to find!


A lot of what you hear in the news on how to get the perfect work-life balance is a piece of crap!


You can’t control outside forces, so when you think you spend too much time at work because you have a deadline, don’t beat yourself up!


Realize that this is a time that you have to prioritize work first so that you can continue to pay your bills.


If your child is sick and you can’t work as hard as you would like, don’t criticize yourself or say you are a terrible worker.


This is the time where you have to prioritize your child because he or she needs you!


Overall, what I want you to learn is not to overwhelm or stress yourself out when you feel like you aren’t where you should be or doing what you believe you should be doing.


Stop believing in work-life balance and believe in work-life prioritization.  


This will help to reduce your stress levels which will help you to become healthier.




Ask For Help

getting healthy with no effort at all health tips pinThere is so much to juggle in our lives today. From kids, jobs, spouses, hobbies, friends, doctor appointments, car inspections, the list goes on and on.  


With only 24 hours in a day, some days may take a toll on you.  


But, you know what you can do to help yourself out and your relationships?


You can ask for help.


Asking your friends, family, spouse, nanny, whomever for help not only helps you but helps build trust in your relationships as well.


A relationship goes both ways.


You should be able to count on them, and they should be able to count on you too.


If they are coming to you for things they need, but you do not rely on them, then that relationship feels more like a burden to you.


Plus, they will feel like you do not trust them.


If you can’t ask your friends, family, or spouse for help because you are stubborn, or you feel like you are going to be a  burden, then you are failing that relationship.


A relationship is a 2-way street and is all about the give and take.


If you cannot take and only give, then how can you call that person a friend?


It’s time to lean on your resources and use them when necessary.  


This way you will have a lot less stress on your plate and won’t feel frantic.




Be Mindful

A great way to get healthy and stay healthy is by being mindful.  


Now, what exactly is being mindful?  Well, being mindful means simply to pay attention.  


Have you ever got in your car and started driving?  Next thing you know you are at your destination but you don’t remember the journey.  


Have you ever sat down with a bag of chips and turned on your favorite movie and you look down to find out the whole bag is empty, but you don’t remember eating them?


In those scenarios, you are not being mindful.  Being mindful means being alert and present in the moment.  


How can being mindful help you on your journey to a healthy lifestyle?


It’ll help because you will be aware of what you are eating and how much.


You will be aware of if you had a great workout or one that isn’t so great, and you will know how to improve it.


You will know if you took your 10,000 steps, stretched, asked for help, meditated, got enough sleep because you are aware of what you did, how you did it, and when you did it.


Being mindful allows you to add more structure in your day and to improve your day based on previous outcomes.  


It will make you more accountable with your time and therefore you will not be wasting it.  You will be more proactive instead.





Learning how to be grateful in life will help you to live a healthy lifestyle.


With easy access to almost everything, being grateful is one of those things that are few and far in between.


We tend to take everything for granted and continue to want more.


Being grateful is when you show appreciation for positive aspects in your life without comparing it to anyone else’s.


This means you shouldn’t be grateful that you have shelter because someone else doesn’t.


You should be grateful because having shelter is a positive aspect of your life.


Comparing your life to others is why you want more than you actually need.


Taking a break from comparison and being grateful, and actually showing appreciation for what you have helps with (Source)




Fresh Air

Going outside to get some fresh air is an amazing way to stay healthy.


Walking outside to get to the next store or to get your lunch, is not considered getting fresh air because you are not paying attention to your surroundings.  (Although that does, count to getting your 10,000 steps per day).


Being outside and walking around looking at the trees, the ground, the birds, help you to be in the moment.  


Being in the moment and not thinking about what you need to do, want to do, or have to do is an amazing feeling!


It is so relaxing.  Just being in nature, getting some fresh air, and it’s only you and your thoughts, is like nothing else.


Especially when there is so much that is always going on and your attention is always needed.


Next time you feel overwhelmed, just stop and take a walk.  Get some fresh air.


I bet you will feel much better!  


It will energize you, boost your immune system, and boost your mood.  (Source)




Food feelings

Yes, you read that right!  I said what I said!


Now, I am just messing with you but let’s talk about food feelings.  


Do you ever notice that you eat a certain type of food when you are tired, sad, angry, or even happy?  If so, then you have food feelings!


Food feelings are when you use food to make yourself feel better. This is when you eat food not because you are hungry but because you are emotional.


It is also known as emotional eating or stress eating.


The bad thing about this is when you are having food feelings, you tend to overeat because you are only eating to make yourself feel better and not for nourishment.


A health tip to help you combat food feelings is to use a food feeling journal.


When you feel overwhelmed or emotional, you can document how you are feeling, and what food you turned to for comfort.


By keeping a food journal, you can see a pattern.  You will notice that when you are angry you may turn to sweets to calm your mood.  Or when you are sad, you may turn to protein. (By the way, I don’t know if you do that or not, I am just making this up.)


For example, when I am tired, I turn to carbs and sweets. I know now that I can eat something healthier to fulfill my craving such as a piece of fruit.  


Knowing your triggers is a very important health tip so you can stop overeating!


Health Tips for Getting Your Body Healthy



Water Please?

It amazes me how many people don’t drink water when 60% of our body is made up of water!  (Source)


This means your body needs water to survive!

Drinking water helps


If you would like to know how much water you should drink per day, use this water intake calculator.





Get to Stepping


get healthy and be lazy pinA simple health tip that I know you have heard before, is to take more steps!


In other words, get that booty moving, or in a more mature way, begin to exercise more. (When you have three kids, you begin to act like them.)  


Working out can be hard when you don’t have the money or the time to do so.  I know this first hand! But, there are ways that you can take more steps without inflicting on time and money.  


You can take the steps more often instead of taking an elevator or escalator.  


Instead of calling your kid to get something for you, (which I am extremely guilty of), you could take more steps by getting it yourself.  


You can park in a parking space that isn’t as close to the store as you would normally park and a ton of other little tasks can help you get to your 10,000 steps per day.


Taking little measurements like this to get to your step count up will help you to get healthy with no huge effort at all.


By the way, before you move on to the next health tip, get your phone out right now!  


If you think that you need to invest in a fancy watch or something so that your steps are counted, then you are wrong and to be quite frank, you are making an excuse.  


Go to your app store and you can download a free step counter.


If you have an iPhone, you can use the Health app.


If you have a Samsung, you can use S-health.


If you have an Android, you can use Google Fit.


I bet you will be amazed at how few steps you are taking when you think you are taking a ton of them.  


Don’t forget the ultimate goal to reach every day is 10,000 steps.





Catch some zzz’s


What is up with all this #teamnosleep today! Like that hashtag is stupid as fudge!  


Do you know what happens if you don’t sleep, catch some zzz’s?


Well, I’m going to tell you whether you do know or you don’t know.  


What happens when you don’t sleep is that (Source):


I don’t know about you but reading a list like that makes me want to make sure I get my beauty rest!







Yes, stretching is something that is probably last on your list of health tips, or not on your list at all.  I mean, it is not very obvious, but that does not mean that stretching is not essential.


Stretching helps with (Source):


Adding stretching to your daily routine is simple.  You can do it at your desk even.


Here are a few stretches to do at your desk or at home in no time at all.


Besides, with all of the benefits to stretching, what do you have to lose?





Eat from a smaller plate or bowl


Did you know that eating from a smaller plate or bowl will help you to eat less? I like to eat from my kids’ plates. Just kidding!  Or am I?


(See I told you these health tips are perfect if you are lazy like me!)


In fact, scientists did a study that showed that eating from a smaller plate helps you to consume less food.  


People who ate from large bowls took 53% more food and ate 56% (142) more calories than people who ate from the small bowl. (Source)  


This means that if you want to eat fewer calories, uses a smaller plate, or your kids’ plates.


It gives you an illusion that you eating the same amount as normal and can help you tell feel satisfied with less food.





Perfect your posture


This health tip seems kind of lame, but it’s not!  I promise!


Do you notice how much you slouch or hunch over while walking and sitting?  


Did you know that poor posture can affect your health?


Having poor posture can (Source) :






Limit alcohol


Sorry slizzard Sherry, it may be time to give up some drinks.  


Yes, having a glass or two of alcohol is fun especially when you are in a social setting.  But drinking too much alcohol in a short period of time or overtime, is really, really, bad for your health. Did I say really bad?


Plus, by drinking less you can save a few bucks too!


If you would like to know more about how much alcohol is in a standard drink, you can learn more here.


I can’t leave you hanging without letting you know the adverse effects of alcohol on your health and why it is important to limit your alcohol.


Let’s split them up into short term effects and long term effects (Source).


Short term effects are:


Long term effects are:





Black Coffee


Coffee is a staple in the morning for most of us.  But, when we load it up with caramel, whipped cream, chocolate, whole milk, etc, then that is when it becomes unhealthy.


Adding all of the extras to your coffee, means you are consuming way too much sugar and preservatives that are not only good for you but can harm you in the long run.


The best way to go about not consuming these unnecessary calories is to drink black coffee.


Drinking black coffee is an excellent and easy health tip.


Black coffee has a lot of health benefits.  They are (Source):




Clean Eating


What you put inside your body is very important! It affects what you look like on the outside and how well everything functions.  


A lot of the food that we get today is heavily processed and full of chemicals that are not good.


Our diets consist of a lot of red meats, dairy, processed foods, artificially sweetened foods, and salt.


Western diets lack essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals like fruits, vegetables, legumes, fish, and whole grains.  These are the things we need to have a balanced diet (Source).


Clean eating helps you to have a more balanced diet full of all of the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins you need to keep your body in superb shape.


Clean eating is eating real foods.


No more processed or refined foods.


Clean eating is about eating more balanced meals and healthy snacks, more plant-based proteins, high protein whole grains, getting more physical activity, getting more sleep, and having a healthy social life.  (Source)





Green Tea


Yes, ladies and gents this may come as a shocker, but drinking green tea is a great health tip.  


(See you can drink something other than just water and black coffee.  I got yo back!)


Some of the health benefits of green tea are:


Seeing the benefits of green tea makes it a no brainer as to why green tea needs to be added to your grocery list.


couple arguing and cooking



Routine Dr appointments and screenings


When is the last time you went to the doctors and got a checkup?


Did you know that with the health insurance you are paying a high monthly payment for you can get your routine doctor appointments free?


Going to the doctor is critical to getting healthy and staying healthy!


Regular health exams are important for finding things early or making sure everything is working how it should be.  


By getting the right checkups, screenings, and treatments, you make sure that you increase your chances of living a healthier longer life (Source).





Avoid unhealthy snacking


A lot of times when we are hungry, we eat something that is quick and near us at that moment.  


Turns out that quick snack is usually very processed and really unhealthy.  


It may be a fast food burger, chips, juice, ice cream, soda, etc.  It hardly ever is a piece of fruit, salad, or cut up vegetables.


To avoid unhealthy snacking and adding extra empty calories, you can learn how to snack differently.  


Some healthy snacks are:


The list goes on and on.  


By knowing what a healthy snack is, you can learn to snack differently and have more balanced meals.





Sign up for an event


Getting healthy is hard and you can lose steam easily!  


To help keep you motivated on this lifestyle change, you can sign up for an event like a 5k.  This way you have something to work towards.


Signing up for a 5k, tough mudder, or something that tests your ability, means you have an external factor to keep in mind when you want to go off course.  


You will think twice the next time you want to binge eat an entire chocolate cake!



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Eat your vegetables


Ha! I def sound like your mom huh?  


Well today, I am here to tell you that your mom was right once again!


(Please, someone let my children know that momma is always right!  Ooo and my husband too! That would make my life so much easier!)


But, yes, eating your vegetables is a mandatory health tip.


There are so many benefits to vegetables!  


If you don’t know what they are, I am going to tell you.  


If you do know what they are, I am going to tell you anyway.  


I figure by me telling you what they are, you can remind yourself that vegetables are necessary to live a healthy life.


The benefits of vegetables are (Source) :


Health Tips for Getting Your Spirit Healthy



Break Time! Self-care Anyone?


In a world where all you hear about is hustling and no sleep, it makes you feel bad when you take a break and not work on progress.


Well, I am here to say that if you do not take a break you will be overwhelmed and die!  


I’m just kidding about the dying part.  But, you will be overwhelmed, stressed out, and feeling depressed.


We are not meant to be workaholics.


We are meant to have fun and take breaks from progressing sometimes and practice a little self-care.


This way we can stay ready, mentally, physically, and spiritually.  


You will feel well rested and ready to take on the world again.


Taking a break when needed is not for losers or for people who don’t hustle.  


It is for people who are smart and know that if they do not take one they will lose their shi…cool.







Okay, so this one, just hear me out before you shut me down and keep an open mind, please!  


This next tip may be something different for you if you never experienced it or really tried to get into it.  


Want to know what I am talking about?  


I am talking about meditation.


ok to be healthy and lazy pinMeditation is not necessarily sitting in the woods, with a burlap dress on, chanting OM.


Meditation could be something much more simple than that and not time-consuming at all.


Meditation has been loosely used to mean fantasizing or daydreaming.


It has also been used to be some type of hokey pokey witchy stuff when it is actually backed by science.  (We will get to the science backing in a little bit.)


Meditation is clearing your mind and not focusing on the external world or events taking place around you.  


You are looking within and gaining self-understanding, as well as happiness and bliss.  


Being able to clear your thoughts and focus on gaining perspective within yourself is not that simple.  If you are looking to how to get started meditating, you can look at this guide here.


Now, let’s get into the science of why meditation is important to getting healthy and staying healthy.


Mediation helps with (Source):


Plus, you can do it anywhere at any time! So no excuses!


Give meditation a try so that you can experience these benefits in your life too.


Conclusion: The Last Thing You Need to Know About Lazy Health Tips


With these simple, healthy tips, no matter how lazy you are, you can get going on your journey. 


Getting healthy doesn’t have to be a chore.  In fact, it can be easy if you make small changes, one at a time.


These 22 Genius Health Tips are tips Lazy People will Appreciate.


Plus, these tips work!


To keep these health tips in mind, pin this article to your favorite fitness or wellness Pinterest board.


What health tip did you like best?


Love Always and Spread Bliss,



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