Yes I know easy self care activities sounds absurd! 

I mean you need time to cut up the grapefruit, lemons, and some milk for your Instagram worthy milk bath, right? 

By the way, if you said yes, then the only thing that is absurd is you girl! Doing all of that for self care is not necessary at all!

Plus, all that acid in that bathwater is going to make your skin scream!

Not like Mariah Carey scream, but like ooo it stings type of scream. (So don’t try it at home, okay?!)

Now that we cleared that up, let me tell you why you’re here.

I want to prove to you, right here, right now, that self care doesn’t have to be hard, expensive, or take a lot of time AT ALL.

In fact, I am going to give you 25 easy self care activities that can help your mind, body, and spirit.

These easy self care activities can even be used when you pretend you’re using the bathroom to escape your kids…When what you are actually doing is scrolling Instagram wishing you were on vacation.

Yup, I know that life oh too well.

This is why these 25 easy self care activities for the mind, body, and spirit, will help you stay sane in that crazy life of yours!

Now, let’s get started!

women doing easy self care activity of face masks

What Exactly Is Self Care

Yes, I know I know, you want to jump right into the good stuff and get to how you can practice self care for your mind body and spirit, right?

Well, before you do that, I need you to know exactly what the definition of self care is.  Because what the media tells you what self care is, is not the truth. 

Self care is not about bath bombs, unicorn lattes, painting your nails, or going on shopping sprees.

Self care is so much more than that!

In fact, if self care was about those things, moms would never be able to practice it consistently.

Of course, that’s not the case because I also teach how to practice self care as a busy mom.

But for right now, I want to give you the tea on what self care is really so that you can practice it the right way. 

The definition of self care is something that you do to deliberately take care of you in a way that allows you to build up resilience and gives you the ability to thrive and move forward.

To sum it up, to know if you are practicing self care the right way, you should ask yourself will I feel the same after this activity. If the answer is yes, then you aren’t practicing self care because self care is restorative. It strengthens you.

For example, let’s say you had a really bad day at work and your boss was on your case. So you go home and take a really nice IG worthy bubble bath.

While you are in that bubble bath, you ask yourself this question, “Is that bubble bath going to help you with your issue with your boss?”. Let me answer that, no, it will still be there.

But you know what self care you could do right now to help you, you could talk to your boss. That is a self care activity that will help you with your issue.

Make sense? Okay!

So now that you know what self care is, I believe you are equipped to hear more about the easy self care activities for the mind, body, and spirit. 

First, let’s start with the mind. 

writing in a journal easy self care activity


Brain Dump

Okay so one of my absolute favorite easy self care activities is by using a brain dump.

A brain dump is a tool that helps you to clear your mind and get rid of those overwhelming, time-consuming thoughts. I’m talking about the thoughts that that keep you doubting yourself, sabotaging yourself, and downright make you feel like your life is hopeless. 

What Is A Brain Dump 

Well, honey, I’m glad you asked! A brain dump is this magical exercise that helps you to make sense of your thoughts, plan them, and it increases your productivity. 

How Do You Do A Brain Dump

A brain dump is really not as hard as it may seem. It’s pretty simple.

I mean everything too. Even things like:

Write every single thing that’s been running rampant in your mind down right now. 

And if you are having trouble finding the words, draw, doodle.

Do whatever you need to do so that when you are done writing or drawing, you literally feel lighter or you take a deep sigh of relief.

Getting everything out of your head and onto paper helps so much because it literally lightens your mental load.

It helps you to get those thoughts that were continuously draining you, out of your mind once and for all. 

woman dancing and being happy

Listen To Music

You know how you hear a certain song and it suddenly brings back a memory that you long forgot about?

For example, when I hear this one song by The Dream, it reminds me of when I was young in the club and dancing with this guy I really liked!

I can still remember the way I felt and how close we were.

I can still feel the butterflies and the happiness I had because I finally got the chance to be near him.

I still remember this just because of hearing a song.

By the way, don’t tell my husband because it wasn’t him. That secret is between you and me, okay? Okay!

Now back to the topic at hand.

So, to help you when you’re feeling like crap and you need to add a little pep in your step, or have a really good cry, you can listen to music.

You can put on gut wrenching music that helps you grow through your emotions or music that takes you back to a moment in your life that made you feel a certain way.

Pssst don’t worry I won’t tell your husband either!

woman sitting on wooden planks

Take Time Out

Sometimes when life seems overwhelming and you can’t think or take action because it just all seems too much, is when you need to take a time out. 

Just go to your room tell your husband he’s on his own today with the kids. Lock the doors and just be.

Take a nap, cry, write, watch reality tv, do whatever you need to do to fill up your cup girl. You can even stare at the walls.

Just take some time to be by yourself and get your head on straight. 

white glass shower stall

Take A Bath Or Shower

Put your pit down right now girl! I see you trying to do the sniff test!

Plus, I know it’s been a while since you were able to take a shower that lasted more than 5 minutes!

So here’s your chance to march into that shower and show it who’s boss!

You can shave your legs so you don’t look like Sasquatch anymore.

You can wash your face and apply a body scrub so your skin is as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Do whatever you need so that you feel like a sexy beast that God made because one thing I know for sure is that God doesn’t make mistakes.

Hey, if you need too, you can even cry in there too.

The shower is now you’re sanctuary and you are the boss! Reflect on your life while in there and grow through your emotions.

Oh, and when you come out, don’t forget to admire the beautiful, good smelling, goddess that you are girlfriend!

giving yourself respect is easy self care activites

Give Yourself Respect

Whew, I get it! Things aren’t going you’re way or the way that you planned and you’re pretty much over it.

You feel lost and like nothing is how it should’ve of been. But let me ask you something.

But let me ask you one question…When’s the last time you looked in the mirror and admired how beautiful of a person you are.

Not just on the outside but on the inside too.

You’ve worked hard to be where you are at right now.

You’ve come so far from where you’ve been.

You overcame so many freaking obstacles and every day you continue to succeed and thrive girl! 

You are truly badass and you deserve some freaking respect! 

So right now I want you to look in the mirror and say I’m doing the dang thing!

I’m am succeeding and I got this!

You have to start treating yourself like you do your best friends because you are amazing and you definitely deserve respect from everyone including yourself. 

coffee and cookies on cutting board

Set Goals

Juggling life working and taking care of your family, means it is so hard to focus on you. So much so that you begin to settle into a routine where it’s always go, go, go.

But you’re always going for someone else.

None of it’s for you. So much so that your dreams are out on the back shelf and you stop doing what makes you happy.

Well, not today sis. Today you are going to sit your tired butt down and get to work writing out your goals and how you’re going to achieve them.

Writing your goals gives you a greater chance that you will remember them and achieve them, so get to it.

It’s time to shift some of that focus back to you and do something you’ve always been wanting to do. 

woman with outstretched arm

Say No

You’re always thinking and saying how you don’t ever get time to do what you want anymore and how you’re pretty much-doing everything for everybody else, right?

So here’s a thought, why don’t you just say no.

If it inconveniences you in any way, you need to say no so that you can take care of you.

You can’t keep being stressed out, overwhelmed, hiding your tears, and continue to push your needs and wants aside to please everyone else.

Your life is going to continue to feel like ish if you keep doing the exact same thing that makes you miserable. 

laptop and cell phone on facebook

Step Away From Social Media

As much as I love social media because I can check in with friends and family, build new relationships with others, I do need to take a break from social media at times.

I mean who doesn’t love looking at those photos of beautiful women who seem to have it all and having it make you feel like your life is terrible, right?

If you are on social media and you’re always comparing yourself to others and wishing that you had their life so much so that you start to think you would be happier if you looked like them or had their life, then I definitely recommend that you take a break from social media right now!

You need to shift your perspective and focus on the positive in your life STARTING NOW!

decluttered bedroom as en easy self care activities


Decluttering has two huge benefits to it.

So, decluttering isn’t just something people say to make you clean your house or get rid of stuff. It has some very important benefits to it. 

Now, that we talked about things you can do to help your mind, let’s not forget there are more components to having a life full of bliss.

In fact, one of the components is your body. So let’s learn about that. 

woman going for walk in woods


Go For A Walk

Walking is a great way to move your body and also relax your mind.

It allows you to work out your body but at a pace that may be more comfortable to you. Especially if you are getting back in the workout game like I am.

While walking you will not only kick your body into motion, but you will also reduce stress

Walking helps you to reduce stress because it puts you into a meditative state. 

While walking you can thoroughly sort out all of your thoughts and allow yourself to just be. 

Walking allows you to hold attention to the beautiful scenery around you but also allows you to reflect on your life right now. 

woman practicing yoga on rooftop

Practice Yoga

I’m not going to lie to you, I have never practiced yoga but I heard pretty darn good things about it. So much so that it makes me want to try it.

Practicing yoga is just like walking in the sense that it helps you to move your body and reduce your stress.

Yoga helps:

You know what…after reading that list, I may try to do a yoga class at home.

citrus fruit on white background

Make A Healthy Snack

Now, before you go and flip your wig practicing yoga, which I know you won’t because sis you better have that thing secured down tightly, okay!

You probably are thinking that body has to mean exercising and losing weight, but it doesn’t. 

The body also pertains to how you eat, sleep, as well as other things.  

Now that all of that is cleared out of the way let’s continue.

Making yourself a healthy snack is an amazing easy self care activitiy!

In fact, it’s time sis! We done had kids and now the weight doesn’t come off as fast as it used to.

Plus, we are getting up there in age, so that means that we need to take care of ourselves, or else we will get those hereditary diseases that our aunties and grannies have.  You know, the sugar/diabetes, arthritis, and all of that. 

So instead of going for those chips, the drive-thru, and everything else that is processed, it’s time to go for something that is healthier and comes from the Earth.

If you’re not into just eating some raw veggies or pieces of fruit you can get a little creative with these recipes here

Also, if you would like to know what exactly fruit does to your body, then you need to read this article right here.

bare feet hanging off end of bed

Take A Nap

Remember how as a kid you despised your mom telling you that you are going to miss those naps when you get older?

Makes you think that your mom did know what she was talking about after all.

In fact, I would kill to be able to take a nap every single day! 

Taking a nap helps with:

woman holding glass of water

Drink More Water

I literally just looked over and was like “Oh damn!”, because I myself have not drunk enough water today. See the teacher is not always great at taking her own advice,  But don’t do as I do, do as I say like my Big-G, my grandma, used to tell me.

Anyways, it’s important for you to drink water since your body is made up of 60% water!

In fact, drinking an adequate amount of water helps your body perform all of the major functions it needs like,

Bonus: If you need help figuring out how much water you should be drinking, use this calculator here.

woman dancing at beach easy self care activities


Yeah, you might not like the typical forms of exercising such as running, walking, or going to the gym, and believe me I get it. This is why I wanted to give you a fun way of moving your body, dancing!

Whether you are into line dancing, swinging, salsa, ballet, tap dance, or twerking, moving your body is a great way to stay active and gives you some of the same benefits of other typical workouts.

Plus, dancing is a great easy self care activity that is known to increase your mood. 

woman getting a massage

Get A Massage

I bet you thought after that explanation I gave of what self care truly is, you would never think getting a massage would be on this list, but you my friend, are wrong.

Getting a massage has much greater benefits than just it feeling good.

Some of the benefits of massages are that it helps with:

It also helps to produce feelings of comfort, caring, and connection too.

minimal white room with plants

Get A Hobby

Hobbies help you in more ways than one. They help you by making sure that you are not wasting time on activities such as watching too much tv, browsing social media, or engaging in bad habits that stop your success.

Hobbies help you to:

See, I bet you didn’t know that hobby of knitting, writing, or drawing means a lot more than just passing time.  

Now, that you have a feel for some activities that can help your mind and body, it’s time to learn about some easy self care activities that can help your spirit.

woman laughing easy self care activity


Watch A Funny Video On YouTube 

Okay, you already know how good it feels to laugh, right?

By the way, I’m not talking about those shallow laughs that you give strangers. I’m talking about those deep belly laughs that make you cry, and your stomach hurt because you’re laughing so hard.

You know, those types of laughs that you get when you are with your girlfriends? Yup those ones!

Laughing is literally the best medicine


If you can’t meet up with your girlfriends, because you’re short on time, the next best thing you can do is watch a funny video on YouTube.

YouTube has tons of free entertainment videos that are of various lengths so you can definitely find a video to give you a great laugh and uplift your mood. 

woman sitting on rock meditating


Now before you get all turned off like I said go do the Holy Ghost dance in front of a crowd in the nude, just give me a quick second to explain.

Meditation doesn’t have to be you sitting somewhere for an hour all silent and stiff-backed chanting OM. I mean you can do that if that’s your thing but it’s not required to meditate.

In fact, if you’re always busy, you can meditating is an easy self care activity that can be practiced on the go.

Meditating on the go looks like closing your eyes for a few minutes, turning inward, and breathing.

It’s focusing on your breath while you’re walking or running.

It’s taking deep breaths to help reduce your anxiety while you’re waiting in line or on your way to work.

It’s using YouTube so that you can listen to a guided meditation.

It’s closing your eyes turning inward while doing you’re everyday tasks like brushing your teeth or showering.

It’s accepting your thoughts and feelings as you realize you had a hard day or you had a great day.

It’s giving yourself a few minutes of solitude in your car before you head into your house after work.

You see meditation is possible no matter how busy you are and it’s free too.

Plus, the benefits of meditation are so great you can’t miss out on them. It helps you:

It may also help to manage symptoms such as 

woman writing in a journal

Write In A Journal

Writing in a journal is more than just talking about your day like what we saw in the movies growing up.

Writing in a journal or diary is an easy self care activity that helps to confirm your emotions as well as figure out your triggers.

Journaling helps you to solve your problems more easily because it’s like talking to a friend.

When you talk to a friend, you reduce stress, get relief, and gain clarity and perspective around your problem. The same thing happens with a journal.

A journal helps you to concentrate and find a solution to your problems that you might not of had when you were thinking about your problem. 

woman reading bible and praying


Growing up, I was in church constantly. Not just on Sundays, but almost all the days of the week.

It wasn’t restrictive like everyone seems to make it out these days. Like I didn’t have to wear certain clothes or stifle my personality.

In fact, it was freeing. It allowed me to reflect on the hurt and pain of my childhood and release it.

Now, I don’t go to church as much but I do still pray.

Prayer has a ton of benefits.

It can soothe and comfort you when you are experiencing pain, grief, or trauma.

It can help motivate you to achieve a goal.

It can help you focus on the wellbeing of others.

Prayer can help you reflect on your current situation and allow you to feel gratitude for where you are at in your life right now.

It can also give you hope.

Anytime you feel a bit discouraged, lost, or thankful, an easy self care activity that can help you with those emotions in prayer. 

Recite Affirmations 

Affirmations are a great way to practice self care.

Affirmations help you in so many ways. They help you to:

Reciting affirmations are an extremely easy self care activity that change your life!

If you want to learn more about practicing affirmations, you can check out how to get started here.

woman talking on the phone to friend

Call a Friend

Your life is super busy and because of that you believe everyone doesn’t have time either, right? This means when you truly need help and someone to listen, you feel like you’re a bother.

Well, can I tell you something?

Friendship is a two-way street. You are there for your friend and you allow them to be there for you.

Being able to talk to your friend about what’s going on is important not only so you can actually talk out your problems, but also because it shows your friend that you trust them to keep your secrets.

So next time you get anxious about whether or not you should talk to your friend about your problems because you think she’s “too busy”, then remember that by doing so you are only making your relationship stronger. 

journal of gratitude

Write A List Of Things You’re Grateful For

This is the best advice that I can give you! A lot of times what we see and focus on in our own little world is everything that is going wrong.

How our husbands don’t help us enough.

How the kids never listen.

How small the house is.

How much laundry you have to do.

How your boss annoys the eff out of you, and the list goes on.

You focus so much on all the negative events in your life that no wonder it’s so hard to see anything going right.

You miss the small things that can make life worthwhile because you are so focused on what’s going wrong or what’s going to go wrong.

To help combat this, you have to practice gratitude.

Start by picking 5 things a day that you are thankful for and focus on them throughout the day.

Practicing gratitude helps with:


You remember how when you were younger you would envision how you wanted your life to be when you grew up?

You knew how many kids you wanted.

What you wanted your house to be like.

What kind of career you wanted.

You knew if you wanted a dog or cat.

You even knew how your hair would be styled!

You knew everything down to a tee, right?

Well, have you ever sat back and thought how come you don’t do that anymore?

How come you no longer use your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to bring about what you want into your physical life?

When you use manifestations, you are using your thoughts and energy to bring about your reality. 

So if you constantly have negative thoughts and you are constantly feeling down, then you are literally attracting negative energy.

Manifestation is not some fu fu magic or anything like that.

Manifestation helps you:

carnations in brown bag

The Last Thing I Want You To Know About Easy Self Care Activities

So before you leave and go off to be the champion that you are, I just want to leave you with this last thought.

Self care doesn’t have to be hard, expensive, or take a lot of time AT ALL!

Self care can be easy especially with these easy self care activities that I recommended above!  

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This guide gives you easy self care activities and games that you can implement in your busy life to help you manage your stress and overwhelm. 


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