Stress  Less and Prioritize Your Wellness In 10 Days Or Less

Wellness Organization System For women Who Need One Less Thing To Worry About.

I can’t relax much at all anymore because I feel so much pressure to be better and do better.

Does this sound familiar? I completely get it. I know what it’s like to want to be there for your family, friends, spouse, and job to the point that you are exhausted! You feel like you can’t keep going at this pace, right?

Like something has to give or you’re going to breakdown! Believe me! I’ve been there. In fact, I was there not to long ago.  That is until something changed my life for the better.  I’ll get more into what that was later.  For what now, I want to tell you more about my…breakdown. I guess I can call it that.  

Here I was standing in the soup aisle of my favorite store crying my eyes out.

I don’t know how I got there. I should be happy I told myself. I am blessed with a beautiful family. I’m not out on the streets starving or looking for a warm place to sleep. I have a good job, family, and friends who love me! But here I was, a complete mess, broken, crying in the middle of the aisle in front of strangers.  How did I get here?

I knew I had a problem and I knew EXACTLY what it was. I couldn’t seem to find a routine to help me balance everything from cooking, cleaning, going to work, spending time with my family and friends, and finding time to do what I love.

I knew what I needed, a routine that fit my life so I could focus on my to-do list and take care of myself. You know, practice self care.  So, I bought a planner thinking this is it! This is what is going to help me finally have a break through. This is what is going to help me to stop crying in random places like the shower and in the middle of a store.

I bought it and guess what…it worked! Well… for a while that is.  Because soon, life got in the way, like it always does. I forgot to bring it with me or I forgot to bring a pen.

In fact, the one day, I must have left it in reach of the kids and let’s just say…it was a nightmare! The beautiful stickers that said things like “You got this” and “You rock”, where all over the carpet, the couch, and the dogs!

I quickly realized that although this planner did help me, it wasn’t something that fit my lifestyle. 

This is why I created the Simple Start To Self Care Digital Planner. Having a digital planner has so many huge benefits for a busy mom like you.

Look I get it, I see why planners are so cool!  In fact, I wish I could carry around a really cute one that is filled with stickers, charts, tabs, pockets, and pull it out while I am waiting at the doctor’s office. I would look so cool and sophisticated. But, that’s not my life anymore.

With 3 littles I’m pretty much focused on not losing one of them and not Losing My Sanity!

I totally understand how beneficial creating a self care routine and staying organized is.  But, I also know that the way my life is set up right now, carrying around one more thing will just add to my already overwhelming, to do list. Which may cause me to finally lose it! I don’t have the head space to worry about ONE MORE THING!

Thank goodness that using a physical planner isn’t the only way to get results. 

The Simple Start To Self Care Digital Planner helps you create a lasting self care routine that will allow you to reduce your stress significantly in 10 days or less!

The key to be able to create a self care routine is being consistent and streamlining.  You have to be able to simplify your routine to fit your life. Self care is not one size fits all and when you get a planner, it makes it so everyone gets the same thing.  But, if you have a digital planner not only can you take it wherever, so you can add in your information anytime and anywhere, you can also add things you want to keep your eye on, and delete things that don’t fit your lifestyle.

Self Care is not one size fits all– When you buy a planner, everyone gets the same thing, even though everyone’s lifestyle is completely different!

But…if you have a digital planner not only can you take it with you everywhere, you can also add and edit things that don’t fit your lifestyle with a click of a button.

I tried to follow all of the experts’ rules on how to practice self care aNd It jUst Didn’t Fit My Lifestyle. 

I bought a planner, tracked my water intake, practiced gratitude, recorded my moods, all of that, but I kept noticing that I wouldn’t do it consistently.  I would do it for a week and then the kids would get sick, or I would have to work overtime at my job, I would forget it if I went out of town.

Basically, life got in the way.

I would notice that I would miss a day or two, and that increased to a week, a month until I just forgot about it altogether, or I simply lost it.  That all changed, when I decided that I needed something:

Portable. You to be able to have it with you at all times so when you have that random spare moment, you can use it. 

You can’t lose or destroy. Even if you lost your phone or laptop, you can still access this on any device that is connected to Wifi.

You can easily change. As your kids get older, your lifestyle changes, so you need to be able to easily add and delete things.

I love sharing this digital planner with You!

I know it’s going to be a game changer for your life! – So now you get to make a decision. The way I see it there are 3 types of people

HEre’s your new opportunity!

SImple Start To Self Care Digital Planner

The Simple Start To Self Care is a digital planner that helps you to create a lasting self care routine that helps to reduce your stress in 10 days or less. You will get two self care boards that are accessible using the FREE app, Trello. 

  1. 1Daily Self Care Board: This board helps you to track your: Affirmations, Intentions, Goals, Habits, Self Care Activity, Gratitude List, Fitness, Meals, Amount of Sleep, Water Intake.
  2. 2Reactive Self Care Board: When you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, this board will help you to figure out how to negate your negative emotions. It includes: Happy File, Emotion Tracker, Triggers, Different Types of Self Care, Self Care Ideas You Want To Try.

Advantages vs Disadvantages

I get, I get it. You are a pen and paper type of gal, and so am I.  But…now that I am a  mom having a digital self care planner makes so much sense. Here’s why:

The Pros List

The Cons List

It’s Time FOr you to Stop Living Your Life on Rinse And Repeat!

Using Simple Start to Self Care Digital Planner is going to transform your life in a way you never thought possible.  You will learn how to fill up your cup and keep it full so that you will ALWAYS be the best YOU for your family and friends.

You Will Get Lifetime Access To Simple Start To Self Care Digital Planner!

The best part about this is that this digital planner is in beta!

What does that mean?

This means that this digital planner is a living planner.  The more feedback I receive, the better it will be. I will continuously add features to this planner so that it is effective!

This also means the price will go up the more features I add. 

frequently Asked questions (FaQ’s) 

what’s trello and if it’s free why do I have to pay for it?

Trello is a free online task management system that helps you keep track of everything you need to do. 

You have to pay the one time fee because the boards that you are using contains my systems and processes for having an efficient and effective self care routine. 

I really like paper planners, why should I use a digital one?

Honestly, I am the same way! I like the feeling of writing and buying a really cute planner filled with all of the colorful stickers and tabs, are my jam! So, please don’t get me started. 

But the truth is, I kept losing them. I also got overwhelmed by life that I never stayed consistent with one and they never fit my lifestyle completely. There was something I always wanted to add or get rid of.

With Trello, you can’t lose it. It can be accessed on your phone (Apple or Android), tablets, iPads, laptops, desktop computers, anything that has Wifi. Because it is easily accessible, you will find that you are consistent.  Also, since it is digital, you can add or delete anything that does or does not fit your life. 

I’m not great with tech at all! Is trello hard to learn?

Trello is super simple to learn. I will teach you the basics of how to get started so you can use the boards that are provided. 

How do I get Access to the boards?

After you purchase the boards, you will be emailed login information where you will get access to the member’s area.  From there you will start the first lesson and learn how to reduce your stress right away. 

What If I don’t Like it?

What wouldn’t you like? No, I’m just kidding. Because this course is in beta, that means what you would like to see will be taken into consideration. I plan on improving this course and adding to it over the unforeseeable future so your comments will be really helpful. 

Also, this course is living, so you will get all the updates and new features to this course by just paying this one time fee.  Of course, the more I add to it, the more the price will go up.

With all that being said, I stand behind this product 100% so there is no money back guarantee at this particular time.

Let’s do this together!

There’s more to life than being stressed, waiting for the day to end, and waking up to do it all over again. With the Simple Start To Self Care Digital Planner, you will learn how to prioritize your needs like before you were called “Mom”.

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Ree Johnson

Creator of Simple Start To Self Care

About the Author

Ree is a Type A INFJ who loves historical fiction, being invited to the party, but not ACTUALLY HAVING TO GO! She is a mom of three, four, if you count her husband.

But, most importantly, she LOVES ALONE TIME! Which you wouldn’t think she gets because… 1. She’s a mom of three. 2. She has 2 dogs. 3. She’s an entrepreneur. That must mean she’s never alone, even in the most inappropriate of times. 

WRONG! Her time management skills help her to have time for the things she loves. This means, she loves the life she worked so hard to create, and she can show you how to do the same!

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