What if your life could be so much simpler with the correct work-life balance definition?


I know having a family and a career is so freaking hard! 


best work life balance definitionWhen you work, people look you at you like your neglecting your kids.


Your spouse complains about how you guys never spend time together.


Your boss looks at you like you aren’t pulling your weight. Little does he know you were up all night with a sick child!


Maybe your boss is right about the fact that you suck at your job.  (You pretty much feel like you suck at everything right now.) But you can’t quit or get fired because you need the money.


You are overwhelmed with work and balancing your personal life.


How come work and life never work out like you were told it would?  


Why does it seem like you need to choose one or the other?


You are so overwhelmed, tired, and frustrated at the way your life is headed.


You keep accomplishing things you should be proud of, yet you feel unfulfilled.


When you talk about how you are trying your best to figure out how to manage work and your family, people respond, “Well all you need is a work-life balance”.


They spit out those words, work-life balance as if it’s the magic answer. 


You look at them dumbfounded thinking to yourself, “No duh Sherlock”.


You already know the answer to your problems, but you are struggling with how to get it to work for your life!


You are sick of hearing about this magical creature named work-life balance and want to experience it for yourself.


Well, I have a secret that can help you.


frustrated businessman hands over face


But before I can tell you, you have to learn the exact work-life balance definition


You may be thinking, I know what work-life balance is so I don’t want to hear it.


Yes, you know that work-life balance means a way to balance work and your personal life so that you have peace and calm, but there is more to it than just that.


This work-life balance definition goes into what is exactly, and what it isn’t. 


This work-life balance definition will open your eyes to why you are doing the whole work-life balance thing wrong. 



What I Know About Work Life Balance 



Work-life balance is tricky.  I know because I was in your shoes once. 


I was looking for it and it was nowhere to be found.  


At these times in my life, 


Ambitious? Yes!


Crazy?  Yes!


My schedule was packed and I felt like giving up so many times!


I needed something to give fast or else I was going to lose my mind.  


how to achieve work life balance


Do you know what kept popping up when I went searching for an answer? 


Yup, you guessed it, work-life balance. 


It popped up so much that I literally wanted to punch the screen when I saw it and had to contemplate not punching the person who said it to me.  


Yes, I knew this was my answer, but I couldn’t find the exact definition of work-life balance.


I could not find a step by step system on how I could apply it to my life!


I knew something was missing because I could not get it right! I just didn’t know what that was until now.


You may believe that work-life balance is the key to success in your personal life as well as in your career. 


But what exactly is it?  


What is the definition of work-life balance and how can it bring peace into your life?


Before we get started in defining what work-life balance is, let’s talk about what work-life balance isn’t.



What Work Life Balance Isn’t


Work-life balance is not an equal balance. 


Yes, I know the term is a work-life balance but honestly it should not be called that.


Shocking, but work-life balance is not an equal balance of work and life.  


Let me repeat that you will never achieve a perfect balance. 


Instead, you will have more of a work-life prioritization. 


Each day you will have to prioritize what needs to be done first, second, and what can hold off until tomorrow.


coffee pen notepad on a desk


Which leads me to the next thing…


Work life balance varies


Work-life balance means prioritizing your life.  


It means being able to get done what is most important on your list first. 


Your work-life balance will vary. Your needs will shift each day and every season of your life.  


For example, if you have a work deadline that needs to be done yesterday, then guess what? That work assignment gets done first.  It will come before your family and friends.  


If you have a sick child then for that day or day(s) your child is sick, she will come first. 


As your children get older, they begin to take care of themselves more. This means you will be able to spend more time at work or even better you can finally have a hobby!


Balancing your life each day and using prioritization to check things off your list will make work-life balance so much easier.


Oh, how can I forget!


Just because it is on the list does not mean it needs to get done that exact day!  So don’t beat yourself up if you can’t check everything off.  


Instead, pat yourself on the bat for accomplishing your most important tasks!


Work life balance is not one size fits all


You have to figure out your own work-life balance. Someone else’s work-life balance definition will not be the same as yours. 


For example, Katie wants to achieve work-life balance. 


Katie has a coworker in the office who is always dressed so professional. Let’s name her Sharon. Sharon’s hair always looks amazing and the picture of her family makes Katie envious.


Maybe you have someone like that where you work too? 


Anyways, Katie got some courage and asked Sharon how does she have it all.  Sharon sits Katie down and tells her exact plan. 


Katie is shocked! 


 She can’t believe how her life is about to change.  


She can imagine all of the things she can do again.  Like, get pants that fit and finally try to get a comb through her hair.  


Katie takes exactly what Sharon told and implements it immediately.  


Guess what? 


It does not work!


Want to know why?


Katie and Sharon are not the same. They have different priorities and life situations. 


Sharon needs to cook a full breakfast for her family whereas Katie just wants to get everyone dressed and out the door on time.


Because everyone has different priorities in their life, your work-life balance schedule is not going to fit theirs and vice versa.  


You have to figure out what works best for you.


manage it all with work life balance
To help you do exactly this, I have created a mini-course that will help you figure out how to achieve a work-life balance schedule so that you can be less stressed and become more productive.


This mini-course will help you to get so much more done than you could have ever imagined.


Best of all, it’ll help you have time for yourself again! 


Before I can give you the mini-course, I have to tell you the definition of work-life balance.


I promise you will get a chance to get this mini-course for FREE at the end of this article.


But first, let’s get into the complete definition of work-life balance. 



The Definition of Work-Life Balance You Need Right Now!

After doing a lot of research on the definition of work-life balance, I saw a lot of them were incomplete and pretty much blah. 


For example, this technical definition of work-life balance states that (Source): 


“Work-life balance is the optimal arrangement of an individual’s on-the-job and private time to facilitate health and personal satisfaction without negatively impacting productivity and professional success.”


To sum this up work-life balance is the best arrangement that you can have in your life so that your personal life (family, health, friends, happiness) is great so that it won’t impact your success while working.


I mean duh, you already knew that, right? 


I began to think about what is it that work-life balance should feel like?  And, it hit me!


Work-life balance is a feeling of achievement and enjoyment in one’s personal life (family, friends, and personal interests) as well as in one’s work life.  


Ahh, there it is!  


creative business woman holding folders


Doesn’t that sound so much better and feel better than the technical definition?


When you speak of work-life balance you want to feel that you are doing your best when it comes to your personal life and your career.  


You want to feel that you are giving your all in every aspect of your life.


You don’t truly care that you are spending the exact amount of time at work as you do with your family. You just want to feel fulfilled.


Work-life balance is not so much of being equal. 


It’s more of a feeling of achievement and enjoying the life that you worked so hard to build.


Do you want to know how you can achieve work-life balance?


Are you ready to love the life you worked so hard to build and feel like you have a purpose again?


Well, then what are you waiting for?!


Sign up for my FREE work-life balance mini-course below and take action!



I hope this article helped you with your work-life balance definition.

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