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So you aren’t sure that you are practicing self care the right way because you are still stressed the eff out!

I mean you are still sitting in the driveway for long periods because you don’t want to go in and face the chaos that is inside!

Now, before you think that I am judging you, I’m not!

Believe me, sis, I get it! With 3 kids and having a breakdown in Target’s soup aisle, I know firsthand how important implementing self care the right way is.

Self care is what saved me.

I’ll tell you more about that after you take the self care quiz because the self care quiz is what you really came for. 

This is great because, this self care quiz will help you figure out where to start and where to focus when it comes to self care, so you won’t waste any time or money.

(I know a busy mom like you, means time is of the essence!)

So what are you waiting for? Take the self care quiz below!

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Okay, so now that you took the self care quiz, here are some reasons why self care isn’t working for you right now.  

Woman frustrated in bed and needs to take self care quiz


Okay, so there are a few reasons why self care isn’t working for you.  

From working with my clients, I learned that it is usually one of these three reasons.

Self Care Is Different For Everyone

So when you look through Instagram or the media, you see pretty much everyone doing the same self care things. That is shopping, bath bombs, facials, and getting massages. 

That sounds good and all but as a busy mom, coming up with the time and money to do that, can be difficult. 

But all is not lost though, self care can be something as simple as feeling your emotions instead of pushing them down. 

It could be as simple as reading a book, making sure you are eating well, meditating, writing down your goals, or making sure you are getting enough sleep. 

Your self care doesn’t have to look like their self care because self care is different for everyone. 

Woman practicing self care basics

Self Care Vs Self Soothing

Now, this one may ruffle your feathers. A lot of the times when you see people practicing self care, they aren’t really practicing self care. 

Most of the time, they are self-soothing

Self-soothing isn’t anything to be ashamed about in fact both self care and self-soothing are essential. 

It’s just that self-soothing is when you are doing something to help you move past something stressful in the moment. 

Whereas self care focuses on building resilience and can feel uncomfortable. But the long-term benefits of self care are amazing. 

Both are very much needed. 

Some self care activities are changing your habits, attending therapy, exercising, taking your prescribed medication. 

Some self-soothing activities are watching tv to make you laugh, listening to music, going to the grocery store alone, taking a walk, and getting fresh air on a busy day. 

Self Care Is Ugly

Okay so now that you know the difference between self care and self-soothing, you can see that all of those pictures that you see of people practicing self care, isn’t self care. 

Self care is ugly and brings discomfort because it is changing your bad habits around the 9 aspects of self care (emotional, physical, personal, professional…) and helping you to thrive instead of survive. 

Self care is not any of that “treat yo self” attitude. 

Self care is doing something small right now to make your life easier in the future. It’s the stuff that people don’t share. 

Self care means telling people no, packing your lunch so you don’t eat unhealthy food, reading, having snacks so you don’t get hangry or in my case pass out, taking vitamins, going for a walk at work so you can get your 10,000 steps in. 

It’s knowing what makes you mad, as well as knowing what makes you happy. 

It’s knowing your vulnerabilities and living life so that your bucket is full. 

It’s coming back after you self-soothe and identifying what caused you to act that way in the first place. 

Self care isn’t pretty but it is important so that you can keep your sanity especially since you are a busy mom and you are naturally attuned to giving and sacrificing. 

Which makes taking care of you a task because you probably feel like you are being neglectful when you aren’t.

This leads me to why you need to take this self care quiz.

That’s only if you haven’t taken it yet…

Woman playing with her child learning what is your favorite way to practice self care

Why You Need To Take This Self Care Quiz

Storytime!! Yay!!!

Okay, so I became a mom of three pretty quickly. I had 3 kids in 4 years. 

The crazy part was that I was told I couldn’t even have kids by doctors. Boy were they wrong.

Well, after I found out I was pregnant for the third time, (birth control and breastfeeding failed me because my second child was only 6 months when I conceived the third), I knew that I would have to quit my career.

The reason being that the cost of daycare pretty much equaled my take-home pay, so there was no point.

Man, you would’ve thought I was 3 years old and someone snatched my lollipop out of my mouth because I was so lost.

I came home and just served, served, served, to the point I lost myself and had nothing left for me.  

Long story short, this leads me to break down one day in the middle of Target’s soup aisle. 

I knew something had to give and this time I wouldn’t be giving to everyone, I would be giving to myself first. 

I had to practice self care to save myself.  

Self care helps me to make sure that I am okay EVERY SINGLE DAY because my needs are met.

This way I can live everyday feeling fulfilled and knowing that I have a purpose outside of my role as a mom and I know it’ll do the same for you. 

Taking this self care quiz will help you tremendously because there are 9 different types of self care. With the why the media makes self care out to be it’s super confusing on what you should do and how it should be done.

This self care quiz takes what you like and how your life is into consideration so that you aren’t adding another task to your to-do list, sis.

I get it with working, cooking, cleaning, taking care of your family, adding something else to your to-do list is a no-go.

But with his self care quiz, self care will be easy. It gives you activities based on the type of self care you align with right now that won’t cost a lot or take up a lot of time.

Woman taking self care quiz on her phone


Okay, so one final thing before I dip out.

I just want you to know that self care is essential for your busy life.

It is not something that can be passed up.  

On those days where you feel like your life is on rinse and repeat, no one is listening to you, and you are full of resentment because you feel unappreciated, self care is there for you to fill your cup.

So, don’t leave this page without taking this self care quiz because it will help you to feel as good as you look on paper. 

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Remember Love Always And Spread Bliss,


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