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At Mind Body Spirit Bliss we believe that anyone can be healthy and happy even if you are not wealthy!


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About Ree Johnson


Hey there!


I’m Ree, the writer behind Mind Body Spirit Bliss.


To tell you a little about me, I am a mom of three, (sometimes four if my husband decides to be like one of the kids that day), I hold degrees in Sociology, Psychology, and Accounting, and I am clinically diagnosed with bipolar and hypoglycemia.


I have tried many ways to manage my disorders with meds, therapy, dieting, counseling, and even some not so good things like alcohol for example, but, nothing seemed to help.


I really just wanted to be happy.  I believed that the way to attain bliss and manage my disorders was to be wealthy.


I knew that I would never be rich so that meant that I would never be happy. I was emotionally, mentally, and physically drained.


I got so fed up and overwhelmed, that I just wanted to end it all.  I tried to end it all and luckily, I failed!


I knew that I needed to do something to keep from drowning again!  I needed to find something to keep my head above water.


That’s when I discovered the formula to happiness, Mind + Body + Spirit = Bliss, and applied it to my life. 


I changed my mindset, started to take care of my body, and found purpose in my life.  Today, I am happy to say that the only meds I take are vitamins and melatonin.


I know it’s cliche but I have truly found happiness and my disorders no longer manage me.  I manage them!


Great, thing is I accomplished all this without having any wealth!


Mind Body Spirit Bliss shares tips and advice so you too can achieve bliss! We are here to let you know that no matter where you are or what you have in life, you have the ability to be happy and healthy.


Mind Body Spirit Bliss is for anyone that knows that there is more to life and is ready for a change!


We are here to help you change your mindset (MIND), live a healthier life (BODY), and find your purpose, (SPIRIT), so that you can achieve (BLISS). 


Here we believe and know for a fact that MIND + BODY + SPIRIT = BLISS!


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Here is my free resource library that contains various information and workbooks on How to Be Happy.


Love Always and Spread Bliss,


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