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I embody your dream client so they feel seen, heard, and understood. Which turns them into a raving fan!

Shawree Shantel – Content Writer & Marketing Consultant

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Content based on your dream clients pain DOESN’T WORK!

It’s all about your dream clients desires and their mindset.

That’s how you create a brand that brings in your DREAM clients over and over without constantly having to be on social media.

That’s how you create a brand that will ALWAYS rise above the noise and allow you the freedom you desire!

Connecting you to the person behind the screen.

Writing content that speaks to your dream clients pain or having content that describes the benefits of your offer is soooo ehhhh….2000 and late!

What got you success in the past is defintely not going to cut it today sis!

In fact, doing this is why you are attracting clients that seem to need you to move the sun, the moon, the earth, and the stars. Where as before it wasn’t like that.

That’s because as consumers we are more aware of people trying to sell us!

Which is why the fake timers, lies of I only have 5 spots left, or my favorite…this ends tomorrow, (but magically you are still selling the same thing 2 weeks later) doesn’t work as well as it used to!

That’s because your content has to do more than just give us…

  • A false sense of urgency

  • Talk about the results of your offer

  • How much money you make

  • Your life

  • The pains of your dream client

If you want your content to do all the heavy lifting for you, so that you dream clients reach out to you and ask about your programs, (you know the dream clients you actually want…not the ones you have now), so you can enjoy your business again, then you def need to implement the CEO Method.

When the CEO Method is implemented correctly.

Your content and marketing will build community, connection, and convert, whether you are on social media or NOT!


C- Clarity

Clarity is when you know your dream client inside and out. You know their desires, aspirations, frustrations, and who you desire to call into your world so that you can begin to use your content to create the perfect COMMUNITY full of your dream clients. (FYI…the clients you have now may not be the clients you really want to work with, and that’s okay because I can help you get the clients you truly want!)

E- Elevate

Knowing exactly who you want to work with and who you don’t want to work with, you will begin to elevate your offers, messaging, and copy, so that it creates CONNECTION with your dream clients whether you are on social media or not. This will allow you to free up your time so you can begin operating in your zone of genius or just hang out with family and friends.


At this stage, your content will begin to operate and do 90% of the heavy lifting for you. This means that clients will begin pre-qualifying themselves based on the content you put out. This is where CONVERSION comes in to play. So, when they book sales calls or DM you that they are ready…you won’t have to “sell them”.

You will have to decide if they are ready AND if you want to work with them. Which means you will no longer have to micromanage your team or create crazy goals for your business that either validate or invalidate you’re worth.

When you implement the CEO Method correctly, you will get your life back!

You will have fun in your business again!

You will have clients that light up your soul instead of clients that steal your energy!

Our Services

We work with our clients on three different levels.

  • There’s a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) level. Pretty self-explanatory, right?

  • There’s a Done-For-You (DFY) level. Yep, the name says it all!

  • And there’s a Done-With-You (DWY) level.

Okay..so I don’t have to explain what any of these mean but…at every level, there are different offers. Around here, we trust you to self select the service that fits the 3 B’s of your life.

They are…

  • Your Business
  • Your Busy (Lifestyle)
  • Your Budget

If you aren’t sure which service you want more, book a call with me, DM me on Instagram, or email me at Shawree@shawreeshantel.com and I can help you out sis!

Our Do It Yourself,

DIY Offers.

You know all you need is a video or two, some guides, and a worksheet…then it’s WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA’AM!

You are clear on your offers, messaging, content, the whole nine.

You don’t need anyone pointing out how to implement this in your unique business or doing for you.

You can take it from here! Since that’s the case, then yup…you def want to check our DIY offers then.

Here’s our DIY offers!

Our Done

For You

DFY Offers.

Time is literally of the essence. You are rocking and killing it!

You have your team and the last thing you want to do is sit down and learn something new.

You would rather have a professional come in and do their thang, right? Then check out our DFY offers.

Our Done With You DWY Offers.

You’re like yeah sis, I don’t want you to do it for me and I don’t want to do it myself.

I need you to come in and show me what needs to be down to get my dream clients saying, “I’m in!”, so that I can actually enjoy my life!

I’m tired of not having enough time to spend with family and friends, having super needy clients, I don’t want to micromanage my team anymore, and I want my clients to resign over and over, so I don’t have to keep looking for new ones.

I’m ready to have the business I dreamed of AND I’m ready for you to show me! If that’s the case, our done with you offer is perfect for you!

We Are Entering

A New Age

Women will Dominate!

Shawree Shantel is a content writer and marketing consultant who believes that we are entering a new age of transparency.

She knows this is the age where women will excel in their businesses because they truly care, are nurturers, and they don’t like the mind games that the bro marketers used in the past.

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